Mini Test 1

By Jeremy Morgan,2014-05-27 23:43
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Mini Test 1

    Mini Test

    1 The annual dose level set for the general population is () (1) 100mSv (2)10mSv (3)1mSv (4)0.1mSv

    2 The energy which considered as the boundary between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation is ()

    (1)1ev (2)10ev (3)100ev (4)1kev

    3 For activity to fall below 20% of the initial activity, the number of half life required is ()

    (1)1 (2)2 (3)3 (4)4

    4Complete the following decay processes by adding the missing decay particles

5The most possible absorption mechanisms for a 1Mev γ

    -radiation is ()

    (1)Photoelectron absorption (2) Compton effect (3)Pair production (4) X-ray

    -1299m6A patient is given an injection containing 10*10g of Tc

    (a) Calculate the effective half life

    (b) Calculate the activity in curies

(c) What activity in the patient 3.0 days after injection?

    7Calculate the shortest wane length of the X-rays produced at the tube voltage of 120Kv, what kind of medical application it is suitable for?

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