in a nature park p

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in a nature park p

    In a nature park

     Lets learn

    Teaching aim

    1) can read and write the

    words:flower,grass,river,lake,forest,path 2) can read the words :sky,cloud,mountain 3)can use the sentences:There is/areThe is/are

    describe the picture

    4)teach the students should protect the envrionment.

    Teaching importance

     Master the words and learn that we should protect the


    Teaching prepare

    1) PPT

    2) Cards

    3) White paper

    Teaching process


    1.Sing the song

    The panda

    2.Free talk

    T: Hello!Boys and girls,Im a panda.And I want be your friend.

    How do you do?/How are you?/Nice to meet you! ?.Presentation

    1. T: I am so glad to meet you. Do you want to visit

    my home?(Yes)OK! Welcome to my home!

    PPT show Wolong Mountain in Sichuan Province

     T: Is my home beautiful?

    2. T: Oh. My balloon is missing. Look!Its in the


    Read the word: sky.

    3. What is flying in the sky,too?

    cloud ou /au/ cloud-clouds

    Cloud?,cloud?, there are many clouds in the sky. 4. What does the cloud look like?

    The cloud looks like a (horse,tigermountain)

    5. mountain

    Read Spell Write

    6. Whats in the mountain?


    Flower?, flower?, there are many flowers in the



    grass river lake forest


    grass ?,grass?,river?,river?,lake?,lake?, forest?,forest? ,

    They are in the mountain,too. Spell

    Make the sentences.

    There is a in the mountain.

    The water is clean.

    The air is fresh.

    The grass is green.

    Write the words

    7. How can we get to the top of the mountain?

    Look, there is a path in the mountain.

    Show the word card

    ?. Practice

    1. Find the differences

    PPT show: a picture

    The water is ...

    There is

    Use the sentenses like these to describe it.

    This is a home of my friend.

    2. Story time

    My home

    Pandas home is beautiful. P1: The lake is clean. P2:The sky is blue.

    P3:The grass is green.

    Pandas pick up flowers, and smell it.

    P2:The flower is beautiful. People pollute the mountain. Pandas cry.

    The panda become thin.


    Teach we should protect the envrionment.

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