student practice2

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student practice2

    A: E _ 1____me. H _ 2____ can I get to the station, please?

    B: The station, the station Let me see. L_ 3___ look at this drawing ()

    Go straight on u_ 4___ you come to a cinema. Lets see now thats the second

    turning on your r 5 . The cinema is on the corner. Turn right at the

    cinema and youll b 6 in Bridge Street. Go a 7 Bridge Street for

    a few minutes and then t 8 the first turning on your left. The station

    is right in f 9 of you .

    A: So thats second right and first left. Thank you very much. Its very k

    10 of you.

    B: Dont mention it.

    One Sunday morning, Liu Ming was d 1 his home work. His granny was going to do some s 2 . Suddenly (突然地) she f 3 to the g 4

    when she p 5 him. Liu Ming looked w 6 when he saw his granny lying () on the ground w 7 a word. He telephoned the h 8 at

    once. Ten minutes l 9 , d 10 came. They sent the old woman to the hospital.


    It was a 1 afternoon. Xiao Ming was on his way home from 2 . Suddenly he saw an old man 3 in the rain .The old man hadnt got an umbrella () 4

    him and he was wet all over. Xiao Ming went up to him and tried to 5 the umbrella for the old man but he failed .He was too 6 and it was difficult for him to hold it 7 enough. Then he saw the old mans stick (手杖 )and he tried hard to tie it to the handle () of the umbrella. This time the umbrella was made to be long

    enough and it stopped the old man 8 getting wet. The old man was very pleased and 9 the boy again and again, Then they went on their way 10 .

    This is (1) interesting picture. In the (2) of it is a big jar (). In the side of the jar there are a lot of (3) .

    Four men are busy (4) water with their buckets () and pouring () water

    into it. But immediately the water comes out (5) the holes while they are pouring it. There is water all over the ground. (6) these men feel nothing at all. They go on with their work no matter (7) is happening.

    I dont think it is a true story. But it (8) us that some people often do such foolish things ---- they work hard (9) thinking of its results. In the end they get (10) from their work


    Li Hua is a good boy at school. Last Monday his master teacher told each of the students to write a (1) about housework so as to make them (2) some

    housework at home, When Li Hua got home that day, he (3) to do some housework.

    He found some rubbish and tried to get (4) away, when he was working on the

    rubbish, his grandma came up and asked him not to do it. Then he began to clean the window. His grandpa saw him and told him to stop (5) it. Both grandma and

    grandpa were afraid that he was still too young to do anything. Therefore, Li Hua (6) write any diary about housework.

    In China, more and more families have only one child. They look on the child (7) king or queen and wont let them do anything at home. They only

    hope that their children can learn their lessons well so as to find a good job in the future. In fact, (8) the child has few chances to practise in their daily life, they will not be able to prepare themselves for the future. They will not be able to do anything (9) the help of others. So it is not good for the children to learn only the knowledge from books. They have to learn about life. (10) keep themselves in books only!

    It was 1 o'clock in the morning, but Jim was still 2 . His mother came in

    and 3 him 4 .

    It seemed there was 5 wrong with him. Jim told his mother he had a headache.

    His mother asked him 6 to go to school, and to see a doctor.


    At the doctor's, the doctor looked him 7 carefully. He had a bad cold, but it's nothing serious. He gave Jim some pills and told him to have a good 8 .

    At home after he 9 some medicine, Jim went to 10 .

    It(1)w Saturday yesterday. Li Lei and Zhang Hua(2)d go home. They(3)s in

    the classroom to read and write.

    It was noon. It was(4)t for them to have(5)l . They left the classroom.

    About two(6)h later(之后)they came(7)b to the classroom, again.

    Look, Li Lei!said Zhang Hua. There is a problem(题目)on the(8)b .

    What's the next number, please?asked Li Lei.

    Let me(9)s . Um, I know it's(10)n !answered Zhang Hua.

    One day my brother was 1 a kite. Suddenly it rained 2 . He had

    to 3 flying his kite. The kite and his clothes were wet. A 4 minutes 5 the

    rain 6 and the sun 7 out. He flew his kite 8 . He put his clothes on the line(线)to make them 9 . How 10 the boy was!

    It was a reading room. A boy and a girl were sitting (1)____ a desk. The girl

    was reading (2)____when the boy suddenly(3)____ , because he was reading a book of


jokes. The girl (4)____him by (5)____ him to look at the (6)____ with the words Be

    quiet. The boy (7) ____sorry and stopped laughing at once. Then he thought of an

    (8)____ . He took the book outside and (9)____ reading it. He laughed as (10)____

    as he could.

    It was a 1 day. In the morning, Lulus mother was busy doing some 2 . When she had everything done, she said to her son, Its time to get up, my son.

    But there was 3 answer. She came into the bedroom and said again, Come 4 ,

    my baby. Did you hear it? Its time to get up now. It 5 that Lulu was still having a dream. He didnt hear 6 his mother said. His mother came to his bed, Lazybones (懒虫). You see, the sun is 7 now, but you still 8 in bed. Get up, my dear! Suddenly, Lulu 9 , Thats unfair (不公平) ! The sun went to bed at six oclock last night, but I reviewed (复习) my lessons 10 10 oclock.

    thIt was December 25, my friends

    and I had a party in my house to

    celebrate (1) . Everyone(2)

    themselves at the party. But(3)

    something unhappy happened. I

    happened to find David, my


    my diary in my bedroom. At that time

    I was so(5) that I(6)

    at him. David stood up and (7) my house at once,

     (8) saying a word. After he left, I thought it was not (9)

    to read others diary, yet it was not polite to shout at (10) . It

    s better for me to tell him not to do that politely.


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