VL628 Bank Account Details

By Frederick Snyder,2014-04-06 20:01
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VL628 Bank Account Details

     VL628 Please return to: Updated 09/08 Payroll Team 05 Shared Services SA Courier R11/15 or DX 703 Clerk Code GPO Box 11026 Adelaide SA 5001 Ph: (08) 8462 1305 (Press 1) Fax: (08) 8124 9605



     Enter your Identity No. and Name as they are shown on your Pay Advice slip.

    PERSON Family Given ID Name Name(s) If your appointment is at more than one location, please indicate the location to which you wish your pay advice slip to be forwarded.

    School / Location Location Number

    OR If you are a Temporary Relieving Teacher or an Hourly Paid Instructor, you have the option of having your pay advice slip sent to a nominated address.

    Number Street Suburb / Post Code Town

    SECTION 2: DETAILS OF APPROVED FINANCIAL INSTITUTION ACCOUNT(S) (Please see over for details) Please enter the Bank/State/Branch number of the Institution in the space provided. If electing to disburse net pay across more than 1 account (up to 3), then this account (no. 1) will be credited with the residual balance of net pay after nominated amounts have been credited to additional accounts.

     Effective from pay period ending: my bank account details for the disbursement of my net pay are:

    Financial 1) Institution

     BSB Number Branch

    Account Name Account Number (i.e. J B Smith) OPTIONAL DECD employees may nominate up to three accounts to disburse net pay across. (Please see over for details) Financial 2) Institution

     BSB Number Branch

    Account Name Account Number (i.e. JB Smith)


    Financial 3) Institution

     BSB Number Branch

    Account Name Account Number (i.e. JB Smith)


Employee’s Date / / Signature


    Entered into Valeo on Date / / Please Print Signature Name

    Position Please turn over for details

     VL628 (continued)


    1. This advice is to be used to notify Payroll Services of Bank/Financial Institution account details (or changes to) for

    the direct deposit of net pay.

2. Employees may elect to nominate up to three accounts into which their pay can be deposited. The ‘Details of

    Approved Financial Institution Account(s)’ section of this form provides for details of 3 separate accounts to be

    given. The first nominated account must be the balance of net pay while subsequent nominated accounts may be

    either a specified amount or percentage of net pay.

    NOTE: Where 2 additional accounts are nominated; a percentage may not be elected for one account while a fixed

    dollar amount has been selected for the other. Employees must provide EITHER a fixed dollar amount OR a

    percentage of net pay for BOTH accounts.

    3. If you plan to change your account, please keep your existing account open until it is confirmed that your pay has

    been deposited into your new account.

    4. The form must reach Payroll Services by the Wednesday (close of business) following the previous pay day to be

    included in the next available pay period.

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