Physics Test

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Physics TestPhysic

    Physics Test

    Name Score Time: 70min


    Section A Translation (1×20)

    transverse wave oscillation longitudinal wave waveformcompression rarefaction amplitude refraction diffraction interference Constructive interference destructive interference echo-sounder ultrasound fundamental frequency seismic wave resonanceharmonics total internal reflection critical angle

    Section B multiple choice(单单) (2×14)

    1Olive Udadi accompanies her father to the park for an afternoon of fun.

    While there, she hops on the swing and begins a motion characterized by a

    complete back-and-forth cycle every 5.0 seconds. This statement provides

    info about the child's _____.

    A . speed B. frequency C. period D wavelength2. The frequency of Olive's periodic motion (in #1) is _____.

    A. 0.20 Hz B . 0.40 Hz C . 2.5 Hz D. 5.0 Hz3 A period of 5.0 seconds corresponds to a frequency of _____ Hz.

    A. 0.2 B. 0.5 C. 0.02 D. 0.05

    4. As the frequency of a wave increases, the period of the wave


    A. decreases B. increases C. remains the same5The speed of a wave refers to( )

    A. how often it vibrates to and fro.

    B. how high it vibrates.

    C. how much time it takes to vibrate to and fro.

    D. how far a given point (e.g., a crest) on the wave travels per unit of time.





    ( for questions 6-9 )

    6 The wavelength of the wave is( )

    A 20cm B 30cm

    C 15cm D 40cm

    7The amplitude is( )

    A 20cm B 40cm

    C 10cm D 15cm

    8If the period is 0.10s then the frequency is( )

    A 10Hz B 10cycles/s

    -1C 10s D all of these are correct

    9If the period is 0.10s then the speed of the wave is( )

    A 6cm/s B 60cm/s

    C 4m/s D 1m/s

    10In seismic waves, which kind of wave travels slower and only goes through

    solids? ( )

    A P-waves B S-waves C surface waves D transverse waves

    for questions 11-12

    11If the frequency is 5Hz, what is the speed at which the waves travel through

    the string?( )

    A 10m/s B 5m/s

    C 20m/s D 2.5m/s

    12What is the fundamental frequency of vibration of the string? ( )

    A 1Hz B 2.5Hz

    C 5Hz D 7.5Hz

    13The speed of a wave depends upon ( )

    A. the properties of the medium through which the wave travels

    B. the wavelength of the wave.

    C. the frequency of the wave.

    D. both the wavelength and the frequency of the wave.


    Section C Statement and Calculation

    1Ultrasound waves are high frequency longitudinal waves. X-rays are high

    frequency transverse waves.( 4 marks)

    a)Explain the difference between transverse wave and longitudinal waves.

    b)Give two reasons why ultrasound and not X-rays are used for the

    investigation of an unborn baby.

    2Mac and Tosh are resting on top of the water near the end of the pool when Mac creates a surface wave. The wave travels the length of the pool and back in

25seconds. The pool is 25 meters long. Determine the speed of the wave. (4


    3A fisherman uses a sonic ranger to determine the depth of a lake. The sound waves travel at 1210 m/s through the water and require 0.020 seconds to travel to the lake's bottom and back to the boat. How deep is the lake? (4 marks)

    4Two boats are anchored 7.0 meters apart. They bob up and down, returning to the same up position every 10.0 seconds. The boats rise a vertical distance of 7.0 meters between their lowest and their highest point. When one is up the other is down. There are never any wave crests between the boats. Determine the period, frequency, wavelength, amplitude and speed of the waves. (Write down the formula and show your working) (6marks)

    8m/s. 5The speed of light in an unknown medium is measured to be 2.76 x 10What is the index of refraction of the medium?( 3 marks)

    6Using the information given in the diagram below, calculate the optical index of refraction for medium B and the critical angle of medium B.( 4marks)

    7The figure shows a square block of glass JKLM with a ray of light incident on

    0side JK at an angle of 60.The refractive index of the glass is 1.5. Please draw with your pencil and show the direction of the light with angle. (7marks)




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