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    9BUnit Two Robot


    1.Our Chinese perfer to serve guests some cold d_______on the desk at the biginning of the dinner.

    2.A robot can do all the housework ,such as i_____shirts.

    3An e______team are searching in the Arctic( 北极 ).

    4The project of developing Northwest China will not ________(complete)in just a few years.

    5. I’m writing a letter,________(complain)to the factory of the product.

    6.He does the l_______himself every day. 7.Dont forget to_______( 打扫 )the floor.

    8.Your shirts should be______( )


    1.While you are in the post office,please____________(代我寄封信)

    2.During the summer camp,all the members should_____________(自己整理床铺) 3.Children all like __________(与机器人玩)


    5. Any customer may______if he buys an unqualified product(不会格产品)

    A. complain to the company

    B. complain the company

    C. explain to the company

    D. explain the company



    Wouldyouplease______________________ 2.机器人能帮助科学家考察外部空间的危险地区.

    Robotscan___________________________ 3.Amy在问机器人能干什么.

    Amy is asking _______________________ 4.We use the washing machine to do the laundry.(改为被动语态)

    Washing machines___________________ 5. 妈妈烧饭时,我在做作业.

    Mother was making dinner____I was doingmy homework. 6.我可以把这本字典拿走吗?

    Need I take the dictionary away at once?(改错)

    A B C D ( )____ 【强化训练】


    ( )1.Could I borrow your dictionary?

    Yes,of cause you______

    A. could B. will C. can D. should ( )2. Don’t let children _____a football in the street.It’s dangerous.

     A. play with B. play C. to play D. to play with ( )3. You must ____me the reason why you came so late this time.

     A. parden B. excuse C. explain D.explain to


    ( )4.Where were you this afternoon?I tried to call you.

     I_________to the library for a while.

     A. must go B. should go C. tried to go D. had to go ( )5. ______I water the trees on Sunday?

     You needn’t.

     A. Can B. Must C. May D. Shall


     A: ______1______

     B: Yes,please.Could you tell me the time of the next train to Haikou,please?

     A: Haikou?Let me see„____2_______

     B: Oh,good.What time does it arrive?

     A: ________3________

     B: That’s fine._______4_______

     A: K24.______5________

     B: I see.Well,thank you very much.

     A: Not at all.

    a. Yes,ther’s one leaving at 9:30.

    b. Excuse me?

    c. Can I help you?

    d. Half past two in the afternoon.

    e. You can get off the train as soon as it arrives

    f. What’s the number of this train?

    g. You can get on the train at platform 2 ( 2 号站台 )

    Part Two Reading


    1. I’m going to ______( 烫 )hair this afternoon.

    2. My computer caught a_______(病毒 ) and caused a lot of trouble. 3. Please put these dishes in the s_____. 4.In fact ,the robots two big eyes are used to ______( 照相 )photos.

    5.Everything here has ______( go )wrong since he came . :短语

    1. The invention of the robot has________(改变生活)

    2. Now we have only five week days for study .Thatmeans we have __________(有更多的空余时间) 3. When I ______ ______ ( return home from work),I see he always lies on the sofa,watching TV.(


    4. I think your failure resulted from your laziness. I think you were lazy,_____ _____ ____,you were not successful.

    5. You should be more careful with virus.It can easily attack your computer.(同意句转换)

     If you are ______,your computer can easily ______ _______ ______

    6. Mr Jiang didn’t know what he should do with the robot. (同意句转换)

    Mr Jiang had no idea _____ ______ _____ ______ the robot. 7. My radio has gone wrong. (同意句转换)

     There ______ _____ ______ ______my radio.



    1. 他总是很忙,几乎没有时间考虑自己的业余爱好.


    He is __________________________________ 2. 为了节省时间他坐飞机去北京. (完成句子翻译)

    _____________________,he went to Beijing by plane. 3. 当她回到家,发现家里乱七八糟((完成句子翻译)

    When she returned home,she found ________________ 4. 如果你听从他的劝告,就不会出错.

