Effective conflict management

By Dustin Gardner,2014-11-06 17:44
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Effective conflict management

Effective conflict management

    Conflicts, if not managed well, can have a significant negative impact on personal and organizational effectiveness.

    Conflicts can distract people from their objectives; can decrease motivation; can block decision making, or the

    implementation of decisions, and so on.

    However, if managed well, conflicts can facilitate change, growth, and can strengthen the cohesion between people.

    Target Group:

    ; Anybody who has been facing conflict at work;

    ; Both Chinese and foreigners;

    ; Managers of all levels, high-pos, key people.


    ; Understand the different types and sources of conflicts;

    ; Learn the 6 Steps of Conflict Resolution;

    ; Learn the 4 Conflict Styles, and gain a clear picture of your own conflict style tendencies;

    ; Learn the 9 major conflict management strategies, and how to choose the strategy according to the


    ; Learn conflict management tools and techniques.

    The content is based on thoroughly researched models and tools of Organizational Behavior; and it is enriched with

    case studies, exercises, discussions and personal experience.


    The training uses learner centered interactive methodology:

    ; Interactive presentations;

    ; Case studies;

    ; Self-reflection and exercises;

    ; Role plays.

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