when we can not to cannot compare with to turn head of cent

By Ricky Hill,2014-10-11 02:41
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when we can not to cannot compare with to turn head of cent

    Repeatedly in the last years, the high speed of the chaperonage economy carries on, the high constringency of energy desire, the antinomy of of social stratum sharply brings into relief, more and more people always the complaint put blame on, but saw to cherish me to truely own.Friend please don't forget the bad luck that I own.

    House, that is a kind of bad luck.We have never needed to be born to avoid a life time at enrich two, officer two families, street have never needed that to indulge in a life of dissipation as well, with the result that is that of a brick.Have that end a small house, intelligence Jian father of the soul, light and soft and understanding of, or have brother and sister or have younger brother Jie, happy can make to don't understand stuffy also fight;Have so 1, have or big or little cousin's younger brother, there is old Zu generation, cold hot moment stanza leave of expect to can enter to dedicate to show filial obedience old man civilized and savage younger brother;There is a that end, although have no impressive-looking many-storied building, but at the countryside prairie of side, as well or of mountain village green tree, if have that end for a day, have so for a day we rush in the outside Be getting more tired, we can also return to enjoy this to meal here fire of accept even.Companion Chai, if you are telling a bitterness, please don't forget to cherish oneself gets by luck. Being on the hoof is as well a kind of happiness.Can probably you are telling a bitterness for my birth, don't forget you still on the hoof, which afraid total amount but any controls breath, all every clouds and mist, all but any primer with no final outcome, making track for of all every lightning stone fire.Because we are still on the hoof, we can get the heart of having the sort, the Chang is big, clear Che, kind, not because of Er worry my Zha but be angry at, not because the Lu Lu has no for but quell a step, don't hoodwink a pair of eyes because the dust spreads densely, not tired of earthly life because the life is endurable, not because of social alienation but the Jie sign to complain.Because we still just a life time, we can sit a view dust is 100 Tais, we can also with the tolerance generosity of spirit this mortal life kindness to fellowmen, even we can also say nothing but smile, at most we can also own Qi to hope.Friend, if you still just complaint, please don't loose to record to concern I own by luck.

    The heart is by luck like ocean, also 1 kind.The assumption says you still just complaint, pleasing remember the heart is like ocean, greatly its heart permits the thing of world, and falsely its heart is subjected to kind world.When you crazy rashness uneasy, you are a matter to haven't results to show;When you are suddenly not suddenly happy, you are extremely hard and bitter and layer after layer;When your Gao Wu Jian Ling, you are Jie however whole body, the Gu Ao is eventually old;When your good Gao Wu Yuan, you flee at sight.Suppose your town settle a farming, you don't necessarily sow seeds repeatedly.Being not an all big tree is all broken by the windstorm;Isn't all seeds, all can not find to take root of mud;Isn't an all genuine feeling, all run off in the public sentiment Gobi desert in;It isn't total amount dream, all willing would rather be folded party feather.Friend, supposes you still is telling a bitterness, please don't loose to record to cherish some good lucks that I get.

    When we can not to cannot compare with to turn head of cent, we can continue to go forward.-The result can for the moment station to come up, we are those survivor in the dead persons.Should emotional stirrings reputation of, friend, if you are putting blame on, please don't forget to be still concerned with ? some bad lucks that oneself gets.

    One material self is private how, is own position, is also a kind of choice of oneself.The material selfs will constitute differential living bad habit while all having me particular growth condition, so, will also make a choice oneself think to slice to be my living proper channel most , how, would be happy, would realize the cheerful flavor that is a person.World at first is was much more abundant to adopt of, besides was the person who had margin thinking, each consistent of person, the thinking of the margin, subsisting of difference way, became to adopt more the corpus of world, used the outstanding life of oneself, can for create double much more flourishing the world adopting increases a to put on bright.

    Friend please don't forget to sit to enjoy my by luck!

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