Waseda International Club

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Waseda International Club

Waseda International Club

    だい かい




    ~The 41st Japanese Speech Contest by the International Students~



    Entrant Application Guidebook

    The Waseda International Club (WIC) is one of Waseda University's officially

    recognized clubs. WIC aims to promote exchanges between international and

    Japanese students here at Waseda University. A part of realizing this objective,

    every year we give international students an opportunity to speak in front of a

    large group through a speech contest.

    The speech contest includes a social gathering, food and the chance to enjoy the

    speeches together. Last year's event included a barbeque and a badge making

    event. We hope that the speech contest provides a venue in which the speakers,

    international students and WIC members can engage in mutual understanding

    and cultural exchange.

    Emphasizing exchange between people, we happily look forward to organizing

    the speech contest together with you!

    We look forward to everyone's participation!

See below for detailed information on the speech contest

    thDate: Sunday, December 17, 2006

    Venue: Ono Memorial Hall, Waseda University

    Eligibility for Application (must meet all eligibility requirements)

    ?Currently be an international student studying in Japan (no limitation

    related to length of stay in Japan, sex, nationality or age)

    ? Individual who would like to share their views through a speech

    ? Individual who will agrees to the advisor/ cooperation system that we


    Several WIC members will form groups and act as advisors. The advisor system includes help in the construction of the speech, including minor grammatical corrections.

    Even those who are not confident with their Japanese proficiency level are welcome to participate!

    Speech Theme: not specified (although speeches that included political slogans or religious proselytizing will not be accepted)

    Speech Length: approx. 8 minutes

    Judging Standards: Relevance and significance of speech will be emphasized rather than Japanese language proficiency

    Number or participants: up to 10 (all speech contest hopefuls will be selected by interview)

    ?Both the advisor system and interview will be mainly held in Japanese. ??Be advised that beginning in November, as preparations for the speech contest come into full swing and regular meetings will take place.

To apply:

    Please send an email with the following information.

    ?Name?Address?Male or Female?Telephone Number?Name of School?

    Nationality?Theme of Speech(What will you speak about?

    thDeadline?Sunday, October 12 2006

    th Screening results will be informed by October 15, 2006

    Sponsor?Waseda International Club, Waseda University

    Enquiries?Mr. Yusuke Miyake?Speech Contest Coordinator?

     TEL ?????????????



    If anything is unclear or you have any question please feel free to contact the Speech Contest Coordinator

     ?2006 WIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, All Rights Reserved

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