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By Greg Holmes,2014-11-10 07:17
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     Sports and Health

     Hi, whats your plan for this weekend?

     Nothing specific, so how about going camping this Sunday?

     Yeah, sounds like a good idea.

     I think so.

     Thats very interesting, but I have my own plan, I have made an appointment with my friends to play basketball that day.

     You mean youd like to exercise but not relax? How crazy you are !

     Thats pretty true . Look at my body, its a bit fat now,

    Its necessary for me to do sports to improve my health.

     Sounds very reasonable.

     Yeah, so why not come and join in us?

     To play basketball? No, I dont like it.

     But what kind of sports do you like best?

     Hiking is my favorite sport, for it can build up my muscles and expand my lungs.

     Fun, whats your favorite sport?

     I like jogging, I think it can promote the circulation of the blood. And I get up early everyday to jog around the track on the playground.

     Oh, really? Its good to form a habit of exercising.

     Yeah, but for me, I only play basketball once a week.

     Hey, why dont you make any comments? Come on, just tell us whats your favorite sport?

     I only like playing computer game if it belongs to a sport.

     Thats say you hardly do sports but the games.

     Youre right, he always stay in room.

     Its harmless to your health, I think you should have some physical education, maybe it will help you to found a sense of the importance of sports.

     Sounds reasonable, but I dont know what type of sports

    suits me most?

    A good question, I think you should do a mild exercise first , like jogging, it suits all college students , for its easy and

    need a little time , then you can take a all-round exercise to build up your muscles.

    Okay. I will do as what you suggest just now.

    Great, you can keep company with me when Im jogging.

Im sure it will enables you to enjoy life more.

    Truly, sports can release us from the monotonous routine studies. In the long run, we should exercise more often to keep our figures and healthy.

    Nice, lets enjoy our life from doing sports this weekend.

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