     A. If you take his advice,you wont go wrong.

     B.If you will take his advice ,you wont go wrong.

     C. If you listen to his advices,you wont go wrong.

     D. If you listened to his advice,you cant go wrong.



    ( )1. The homework is so much that I don’t know what ______

    A. to deal with it B. to do with it

    C. to do with D. shall do with it ( )2. _____,the teacher always gives us a task to

    remember some words and sentences.

    A. At the end of the English class

    B. In the end of an Eng lish class

    C. By the end of the English class

    D. To the end of the English class

    ( )3. What do you think may _____the traffic accident?

     A. make B. take place

    C. happen D. cause

    ( )4. He works very hard,_____,he got the first place.

     A. As a result B. As a result of

    C. As the result D. As results of ( )5. What’s your mother doing?

     She is_______

    A. has done some washing

     B. preparing for the dinner

     C. making some cooking

     D. cleaning dish

    ( )6. Who_____the black pen?Or I will hand it in.

     A. own B. owns C.owe D. belong to ( )7. I will throw the ball.Please ______it.

     A. take B. hold C.catch D. carry ( )8. He eats _____food,so he is_____fat.

     A. much too, too B. many too,too many

     C. too much, much too D. too many„many

    ( )9. Be careful not to _____my milk.


     A. knock over B. knock at

    C. knock into D. knock down

    ( )10. She is twenty years old.She is ______a little girl.

    A. not any more B. no longer

    C. not any longer D. not longer


    Bill Gates’ friends knew that he was different even when he was a child. One of them said, “We all knew that Bill was 1 than us. Sometimes we could not understand him.”

    Bill was also top of his classmates in maths and science, so his parents sent him to

    Lakeside—a boy’s school for 2 students. It was Seattle’s most famous school.

    In 1968, the school made a decision that changed 3 Bill Gates’ life. In that school, money

    4 mainly by parents, which could make the school 5 and use it through a teletype machine(

    传打字机). The students typed in a few words on the teletype machine and a few seconds later the

    computer typed back to students. Bill Gates 6__ it at once. From then on, 7__ could stop Bill

    __8___ it whenever he was free, he would run to the computer room to use the machine. He became

    9 excited about it that he soon was much better than his teachers in knowledge of computer.

    At fourteen, Bill was already writing __10_ for the computer. And they were written in what was to become Bills second language, BASIC.

    ( )1.A.worse B. richer

    C. cleverer D. bright

     ( )2. A. American B.poor

     C. rich D. excellent

     ( )3. A.13 years old B. 13-year old C.13-year-old D. 13 year old ( )4. A. are given given

     C. was given D. was sent

    ( )5. A. having a computer

    B. to have a teletype machine

    C. have a computer

     D. have a teletype machine

    ( )6. A. becomes interested in B. was afraid of

    C. was interested in D. looked forward to

    ( )7. A. nothing B.everything

     C. something D. anything

    ( )8 A. to study

    C. for studying D. from studying

     ( )9. A. such B. very C. so D. much

    ( )10. A. American fables B. short programmes

    C. funny stories D. somewords


    When most people think of the Olympics, they don’t think of science. But in the USA, each

    year, students take part in a kind of competition called the Science Olympiad. It has a lot of different events.

    Students go there to show how much they know about the science of music, biology, chemistry


and others. My best event is forestry (森林学). This time, I went to the Olympiad with my school’s

    team. We had worked hard, but this was the state competition. It

    would be hard to win.

    The Olympiad was out of town, so we got to ride on a bus and stay in a hotel for a night. The Olympiad was in three big rooms. When we got there, we set up our team’s “camp” off to one side. The big day had come at last! First, I went to watch the tower building competition. That’s

    when students build small towers and put heavy things on top of it. They hope they can hold them up. One of my schoolmates was putting things on her tower. She was nervous, and in the end it was too heavy for her tower to hold it---it broke! I felt bad for her. After lunch, I helped some teammates with their events. One was geography, and the other was history. I don’t know much about those things, so I just watched my teammates do most of the work. At last, it was time for my favorite event---forestry. Another student was also in the forestry event. The rules were easy. We had to look at more than 40 different kinds of leaves and find out which plants they were from. We also had to answer some questions about the uses of each leaf. I knew almost all of the leaves and could answer most of the questions. I had spent more than a month studying on the Internet to get ready. At the end, it was time for the awards

    (颁奖), l was nervous, because the forestry awards were last. We won second place in the whole state! A nice man gave me a medal and smiled at me.

