Lesson planning

By Marvin Moore,2014-06-24 11:48
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Lesson planning

    Lesson plan

    Teaching contents: Why do you like koalas?

    Description of students(教学背景中的学生描述): grade 7 (45


    Time & date: 8:00 a.m. ---8:40 a.m., Thursday, Nov.19th

    Teaching objectives教学目标: 1.Students can list animal names

    and can use the description words correctly.

    2.Students can talk about their favorite


    3.Students get the awareness to protect wild


    Focus point: 1. vocabulary. koala, tiger, elephant, dolphin, panda;

    cute, interesting, smart

    2. sentence structure. Why do you like pandas?

    Difficult point: the sentence structure Why do you like pandas?

    Teaching aids: pictures, tape recorder, video,candies Teaching procedures: 步骤

     Step 1: Warm-up. Show the students some pictures about animals

    to introduce the topic. To arise students interest in

    vocabulary about animal names.

    Step 2: Teach the class the words. Then play a game to let

    students get familiar with these words. Students find their

    partner,one imitate a kind of animal,and another guess

    which animal is. The pair who guess most is the winner.

    Students participated can get candes.

    Step 3: Listen and read. Listen to the tape and complete the

    conversation. Teacher explain the sentence structure, then

    students read after the tape.

    Step 4: Interview. Students walk around the classroom to interview

    their classmate their favorite animal and ask why, then give a

    report. Teacher can correct their mistakes they made during

    the presentation. Let student practise the main sentence

    structure and the adjective word.

    Step 5: Watch a video of 可可西里, call the student on protecting

    the wild animals

    Step 6: Sum up and assign homework.

    surfing on the internet to find more words about animals;

    remember the words learned today.

    After class reflection:



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