Quality Blog Content Protects Corporate Brand Image

By Kristen Robinson,2014-05-27 00:10
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Quality Blog Content Protects Corporate Brand Image

    A recent online exclusive by the Association for Manufacturing Excellence cites a “top 10” list for manufacturing trends in 2012. Based on predictions by IDC Manufacturing Insights, a business line of the global market intelligence firm IDC, the list contains several trends that focus on speed.


    This "sticky" post is an excellent example of the ghost blogging work that I do for top-tier companies such as Epicor. I've become known for writing content-rich posts that build credibility for corporate blogs and improve their search engine rankings. Too often companies make the mistake of having internal resources write shallow, poorly researched posts. Or, worse, they outsource content creation to the lowest bidder. Companies like Epicor understand that when it comes to their blog's SEO strategy, "content is king." And they wisely invest in high-quality writing that reflects and protects their overall brand image.

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