     I had a great time at the Science Olympiad. I can’t wait days next year.

1. The writer felt _______ about the competition.

     A. nervous B. excited C. sad D. bad

    2 We know that _______.

    A. you know a lot about biology if you’re good at forestry

    B. it’s the first time for the writer to be in the competition

    C. the writer had to do some experiments in the competition

    D. the state competition lasted several days

    3 The writer took part in the competition _______.

     A. in the morning B. at noon

     C. in the afternoon D. at night

    4.The writer_______ at the Science Olympiad.

     A. won the first prize

    B. lost the state competition

     C. enjoyed himself

    D. got 40 different kinds of leaves


    From this year, new electronic(电子的) cards will take the place of the plastic identity

    cards (ID cards) which are carried by all the Chinese citizens over 16.

    The new ID card has a microchip(微芯片). Personal(个人的) information will be locked into

    the card so that people wont be able to use false identities.

    Chinas plastic ID cards came into use 18 years ago, and a similar system(相似的系统) is

    used in many other countries. However, the information on a card is different from nation to nation. Most ID cards show the holders name, sex, date of birth and photo, as well as his or her number.

    Germany, France and Spain all use ID cards, but some nations dont like the idea, such as


the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Britain. They have no national ID cards. However,

    some of the countries have ID cards for special uses. For example, Australia and the USA use a

    driving license to identify people.

    ID cards are carried for many reasons. Now the USA, Britain and some other countries are

    considering a nation al ID system as a way of preventing possible terrorist attacks(恐怖袭击).

    5A Chinese citizen doesn’t hold an ID card until he or she is _____ years old.

     A.14 B. 16 C. 17 D. 18

    6 Which of the following is the advantage(缺点) of the plastic ID cards? .

    A. They’re easier to fake

    B. They can’t be used widely

    C. They are not important

    D. They may help some countries prevent enemy from attacking. 7. The underlined word “considering” in the passage means .

    A. thinking about B. talking about

     C. looking after D. finding out

    8 Which of the following is true? .

     A. ID systems can stop attacks

    B. Britain has its own national ID system now

     C .Not all the information on ID cards of different countries is the same D. All the personal information will be kept in the microchip



    1.Rose is always the first _______(get )to the classroom.

    2.These days we are all busy _______(prepare)for the Maths test next week. 4.Sometimes ,Mr Jiang would find his breakfast in the ________(wash) machine. 5.I can_______(stay) in bed for a little longer on Sundays. 6.Robots are often _______(design ) to have a human-like appearance. 7.Its better_______(ask)him first.

    8.Sometimes I go______(shop)clothes with my mother.



    1.Robotmagazine is organizing a design _________( 比赛)

    2. I want to buy an ______(理想的)computer.

    3. I dont think there will be an ______( 额外 ) help.

    4. If your clothes are dirty,you may take them to the l_________outside in the street 5. I cant imagine what the robot ______(buy) at the supermarket last night. 6. We all know that a car runs ______(介词填空)four wheels

    7. The streets are badly polluted.You can see a lot of r______everywhere. 8. My robots usually use clean energy solar b_____


    1. There is much work to do these days,so I have little time for my hobbies.(同意句转换)

    I have _____ ______ _____work to do these days.______ ______ _______,I have _____any time for

    my hobbies.


2. Look! My room is at sixes and sevens.Who did it? (同意句转换)

    Look! My room is_________.Who did it?

