module 3 my first ride on a train40535

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module 3 my first ride on a train40535

    Module 3 Book 1


    1. Activity 1, Page 23 Match the words in the box with the pictures.

    2. Match the paragraph with their own main idea. Match A with B

    Paragraph 1 Why is the train called Ghan The tie doesn’t match my shirt.

    Paragraph 2 The scenery along the railway There are a lot of coats in the shop, and some fit me but don’t suit me,

    because those can’t match my pants. Paragraph 3 The way I spent the time in the train

    We will win the school basketball match. Paragraph 4 The fate of the camels today

    Match: fit: suit: Paragraph 5 Things about the camels

     Some of the verbs can refer to more than one means of transport. Paragraph 6 My first ride on a long distance train

    This is not the helicopter which I referred to. 3. True or false.

     Don’t refer to that problem again, please. Alice got on the train in Alice Springs. If you don’t know what this means, refer to the dictionary. The food on the train was delicious.

    refer to: Alice sang some Chinese songs on the train. There are more than 5 police around. Camels were brought from Afghanistan.

    He ordered more than he could eat. After the railway was built, Australians still used the camels. He is more than selfish (自私的). Now correct the false sentences.

    It is more than a dog. It is like a family member. 4. Activity 4, Page 24

    He is more good than bad. 5. Complete the following paragraph according to the text.

    I’m Alice. I’m 18 years old. Recently I had my first ________ on the famous More than one vehicle is needed.

    Ghan train. I got on in ________ and got ________ in Alice Springs. I spent two more than:

    days on the train and we ate great meals ________ by experts. The ________ The plane took off an hour late. was colorful, but suddenly we saw ________ farms ________ more than a Take off your wet shoes. hundred years ago. Sometimes, I read ________ and talked to other________. Take off the picture on the wall. At night, I watched the night________. Ghan is ________ for Afghanistan. There

    is a story about it. A long time ago, Australians used ________ for traveling to the take off:

    middle of the country, but they didn’t like the hot weather and sand. So Describe the first time you travelled a long distance. Australians used ________ camels to carry food and other supplies. In the This is the first time that I have gone abroad on business. 1920s,the government built a new________ line, so they didnt need the camels That was the first time I had left my hometown. ________.;

    He gave her a hand for the first time. 6. Retell the story, using the following key words:

    Alice, first ride, Ghan train, two days, wonderful, scenery, desert, abandoned fathe first time: for the first time:

    rms, talked, read, listened, Chinese, horses, camels, Afghanistan, better than, 1920s, railway line, 1925, law, shoot.

    Module 3 Book 1

    LANGUAGE POINTS She stood there until her son walked out of sight. ; What do you think the central part of the country is like? They didn’t leave Beijing until the end of August.

    Who do you think has got the first prize? The students didn’t know the meaning until her classmates told her.

    Which do you suppose will be taken away next( The family heard nothing of him until they received his letter.

    Who do you believe is the best in our class? until: not … until:

    It is possible, I think, that we can finish the task on time. ; So, they didn’t need the camels any more.

     I can't stand it anymore! = I can no more stand it! ; The market sells many kinds of fresh produces from farms. I can't stand it any longer! = I can no longer stand it.

    The company’s products include washing machine and videos. no more/notany more:

    The production of our company has increased. no longer/notany longer

    Those vehicles produce lots of waste gases.

    produce: product: production: ; They passed a law which allowed people to shoot the animal is they

     are a problem.

    ; When you read, the most important thing to do is to understand the They don’t allow/permit others to smoke here.

    main idea. They don’t allow/permit smoking here.

    I’m wasting my time and I’ve got nothing to do. allow/permit:

    Here are some books for you to read.

    The nurse has five children to look after. ; In 1935 the police in a tram shot 153 camels in one day.

    He chose lots of activities to take part in. A policeman/policewoman several policemen/policewomen to do: Tom shot at the strange dog but shot his won. ; And what a ride! The hunter shot at a wolf, but he didn’t shot it.

    What an intelligent man he is! shoot: shoot at:

    What fine weather it is!

    What strict teachers they are! GRAMMAR 1 The ed form

    How serious he looks! 1. Read the sentences from the passage, pay close attention to the

    How hard the students are working! underlined words.

    How time flies! Trained camels carried food and other supplies. what: How: We saw abandoned farms which were built more than a hundred years ago. such that: so that: My grandfather is a retired worker.

    ; Ghan is short for Afghanistan. There are lots of fallen leaves on the playground.

