VENDOR SELF SERVICE (outside vendor access)

By Samuel Jenkins,2014-06-18 16:28
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VENDOR SELF SERVICE (outside vendor access)

    Access by MD Anderson Cancer Center Vendors


    Vendor Self Service is a web-based system that allows MD Anderson Cancer Center

    (MDACC) Vendors as well as MDACC Lawson Users to access Invoices and PO information via the Lawson Web Portal. The Vendor Self Service application will allow you to view information about your specific invoices or payments without having to look through files and/or contact the MDACC Accounts Payable staff. Vendor Self Service

    offers 24-hour information flow throughout the MD Anderson Cancer Center procurement system. This access will save you save time and improve communication of timely AP/Supply Chain information. Within Vendor Self Service application you will

    have two options:

    PAYMENT INQUIRY Inquiring on payments by entering a payment number.

    INVOICE INQUIRY Inquiring on open and paid invoices.

You will be given limited access so you can only view your company’s information.

6/18/2012 Lawson Vendor Self-Service Vendor Access 1


    Using Lawson Vendor Self-Service is restricted to business purposes only. The minimum technical requirements for usage are:

    1. Personal Computer with Internet connection

    2. Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

    The securing, maintaining and troubleshooting of vendor’s PC equipment is the responsibility of

    the vendor and not MD Anderson Cancer Center Information Systems department or its Lawson HelpDesk.


    1. Type in the URL on your Internet.

    2. Hit the Enter key.

    3. Type in your User ID and hit the Tab key.

    4. Type in your Password at that prompt.

    5. Click the Login button.

    Note: Those vendors who have two account numbers for their company will have two separate login accounts. This information should have been provided to you by the MDACC Vendor support team.

    6/18/2012 Lawson Vendor Self-Service Vendor Access 2

    Personalizing your Desktop

Personalizing your desktop means doing one of the following task:

    ; Deciding what navigation and content appear on your home page

    ; Changing the order of navigation items

    ; Arranging content items across one or more columns

    ; Resizing content items in the content pane

    Select preferences you have

    the option to select Vendor

    Self Service (VSS).

    Highlight VSS and drag it to

    the Navigation Tab

    Select Save

    Click OK to reload Portal

    6/18/2012 Lawson Vendor Self-Service Vendor Access 3

    Select payments to view your

    companies’ payment online.

    The Following screen will


    6/18/2012 Lawson Vendor Self-Service Vendor Access 4


; Click on Payment Inquiry.

    ; Enter a payment number and click the Enter button. The payment number will be sorted to

    the top of the list.

    ; Click one of the green bank checks. If the check has cleared our bank a picture displays

    with the date it cleared.

6/18/2012 Lawson Vendor Self-Service Vendor Access 5

    ; You can close the small Endorse Here graphic by clicking the X in the corner of that

    window. This will give you a clear view of the Remittance Advice statement.

    ; Here you can click on the PO Number link if you wish to drill down to a view of the PO, as

    seen in PO Lookup later on in this documentation.

6/18/2012 Lawson Vendor Self-Service Vendor Access 6


; Click on Invoice Inquiry at far left.

    ; You can enter an Invoice Number to bring that listing to the top. ; You can filter for Invoices, Debt Memos, Credit Memos, Prepayments and Prepaid Credits

    by using the checkboxes under the Display These Transactions prompt at right.

    ; You can sort on Open and Paid invoices. Below is an example of Open Invoices.

; Click the highlighted PO number listed under PO Identification to display the PO Lookup

    screen, as shown below.

6/18/2012 Lawson Vendor Self-Service Vendor Access 7

    ; If you choose to click on the button Paid at the top of the screen, the window will appear as


    ; If a graphic of a pencil appears to the right of the green bank check, you can click on it to

    view footnote attachments.

    ; Continue clicking on the Comments link within the window on the left.

    ; Please note you are unable to enter comments

6/18/2012 Lawson Vendor Self-Service Vendor Access 8

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