    3. Its very dangerous ________( )fire.

    4. My TV set ______ ______ ______( 坏了 ),and I will have it mended tomorrow. 5. 星期天,妈妈经常教我做洗衣服的活(汉译英)

    ___ ___________________________________



    ( )1.The robot is made _____ just____a real person.

    A. to look like B. look like

    C. to look as D.lookas

     ( )2..The teacher said that he_____our homework,so he asked us to do it a second time.

     A. is happy with B. is unhappy with

    C.was unhappy with D. was happy with

    ( )3.Daniel is doing some _____robots.

     A. researches on B. research on

     C. research about D. researches at

    ( )4. I learned how to _____in my Home Economics class.

    A. make a bed B. make the bed

    C. make the beds D. both A and C

    ( )5. ______we were eating dinner in the restaurant,the owners dog took my bag away quietly.

    A. While B. As soon as C. Before D. Until 【强化训练】


    In the new film Robots,robots eat,liveand work like man.Rodney Copperbottom is a young

    robot.He is clever and invents a lot of things.He wants to male the world better.One day,he leaves

    his small town and goes to the Robot City.

    Rodney tries to meet his hero,Bigweld.Bigweld is a great inventor.He runs a business.He sells

    body parts to robots.So they can repair temselves.

     But when Rodney arrives,he just cant find Bigweld.A bad man named Ratcher takes Bigwleds

    job.Ratchet doesnt like the dirty old robots.he stops selling body parts.He wants all of the

    old robots to die.

    Rodney has to find a way to syop this.With the help of his new robot friends,he makes it!

    ( )1. This article is a rewiew of a _______

    A. book B. TV programme C. movie ( )2. Why does Rodney try to meet his hero,Bigweld?

    A. Because he lives in the Robot City

    B. Because he can invent a lot of things

    C. Because he is Rodneys father

    D. Because he loves Rodney

    ( )3. We can tell from the story that____

    A.Rodney sells body parts to robots

    B.Bigweld wants all of the old robots to die

    C.Rodney finds success


    D.Ratchet is a good man

    Part Four Grammar


    1.I wonder _____(what/that/when)he likes.

    2. She asked me _____(which/why/who)he had chosen that one. 3. I have no idea as to_____(how/why/what)to deal with it. 4. I really dont know _______(whom/when/why)he is talking to under the tree. 5. Can you imagine ______much he was surprised to see me?

     A. how B. what C. that D. if

    6. _______ look after his sick mother,he asked a day leave.

     A. So as to B. In order C. In order that D.To 7. Have you decided that will go with me.(改错)______

    8. 你能告诉我你们班上谁英语发音最好.

    Can you tell me ____pronunciation is the best in your class. 二短语

    1. I got up early this morning_____ _____ _____(为了) catch the early bus. 2. I missed the party because I forget the date.(同意句改写)

    I forgot the date,______ ______ ______,I missed the party. 3.We have to work even harder so that we can finish the work on time. (同意句改写).

     We ______to work even harder ______ ______ _______finish the work on time.

    4. It rains heavily so that we have to stay at home.(同意句改写)

    _______ _______the heavy rain,we could only stay at home. 5为了把更多的时间放在工作上?他买了一台机器人帮他做家务?

    He bought a robot _____help him do the h ousework He bought a robot _____ _____ ______help him do the housework.


    1. 请解释一下为什么没有准时交作业?

    Please explain to me ______________________


    Jim didnt_____________________________

    3.He cant go to work because he is ill.(as a result 改写句子)


    4.The girl kept on practising English.She got the first in the English-speaking competion.(

    so that改写句子)





    ( )1. No one knows why_____in the Chinese exam.(无锡市中考试题)

    A. does she fail B. did she fail

    C. she had failed D. she has failed

     ( )2. Could you tell me _____to go to Hainan by air?Just a minute,please.I have to check my


     8 much does it cost B. how much did it cost

     C. how much it cost D. how much it costs

    ( )3. Who tell me ____at the meeting?


    A. what he said B. he said what

    B. what did he say D. how he said

     ( )4. Can you tell me which floor____?