    DIY is short for “Do it yourself”. Read more examples:

    DIY stands for “Do it yourself”. We ate great meals cooked by experts!

    They call me “Tim” for short. We visited the new library built three years ago.

    thRecently, im short of money. The first textbooks written for teaching English came out in the 18 century.

    -ed 作定语, be short for: stand for: for short: be short of:

    -ed 短语作定语,

    ; The Afghans and their camels did this until the 1920s.

    They stayed in Beijing until the end of August. 2. Arrange the following word or group of words correctly.

    Module 3 Book 1

    1. Won trained students the match Mary Lennon: In 1934, when I was 19 years old. I went to New York. 2. students by Mr Gao won trained the match Interviewer: ____________? Did you travel by plane? 3. this finished the homework is Mary Lennon: By plane? No, of course not! We traveled by ship! 4. Li Kang is the homework this finished by Interviewer: ____________! How long did that take? 5. painted saw a new I house in the distance Mary Lennon: About seven days.

    6. in the distance new I saw a painted house white Interviewer: Did you enjoy it?

    3. Activity 1-2 P79. Mary Lennon: No! I hated it!

     Interviewer: Why? Were you sick?

    GRAMMAR 2 Past tense time expressions Mary Lennon: ____________! I was bored!

    1. Study these sentences. Pay close attention to the underlined words. Interviewer: Who invited you to go to America? And who paid for your I wrote to him last month. ticket?

    I bought this car last year. Mary Lennon: ____________, I can’t remember. A film producer, I think. He came to see me this morning. Interviewer: What did you do in New York?

    I saw him ten minutes ago. Mary Lennon: Well, I met a lot of people, and I went to some parties. But I

     was there to make films and the film studios were in California, on the other side 2. Guess which of the following time expressions can refer to past of the country, ____________. So I went to California.

    actions? Interviewer: How did you get from New York to California? Recently… A long time ago… Mary Lennon: By train.

    During the day… A hundred and fifty years ago… Interviewer: Did you like that?

    One night… Until the 1920s… Mary Lennon: ____________, ____________! I loved traveling by train. At (about) midnight… In 1925 Interviewer: How long did the journey take?

    3. Read My first Ride on a Train again and check your answers. Mary Lennon: Well, in those days, you could travel from New York to Los

    Angeles in about a week. 4. Translation Interviewer: Really?

    He died__________(1987). Mary Lennon: Yes. We stopped in Chicago for a few days. But ________(最近) I had become a very heavy drinker. Interviewer: Oh, ____________.

    he saw all the changes that happened there ____________(期间) the spring Mary Lennon: I think it was two weeks before I arrived in Los Angeles. and early summer. Interviewer: And what happened when you arrived in Los Angeles? I saw him use it only ____________(一周以前). Mary Lennon: ____________nothing. I did nothing for weeks! So, the killing continued ______________(直到20世纪70年代). Interviewer: What did you think of Los Angeles? A letter came __________(在半夜) last night, when we were all in bed Mary Lennon: It was too hot!

    5. Activity 2 Page 27

    6. Activity 3 Page 80 Language Points:

     She was born in England and went to America to make films.

    LISTENING We work hard to find a good job.=We work hard in order to find a good job.

    Interviewer: ___________. Mary, where were you born? To get up early, I set up my alarm.=In order to get up early, I set up my alarm. Mary Lennon: I was born in London. to do/in order to do:

    Interviewer: ______? And when did you go to America?

    Module 3 Book 1

    FUNCTION Being Polite 2) Being a league member, he is always helping others. 1. Activity 1-3 Page 24-25 = Because he is a League member, he is always helping others.

    2. Choose the correct expressions 3) Using your head, you will find a good idea. Could I;Excuse me; Could I; Would you mind; I’m sorry but; The fact is = If you use your head, you will find a good idea. 1) "_____________," I said. "It's my turn. I'm next." 4) The boy sat in front of the farmhouse, cutting the branch. 2) _____________we can't do it. = The boy sat in front of the farmhouse and cut the branch.

    5He dropped the glass, breaking it into pieces. 3) _____________ if I taped this conversation, Mrs. Darcy?

    4) _____________ ask you something about Estella? = He dropped the glass and broke it into pieces.

    Travelling at a speed of over 400 kilometers per hour 在句中做5) _____________, he likes you very much, and I'm really glad you

    found each other. _____________.

