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    Oral Test

    1. Suppose you are the manager of Sky watch

    company, you are introducing your company to

    Mr. Green from Swiss.

    2. Talking with your partner about how to obtain

    customers information.(L&S. U.2.)

    3. Suppose you are the Sales manager of Huang he

    Fashion City, who is going to build business

    relationship with David from America. 4. Suppose you are a salesperson in a shop selling

    all kinds of schoolbags, now you are talking

    with some customers who are looking for bags

    for their children.

    5. There is a business negotiation between two

    companies from China and Australia. Take the

    roles of the 2 companies.

    6. Talking about amending the business contract

    of the goods you are ordering from England. 7. Talking with your partner about how to sell a

    product and service. (R&W. U3.)

    8. Talking with a new employee about the process

    of Negotiation. (R&W. U. 5.)

    9. Talking with some new employees about

    International Business Etiquette. (R&W. U. 7.) 10. Suppose you are the general manager of an

    international corporation, who is talking with a

    business partner about the secret of success of

    your company.

    11. Talking about the Codes of Conduct for

    Employees. (L&S. U.9. p.90.)

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