hengshan national forest park

By Jose Watson,2014-10-11 17:05
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hengshan national forest park

    Hengshan National Forest Park

    Hengshan National Forest Park is a not very famous place of interest lying in the west of my hometown, Guangde County. There used be all kinds of ancient buildings at the foot and top of the Hengshan mountain, including Great Buddha Hall, Zoroastrianism Temple and so on, but unfortunately, most of them were destroyed during the wars, after which, numerous trees were planted and the mountain gradually grew to be like what it is now, a forest park. In this park, besides trees, you can also feast your eyes on both ancient and modern views.

    ; A long acclivous asphalt road leads you from the foot of the mountain straight to the grand classical gate. Lying at both sides of the road are large areas of lawns, on which people like flying kites with their kids and lying in the warm sunshine in spring. Arriving at the gate, you can clearly see the Chinese characters Hengshan National

    Forest Park carved at the top of it. After you enter the gate, a world, totally different from the outside noisy streets, will present itself right in front of you, which is why people not far from it always enjoy going there with their family and friends in their spare time. In the park, youll find yourself immersed in a sea of trees, boundless and

    tranquil. From the gate, a path lined with lush trees, especially in spring and summer, stretches in front of you and extends as far as the eye can see, losing itself in the shadowy distance. Walking along the path, you can find all the trees are labeled and seldom can you find two of the same breed. It is said that there are hundreds of breeds of trees in the park, many of which are listed rare by the country. At first, all you can see is trees, but a little further, something different will appear. The first building coming into your eyes is a cone-shaped pavilion, supported by three grey pillars, in which stands a stone tablet carved with the Chinese character The First Mountain of the Martyr conferred by Zhu Yuanzhang. Actually in the park there also scatter some similar pavilions with tablets in them either for recording some historic information or for commemorating someone special, such as Fan Zhongyan, Zhang Bo,etc.. Then as you go along, youll see the Yue Fei Temple built to commemorate a hero in Song Dynasty, Yun Fei. Its a small, ancient temple in white and grey. Entering into it, a golden sculpture of Yue fei will hold all your attention. His expressive face is dominated by piercing eyes, conveying his loyalty and integrity. There are some tourists coming and going to worship this great hero. Along the path, there stand sporadically some ancient-style pavilions for tourists to have a rest. Continue walking, and youll see a long Beilang built specially to record Cishan Culture, the cultural core of this park.

    ; Don’t take it that these are all what you can see in this park. Besides all kinds of plants and ancient architectures, there are also some other interesting places to enjoy yourself. One of the most interesting one is the Bamboo Technopark. Once you get into it, whatll impress you are various bamboos and you can invite the staff to introduce you to some knowledge about bamboos. Whats more, theres a water park,

    equipped with a lot of recreation facilities, built over the Hengshan Resevoir for people to entertain themselves.

    The park covers about 1000 hectares and integrates natural landscape, human

landscape, etc., so it’s impossible to show the whole park to you in detail here. If you

are curious about it, you can go and see it for yourself.


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