    总结,V-ing 即动词的现在分词可以在句中做___________________________

    _____________________________________________状语。可以转CULTURAL CORNER

    化成对应的状语从句。从时态意义上看!现在分词的一般式表示的动作与谓语动词表示的动1. Decide whether the sentences are true or false.

    _____________________发生。从语态上看!现在分词的一般式往往表示1) The fastest train can run at a speed of more than 400 kilometers an hour.

    ___________的动作!一般说来!这种结构的逻辑主语就是________________. 2) The Transrapid Maglev between Shanghai’s Pudong Airport and Longyang

    翻译,站在山顶上!我们可以看见全城。 Station can complete the 30-kilometer journey in 6 minutes.

    3) The transrapid maglev can travel faster, so it uses more energy.

     他们在那站了一个小时看比赛。 4) The world record speed for a transrapid maglev is 501 kilometers per hour.

    Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks. 2. The Transrapid Maglev is the world’s first high-speed train using

    magnetic levitation technology. It is the 1. __________ train in the world using magnetic

    1) A young teacher teaching English came to apply for this position. levitation technology. It runs at a speed of over 2.

    2) They lived in a room facing (that faced) north. The Transrapid __________ kilometers per hour. It travels in a(n) 3.

    总结,using magnetic levitation 在句中做_______________, 修饰前面的Maglev __________ between two magnets. There are no rails and no

    _______________. 现在分词做定语!强调___________________. 4. __________. They travel very fast and use less 5.

    翻译,和他交谈的那个人是谁( __________.

     Premier Zhu Rongji and the German Chancellor attended the On Dec. 31, 在路上!我们碰到了一群去上学的学生。 6. __________ of the train service and took the train to 7. 2002 __________

    The Maglev reached a speed of 8. __________ kilometers per 3. Travelling at a speed over 400 kilometers per hour, the train can On Nov. 12, hour on the track between Longyang Station and Pudong, complete the 30-kilometer journey in 8 minutes. 2003 setting a ne world record speed for a train. A car passed them at speed. The boy ran at full speed. Language Points

    I shall be late unless I speed up. 1. Travelling at a speed of over 400 kilometers per hour, the train can complete

    the 30-kilometer journey in eight minutes. At a speed : at speed:

    1) Looking out of the window, I saw some students playing there. At full speed: speed up:

     = When I looked out of the window, I saw some students playing there.

    Module 3 Book 1

    练习 between two magnets.There are no rails. So though they travel very fast, they use

    less energy and make no n____________. Premier Zhu Rongji and the German 1. Listen and fill in the blanks

    chancellor a___________ the opening ceremony of the train service on December My name is Alice Thompson. I come from Sydney, Australia and I'm 18 years 31,2002 and then took the train to Pudong Airport. On November 12,2003, the old. Recently I had my first ride on a _________ train. And what a ride! A friend Maglev r_______________ a speed of 501 kilometers per hour on the track and I travelled on the famous Ghan train. We _________ in Sydney and we got off between Longyang Station and Pudong. That was a new world r____________ in Alice Springs, _________ in the middle of Australia, more than four thousand speed for a train. kilometres _________. We spent two days and nights on the train.

    3. Fill in the Blanks with the words in the box. The train was _________ and the food was great. We ate great meals cooked

     by _________! For the first few hundred kilometres of the journey, the abandoned, out, painted, landed, restaurant, called, of, at, up, cooked, ferry, _________ was very colourful. There were _________ and the soil was dark red. joy, swimming, sand, more, swimming, Ghan, hundred. After that, it was _________. The sun shone, there was no wind and there were

    The plane_______ at midnight and we got _______ _______ it. Sarah met us no clouds in the sky. _________, it looked like a place from another time. We saw

    _______ the airport, an she took us to the hotel by taxi. in the morning we got _________farms which were built more than a hundred years ago.

    _______ earl and started our sightseeing by _______. very soon we arrived at The train was _________ and the people were nice. During the day, I sat and the well-known island. we were so attracted by the three Ss: sea, sunshine and looked out of the window, and sometimes talked to other _________. I read _______. we all jumped with _______ when we saw the sea and went _______ books and listened to my Chinese _________ (I'm studying Chinese at school). happily. Let me tell you, it was _______ interesting than in a _______ pool. then One night, at about _________, I watched the night sky for about an hour. The we had lunch _______ by experts in a seafood _______ _______ white not long stars shone like _________. ago. in the afternoon, we went back to our hotel because we wanted to see an

    Why is the train called the Ghan? A long time ago, Australians needed a way important person _______ John Smith. Mr Smith lived in the central part of the to travel to the middle of the country. They _________ horses, but the horses country, and he came on the famous _______ train. on the way he saw empty didn't like the hot weather and sand. A hundred and fifty years ago, they brought _______ farms an houses which were more than a _______ years old. some _________ from Afghanistan. Ghan _________ Afghanistan. 4. Multiple Choice

    Camels were much better than horses for travelling a long _________. For 1. While watching TV, _________________.

    many years, _________ camels carried food and other supplies, and returned A. the doorbell rang B. the doorbell rings with wool and other _________. C. we heard the doorbell ring D. we heard the doorbell rings.