     ( 连云港市中考试题)

    A. does he live on B. he lives in

    C. does he lives in D. he lives on

     ( )5. Could you tell me ________?

     Sorry ,I have no idea.(宿迁市中考试题)

    A. when does the museum open

    B. when the museum opens

    C. when did the museum open

    D. when is the museum open

     ( )6.______get there early,we started an hour earlier than planned.

     A. In order to B. so as

     C. So as to D. As long as

    ( )7. He didnt past the maths exam,______,he was asked to have another one.

     A. Result in B. Result from

     C. As a result D. Do good results

    ( )8. Shall I tell John about it?

     --No,you _____.Ive told him already.

     A. neednt B. wouldnt

     C. mustnt D. shouldnt

    ( )9. My mother is out. I_____look after my little brother.

     A. have to B. can C. need D. A and C

    ( )10. Our house needs_______this summer vocation.

     A. painted B. being painted

     C. painting D. to be paint


     There are robots all around us.Some do very_1___jobs like flying airplanes and driving subway

    trains.And some do simple jobs.

    When an automatic washing machine is switched on (打开),__2__goes in.The machine waits until the water is hot__3__washing the clothes.It does this byfeedback( 反馈 ).Information about whats__4___is fed backinto the robot to tell it what to do next.

    Our eyes,ears and other senses are our feedback.They tell us whats happening around us.So robots are like people in__5__ways.They work and thay have feedback.

    But ___6____robots look like people .Many are hidden away.Robots__7___the tempreture of our

    houses,our cookers,our hot water systems.We can set the control to the tempreture we want.The

    robot does__8__.Its feedback usually comes from a thermostat(自动调温器 ).

     One kind of thermos is a strip of metal,which bends when it goes hot.At the right tempreture,it

    bends just enough to___9_a switch( 转换 ).This turns off the heat.As the air around it


    gets__10____,the metal gets straight,and this turns the heat on again. ( )1. A. easy B. simple C.different D. difficult

    ( )2. A. water B. clothes C. wind D. soap

    ( )3. A. after B. before C. as soon as D. while

    ( )4. A. doing B. getting happening D. knowing

    ( )5. A. some B. any C. two D. three

    ( )6. A. many B. a lot of C. a little D. very few ( )7. A. control B. tell C. keep D. raise

    ( )8. A. something B. the rest C. all D. much

    ( )9. A. work B. find C. make D. see

    ( )10. A. cold B. hot C. cool D. warm



     Most of American businesses are open five days a week.American school children attend school

    five days a week as well.

     American families usually have a t __1_ ?两天?weekend. The weekend is Saturday and Sunday. Over the weekend people spend their time in many d___2___ways . Many families enjoy weekends

    t____3___. They may go shopping, go for a drive or visit friends. They may also invite friends

    over and p____4____ at home. Many American families participate?参加?in sports during the weekend. r____5____biking, playing volleyball and swimming are p____6___in summer. Skiing and skating

    are the f____7____ winter sports.

     Weekends are also a time for American families to work on something in their yards or in t___8___

    houses. Many families plant flowers and have vegetable gardens. Some families use the weekends

    to p____9____or repair their houses. F__10_____ most Americans ,weekends are very busy.




    1.He says he watches TV yesterday with her.

     A B C D( )____

    2.It must be very interested to live in space.

     A B C D( )_____

    Part Five Study Skill


     1.The bike doesn’t belong to me .The o_______of the bike is Li Tao

     2. Be careful not to k_______your head whe you get up.

     3. One of the r________can take care of babies.

     4.This is a really e__________news.We are all excited.

    5. This kind of robot_________(设计)by Kevin is very interesting.

     6. The driver’s carelessness_________(导致)the car accident.

     7. There is going to be a robot ________(展览)in Sunshine Town.

     8. Will you free this afternoon?(改错)_________

    : 短语:

     1. It can read the book__________(在五分钟之内 ).

    2.He will go to see her granny once_______( 每两周一次 )


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