zuuMcDonald's VS Zkongfuapw

By Brent Duncan,2014-02-09 03:45
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zuuMcDonald's VS Zkongfuapw

    英语写作 法英12 20100301594 赵婧蕴

    McDonald’s over Zkongfu

    Supposing you are very hungry in the street now, and there are only 2 restaurants for you to choose. Which one do you prefer, McDonald’s or Zkongfu? Though they

    are both convenient and cheap, as a McDonald’s loyal fan, I will choose the former

    one. Personally, following differences make McDonald’s more attractive than

    Zkongfu: the atmosphere in the shop, the type of food and the activities held from time to time which convey their enterprise culture.

    Firstly, the atmosphere is more active and cheerful in McDonald’s than that in

    Zkongfu. McDonald’s offers more friendly and considerate services to customers to carry out its famous slogan—— “More choices, more laugh.” From its spokesman

    Ronald McDonald to the smiling shop assistants and clean in-store decoration, it makes customers feel comfortable and relaxing in their shop. On the contrary, It seems that Zkongfu only offer a place with less humanity design for its customers to

    have a meal, only a meal.

    Customers form a first impression basing on the atmosphere, but make the final decision depending on the food. Zkongfu concentrates on traditional Chinese food. Many people may consider it unnecessary to have such a meal outside, because most of Chinese can cook a delicious meal like ZKongfu as well. By contrast, McDonald’s

    provide western food such as hamburgers, chips, fried chicken, ice-creams and so on, which seem uncommon, uneasy to cook and more popular among young people in China. In order to meet the needs of Chinese customer, they also add more Chinese food like porridge, soya-bean milk.

    英语写作 法英12 20100301594 赵婧蕴

    Last but not least, the activities held from time to time in-store are also an effective sales strategy to attractive customers which convey their enterprise cultures. I still remember that I had several birthday parties in McDonald’s. The radio

    broadcasted Birthday Song, the shop assistants played games with me, and finally gave me some toys as presents. Nowadays, they also carry out more activities such as

     with the "Happy Meal" or different theme parties held on different toys coming

    particular festivals to appeal customers which send the same message——happy.

    While Zkongfu is less creative and lack publicity means to make their brand energetic. No special activities can remind us of the spirit or the culture of Zkongfu, so it’s hard

    to attract long-term customers.

    To sum up, the atmosphere in the shop, the type of food and the activities which convey their enterprise culture are the decisive factors to influence the customers’

    choice between McDonald’s and Zkongfu. Zkongfu can draw some Lessons from

    McDonald’s and make itself become more and more competitive in the local market.

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