    2. More highways have been built in China, _____________ it much easier for The Afghans and their camels did this until the 1920s. Then the _________

    people to travel from one place to another. built a new railway line, so they didn't need the camels _________. In 1925, they

    A. making B.made C. to make D. having made passed a law which allowed people to _________ the animals if they were a

    3. The train is travelling _____ a speed of 500 kiloimetres per hour, so we can problem. In 1935, the police in a town _________ 153 camels in one day.

    complete the 45-kilometer journey __________ 15 minutes. 2. Listen and fill in the blanks A. with; in B. at ; for C. at; in D. with; for The Transrapid Maglev r_________ between Shanghai’s Pudong Airport and 4. Peter received a letter just now___________ his grandma would come to see Longyang Station in downtown Shanghai, which is the f________ train in the him soon. A. said B. says C. saying D. to say’ world. The train, t______________ at a speed of over 400 kilometers per hour, 5. There are hundreds of visitors _________ in front of the Art Gallery to have a can c_____________ the 30-kilometer journey in eight minutes. The Transrapid look at Van Gogh’s paintings. Maglev is the world’s first high-speed train u_______________ magnetic A. waited B. to wait C. waiting D. wait levitation t_____________. Magnetically levitated trains travel in a vacuum

    Module 3 Book 1

    英语谚语 Tomorrow we are going home. We have all had a great four-day holidayI can't

     wait to go on holiday again! He that travels far knows much. 见多识广. 1. The writer was nervous when she ____. He travels the fastest who travels alone. 单独旅行的人走得最快。 A. got off the plane B. got on the plane Travel east or travel west, a man's own home is still the best.

     C. got off the taxi D. got into the taxi 走到东!走到西!最好还是到家里.

    2. On their first day in Sanya, the girls ____. Study to be what you wish to seem. 学习可成为你所理想的人物

    Handsome is he who does handsomely. 行为漂亮才算美。 A. went to the beach B. went for a drive

    1 Happy Holidays C. went to Tianya corner D. walked around the town

    Feb 15: Tonight I am writing my diary in a hotel room in Sanya. It's really 3. The girls got up late on the second day because ____. exciting. This is my first holiday without my family. Sally, Xiu Mei, Ling and I are A. they were afraid to go o sleep B. they wanted to stay out of the sun really going to enjoy ourselves! We came here by air. I was nervous when I got on

     C. they stayed awake talking the night before D. they were bored the plane as it was my first timebut then we took off and I could see the clouds

    4. On day three, the girls travelled by ____. and the land far below(下面), and I forgot about my fear. We landed at Phoenix

     A. minibus, train and taxi B. minibus, motorbike and plane ?凤凰, Airport and took a taxi to our hotel. It's very comfortable. We are all in one

     C. minibus, ferry and bicycle D. minibus, ferry and cable car big room. First we walked around the town. It is a busy place with motorbikes

    rushing ?冲, everywhere. We had a delicious fish dinner and none of us can stop 2 A Train-lover's Dream Holiday talking! Do you love trains? Then this is the holiday for you: Ride the "Iron Horse"

    Feb 16: Last night we did not get to sleep until midnight, so we were not across China. Enjoy wonderful scenery and see the great sights (名胜) of this awake very early. Xiu Mei and I went down to the swimming pool?池, about nine ancient?古老的, country.

    o'clock, and Sally and Ling came down at ten. We came to Sanya for the seaside ; good for tourists and train fans so we decided to have a day on the beach. We talked, read, swam, played ball and ; all train-travel done by day had fun in the sand. I had to use all of my bottle of sun cream, as the sun shines ; all nights spent in comfortable hotels very brightly?明亮地, here. After a rest, we went to a circus?马戏团, that was ; tour guides who speak excellent English visiting town. It was all very colourful and exciting. This is a great holiday. ; three lovely meals a day

