a unique bike ride

By Philip Edwards,2014-10-11 16:16
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a unique bike ride

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    A Unique Bike Ride

    Over the past more than twenty years, I have experienced a host of meaningful events in my life and some are so impressive that I could still remember them clearly. One of the significant events in my youth is a unique bike ride which gives great courage to me for the rest of my life. It happened a long time ago, but I still feel proud of myself for what I accomplished and obtained in the bike ride.

    It is about ten years ago and I was a middle school student in grade 9. At that time, my classmates and I were facing a heavy challenge of passing the examination for high school. As a result, there were boring examinations at the end of every month. However, the good news was that we could go home and have a short holiday after exams. On one occasion, there was an improper time schedule, and it was merely dark when the last exam was over. Therefore, I said to Yingying, my classmate and friend who lived in the same village with me, we should hurry

    up and it will be darker and darker. Our village was very far

    away from the school and there was no school bus. We rode our

    bikes as quickly as we could towards our village, but it was completely dark when we just went out of the town. To make matters worse, Yingying was scared of darkness and she stopped cycling and began to cry. In fact, I felt a little afraid, but I tried to calm down and persuaded Yingying to go ahead. I said to her that I was very brave and was not afraid of darkness at all. Furthermore, I told her that there was no ghost in darkness by citing the scientific knowledge that our teacher had told us. At last, she believed my words and we started our trip again. During the bike ride, I was singing songs to encourage myself as well as to make Yingying braver. We cycled rapidly and it took us forty minutes to arrive at home. And when I set my foot on the yard of my house, I was totally relieved and had an impulse for crying, not for sadness but for joy. By overcoming the difficulties, I realized I became mature and was no more a kid.

    After that bike ride, I knew clearly that I could not rely on others but myself in times of difficulties. And I was not a little girl any more and I was able to go through hardships with my courage and wisdom. Whenever I am in difficulties, that bike ride reminds me that I am brave enough to overcome the hardships on my own.

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