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By Stephanie Cox,2014-11-11 22:29
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Essential QualitiesQ

    Essential Qualities: Inherited or Not?

    Different people have different qualities, and they also have different opinions about essential qualities. Some people claim that a persons

    essential qualities are inherited at birth, even if some of them did not show out in the childhood. While others hold that the circumstances in which a person grows up are mainly responsible for the type of person he or she later become. On my personal view, I insist that it is circumstance not inherited influence persons essential qualities.

    The first and most important reason is that circumstances have great influences on every body. For instance, a child, who has not inherited any talent of art from hi working class parents, can become a grand artist if he is brought up to be. Therefore, there is no little doubt that circumstances are responsible for persons future. Furthermore, the assumption that a

    persons essential qualities are inherited fails to hold water when considering that no body born to be crime. In fact, what type of person he or she later becomes is mainly depending on his or her family, society and school education. Last but not least, the theory that essential qualities are inherited has heavy religious color. People who insist this opinion often also insist that qualities are decided by God and cant be changed by humans effort. There is not any reasonable evidence to shows that essential qualities are inherited, and there is either not any available information points that infants has any different qualities with each other.

    After all the discussions, we can safely come to the conclusion that it is circumstance responsible for persons essential qualities. It is certain

    that persons can inherit qualities such as affections and curiosities from their parents. Nonetheless, essential qualities depend on the circumstances in which persons are brought up and taught.

While an increasing number of experts are beginning to study the peoples

    personalities, an Chinese old saying, mans nature at birth is good, has

    became the oldest evidence to support that our essential qualities are inherited from parents. However, the fact is that not everyone become a winner and the rising level of crime has became such a sign in present day society. In my opinion, what kind of person we become is depend on our families, educations, social backgrounds but not the genes from our parents.

    First, what kind of family we born in determines how we grow up. Statistics indicated that the alternatives to traditional nuclear families, such as single parents families and stepfamilies, are less satisfactory for the mental health of the children. Even if a child, has a politician father, once his/her mother left or die, he/she may easily become taciturn and pessimistic.

    Second, what kind of education we receive determines what personalities we acquint. When it comes to education, the majority of people believe that a persons education is the most important aspect of ones life. A positive

    studing environment provide us more opportunities to shape the confident, diligent and optimictic charaters. A latest survey among 50 sets of twins shows that even they share the common genes with their sisters and brothers, they are not susually hold the same interestings. They get different jobs which linked to their various educations.

    Last, what kind of society backgrounds we live in determines what kind of person we can finally become. As and old saying goes, the times produce their heros. When we look back to the pioneering age in the early years of America, quit a few heros who defy difficulties and who dare to explore new ground jump into our mind. As the core of Chinese traditional culture, however,

    confucianism influenced a large number of Chinese who are modest and amiable, which will easily developed to a kind of servile during the previous war years.

    From what is said above, our essential qualities are determined by the families, educations and our social backgrounds. Although some investigations point out the importance role of genes, theres no delying the fact that the

    circumstances we grow up are more influencial to our qualities shaping. In view of these important impacts, we should learm how to seek good and avoid disadvantages, it will not only help to strenghen our personalities, but also do benefit for our country and the society.

     Some geneticists may mislead the people into an conclusion that: people`s essential qualities are mostly inherited. While I can`t agree with such kind of expertise. I insist that it is the circumstance that decide the type of a person he or she later becomes.

     To begin with, human beings are social animals, we do not live solitarily. Every day we talk with our friends,listen to our teacher`s advice and been influenced by some celebrities`s thoughts. The surrounding environment in which we live shape our personalities all the time. Familiesfriendssocial conditions...are all factors that

    will make us who we are going to be.

     Second, there is a classic literary work called Oliver Twist which

    could best illustrate my point. In the story, the main character Oliver Twist is a poor taciturn orphan boy but with pure and honesty heart. He first meets Fagin, an old greedy tricky thief who have five children prentice thieves. Living with these lost young men,little Oliver is taught how to steal things in the streets and he learns fast. Under the circumstance, he is about to becoming a professional thief.Until Mr Brownlow, a humble highly-educated up-class gentleman show up, Oliver is fascinated in the books and learn the manners from Brownlow families. The whole new live transfer the little poor orphan into an educated civilized young boy. This two absolute different conditions can lead the boy to two opposite future no matter what qualities he inherited.And that may be what Charles Dickens wanted to present.

     Finally,I have another example to support me.A survey made by American biologists on whether the essentials of wolves could be changed in different environment. They picked up a newly born wild-wolf and fed it artificially. With good shelter and regular food supply, as it grown up,the used-to-be fierce wolf was gradually transited into a meek kind pet wolf, doing what people asked it to do and did no harm to human beings. The experiment changed the wolf`s essentials,in that everything around the wolf were peaceful and harmony, so that the wolf adapted itself to the human`s live,not the wolves`.

     Above all,the inherited qualities are technically not yours, they belong to your parents. And it only represents what you already have since you were given birth not what you will have later.Life isn`t invariable but changeable. We still have lots of knowledge to learn and lots of thoughts to accept. You may be once a shy hopeless man but become a great innovator since you were inspired by Steve Jobs`s speech. It is true that the essential qualities of a person are not inherited but accumulated in later life.

    A few days ago, I came across an acquaintance in the street. " did your brother also enter the university, XX University(a relatively famous one)?" she asked me. I nodded." The inherited gene in your family is so good that all the children can succeed in entering the university."I simply smiled and said good goodbye to her. Then I kept thinking whether it's due to the inherited gene that qualify us to study well. With a deep consideration, I should say no. The essential qualities are mostly fostered after birth.

    At first, the family circumstances are of great importance. Parents care vivid example of their children. What they say and what they do exert a direct influence on their children.If both the parents spend all day long in playing majhong, the child will also naturally be a expert of majhong.How could he dwell on studying hard? And some parents always told their children not to cross the street until the light is green.

    But every time when the mom herself wants to cross the street, she becomes a color blind. Then follow their children. These trivial matters gather to form the family circumstances where a child grows up and where his or her qualities have been shaped.Therefore, family plays a more important role than the inborn factors.

    More importantly, the individual effort contributes a great amount of people's essential qualities. For instance, the twins, with similar inherited factors and family circumstances, can make totally different achievements due to their afterbirth efforts. Besides,people, due to unfortune,even were not born perfectly with some sort of disadvantageous aspects. The early bird gets the the worm.The afterbirth effort can cover any inborn potential shadows.

    Therefore,never attribute any unfortune to inborn factors. Work hard, you can own any important qualities you want!

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