    Feb 17: Today we went for a drive in the hotel minibus. We saw some ; free snacks?小吃, on the train

    beautiful scenery, and after looking round the park at Xincun, we took a ferry to Day 1Beijing. Walking tour of Tian'anmen Square?广场,. Dinner in an Monkey Island. Luckily, we didn't see many monkeys (I'm afraid of them), but old-style restaurant. Sally did feed peanuts?花生, to a few. Then we took a cable car?缆车, back to

    Day 2The Forbidden City?紫禁城, and the Summer Palace?颐和园, by the the minibus. Another lovely day.

    beautiful Kunming Lake. Feb 18: We did a lot of shopping today. There are so many people I want to

    Day 3Drive to the Great Wall. Picnic lunch. give little presents to. Ling went crazy and bought so much we had to help her

    Day 4Drive to Beijing West Station, the largest in East Asia, to get on our carry it!

    comfortable train to ride through north China. Arrive at Shijiazhuang to see the We also went to Tianya Corner. We cannot go home without a photo of us all

    Zhaozhou Bridge. at "the End of the earth", just like on the bank note?纸币,. It is a very interesting

    placeSally said she wanted to get married there one day. That made me laugh!

    Module 3 Book 1

    Day 5Drive to Songshan and the Shaolin Monastery. See a very interesting 3 Train Times

    kungfu show. Spend the night in Luoyang. I had recently arrived in London and I wanted to see some of the famous

    Day 6—Tour Luoyang with its Buddha’s ?佛像,, White Horse Temple?白马places. Should I go to the seaside? Or maybe one of the famous parks? I walked 寺, and many other sights. Taxi rides to the market full of good gifts. along the street, past a kindergarten playground, and suddenly saw an

    underground railway station. I was surprised because it was not on my map. I Day 7A 5-hour train ride through the yellow land of central China. Feel how

    went to buy a ticket. The ticket-seller looked very old. He gave me a ticket, said close the desert and camels are. Watch farmers in their fields and abandoned old

    "Remember it's a return", laughed and walked away without taking my money. buildings along the railway. All passengers will get our excellent snacks?小吃,.

    Was it special for tourists? Day 8A visit to the famous Terracotta Warriors?兵马俑, of Xi'an, thousands

    A train arrived. I could not see any other passengers. I got on and the doors of figures to guard the Qin Emperor?皇帝,. Try special Xi'an food.

    closed. I suddenly felt I should not have got onto the train. It started to go faster Day 9Interested people can walk on the City Walls around Xi'an city centre. and faster, shooting along the tracks. As it entered the tunnel, everything became Visit the pandas in the zoo. Enjoy a Tang dance show. as dark as midnight and I do not remember the next few minutes. The train came

    Day 10Fly to Hangzhou. Take a ferry across the West Lake. See some of to a station and I got out. I could see light shining in the distance so I walked

    China's best scenery. Enjoy the flowers and bamboo?竹子,, and colourful buildings. towards it and came to a door. Beyond it there was a busy street. Eat great fish in a boat restaurant. There were lots of English people walking about, and I could see some of the

    Day 11Visit the tea fields in the hills near Hangzhou. Taste the famous famous buildings of London, but there was something wrong. The people's clothes Longjing green tea. were strange. There were no cars, no motorbikesbut there were horses

    Day 12Another interesting train ride through beautiful scenery to Shanghai. everywhere. Was someone making a film?

    Visit the Old Town and Yuyuan Garden. "Excuse me," I said to a man. "Would you mind telling me where I am and

    what is happening?" Day 13Walk along the Bund. Take a taxi to Nanjing Road. Shop, go to the

    "What do you mean? Who are you? Where do you come from? Are you from theatre or cinema. The day is yours. Meet together in the evening for the goodbye

    China? This is London and everyone's going to work. Can't you see that?" he dinner. asked.

    ; Price per person: $3 000 "Thank you, sir. I'm sorry, but could I look at your newspaper?" I asked.

    ; Groups: 20 people "You can have it," he said as he walked off.

    ; Extra?额外,: three days in Hong Kong ($700) I looked at it; I saw "New Bicycle Law" and above that "July 5, 1880". Come and see China by train. You'll never forget it. See your travel agent today. Maybe I should have walked around, but I ran back to the door. I waited a long Which days are good for those who like the following things? (1 to 8). time. I was very afraid. A train came. I got on. It took me back to the first station. 1. trains: Day(s) ___ ___ ___. As I left, a woman asked, "What were you doing in that abandoned station?" I had

    2. natural scenery: Day(s) ___ ___ ___. no answer, but I still had the newspaper in my hand. 3. history: Day(s) ___ __ __ __ ___ Put these events(事件) in the correct order. Write them down in 4. animals: Day(s) ____ _____. numbers (1 to 8).

