unit 9 have you ever been to an amusement park47380

By Ashley Coleman,2014-10-11 15:05
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unit 9 have you ever been to an amusement park47380

    Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park? Section A英文说课稿

Good morning, commentators and teachers. Nice to meet you!

    Today I am going to talk about Unit 9 Have you been to an amusement? Section A, PEP Primary English ,Go for it, Book 4.This lessen is a new part in the unit. We will learn the Present Perfect Tense and a new sentence pattern Have you ever

    been to?And We will learn to talk about past experiences using the knowledge and learn the important culture in the western countries----Disneyland. I think this lessen is a spoken class and reading class. I not only help students to express the past experiences in English, but also I cultivate the students

    reading skills and widen their English knowledge..

    As we all know: the main instructional aims of learning English in primary school is to cultivate students’ basic abilities of listening and speaking and reading

    and writing and their good sense of the English language.

    So in my teaching process , I try to help the students to remember new words and learn the teaching difficult points---the sentence pattern by using the Five step method, audio-video, communicative approach and task-based learning method. At the same time, I try my best to use all kinds of methods such as multi-media computer, the tape and pictures to make the teaching difficult points easier and make students learn more interesting and more effective in class.

    In my teaching process I’ll finish this lesson in five steps.

    Step one: Speaking ability

    I show some pictures of places to the students by using multimedia , at the same time, I explain the new words of this lesson and help the students to memorize the words(amusement, aquarium etc).Then I ask the students the question and make a conversation like this:

    -----Have you ever been to?

-----Yes, I have. / No, I havent.

    And help students to understand the sentence pattern. After the example, I help students make a similar dialogue using the places.

    Step two: Listening ability

    After talking about the topic, lets finish listening practice1b,2a,2b. Listen

    to the tape again and again. Try to help students understand the meaning of the conversations. Pay attention to the intonation and pronunciation. And I give some additional questions about listening materials:

    -----Has Claudia ever been to an amusement park?

    -----Yes, he has. /No, he hasnt.

    -----Has Sarah ever been to a water park?

    -----Yes, she has. / No, he hasnt.

    Step three: Reading ability

    After finishing the listening, I show some pictures about Disneyland, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and ask some questions about them, then lead to the reading material on page 70. At the same time, ask students to answer the following questions:

    a. Have you ever been to Disneyland?

    b. What can you do in Disneyland?

    c. Would you like to go on a Disney Cruise?

    By reading the text and answering the questions, students can understand a little about the text, then I explain some key points.

    Step four: Review

    Please look at the table on Page 70. The students discuss the form and make a survey of their partner about these questions in order to master the sentence pattern Have you ever been to. ?

Step five: Classroom work and homework

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