    5. special meals: Day(s) __ ___ ___ __ __ __. speak to a man: _________. meet an old ticket-seller: _________. 6. shopping: Day(s) ___ __. wait a long time: _________. see horses: _________.

     walk towards light: _________. speak to a woman: _________.

     look at a newspaper: _________. run back to the station: _________.

    Module 3 Book 1

    4 My Trip to Australia 7. Why did they change their means of transport?

    My name is Wang Gang. Last summer, I went to a coastal city called Brisbane 8. What did Wang Gang do for the first time in the trip? in Australia on an exchange programme. I stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Smith and

    9. What did they plan to do on the last day in Sydney? Did they do finally? their daughter Joan. They lived in a big house close to the seaside. I like that area

    very much, because there is a cinema, a swimming pool and a zoo. Why or why not?

    I got along very well with Joan. We shared many similar interests. Almost

    10. What did Wang Gang think of the trip? every day, we went swimming in the swimming pool. Sometimes we swam in the

    Yesterday once more 昨日重现 sea if the weather was nice. We went to the zoo and I really enjoyed seeing those wild animals and the trained ones. I saw those cute koalas and kangaroos, but I The Carpenters didn't get close to them because people said actually koalas were not as gentle(When I was young, Id listen to the radio 当我年轻时!常听收音机 顺的)as they looked. They might bite() or scratch?抓伤, people. We also went Waiting for my favorite songs 等待心爱的歌曲。

    When they played Id sing along 听到播放时便随声歌唱。 to the cinema a couple of times and I really liked the films there.

    It made me smile 这使我欢畅。 We visited Sydney on a sunny day. Brisbane is about 1 000 kilometres away

    Those were such happy times 那时多么幸福的时刻? from Sydney, so it's not a short distance. Therefore, we went there by plane. The

    And not so long ago 就在不久以前。 journey by plane was quite fast and comfortable and it took us only two hours to

    How I wondered where theyd gone 我想知道他们曾去何处! get there. When I got off the plane, I was so excited to see this modern?现代的,

    But theyre back again 但我所有深爱的歌曲 city. The next day, we visited the famous Sydney Opera House?歌剧院,. It was

    Just like a long lost friend 他们现在又回来! amazing!

    All the songs I love so well 正如老友失散又重聚。 The scenery in Sydney was absolutely beautiful and the food there was Every sha-la-la-la 每一句sha-la-la-la well-cooked. My favourite was sea fish. The Smiths were very nice to me. They Every wo-wo still shines 每一句wo-wo仍闪烁! even treated me to some very expensive lobster?龙虾,. That was the first time Every shinga-linga-ling 每一句shinga-linga-ling I ate lobster, and I must say it was really delicious. That theyre starting to sing so fine 他们又开始唱得如此动听。 The whole trip was very enjoyable except the last day. We planned to go When they get to the part 当他们唱到一个地方 boating on the sea. However, it rained the whole day. We stayed in the hotel that Where hes breaking her heart 令她伤心断肠! day and chatted?聊天,. In the end, we decided to go back to Brisbane by train,

    It can really make me cry 这真能叫我哭出来! because the ticket was cheaper and also we could enjoy the scenery outside the

    train windows. Just like before 正如从前一样!

    Its yesterday once more 仿佛昔日又重来 On the whole, I really had a great time in Australia. It was a brilliant trip. I'd

    like to go back there again! Looking back on how it was in years gone by 回头看岁月如何消逝 1. Why did Wang Gang go to Australia? And the good time that I had 这些过去的好时光

    Makes today seem rather sad 使今天显得令人哀伤。 2. Which city does the Smith family live in?

    So much has changed 变化多大啊? 3. Where did Wang Gang and Joan swim? It was songs of love that I would sing to them 我向他们唱 爱的歌曲。

    And Id memorize each word 我会记住每一句歌词。 4. What kinds of animals were in the zoo?

    Those old melodies 那些古老的曲调 5. Did Wang Gang get close to koalas? Why or Why not? still sound so good to me 在我听来还是那么好

    As they melt the years away 好像他们把岁月融消。 6. How did they go to Sydney and how did they go back to Brisbane?

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