my foreign teacher and i

By Jeff Elliott,2014-10-11 15:02
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my foreign teacher and i

    My Foreign Teacher and I

    As an English major student, I have met several foreign teachers for last two years. The characters of them are outgoing, open, and lovely. However, the most impressive foreign teacher I ever had was a teacher of middle school who came from Philippines. She really taught me a lot.

    I was born in a city of northwest, where the education system is not so developed. I even never met any foreigners when I was in primary school, and my English was taught by a young female teacher who just graduated from college. Because of that, I was afraid to speak English in front of each person. I became shamed little by little, and I didnt know how to open the mouth when met

    strangers. As far as I am concerned now, it was really an unfortunate experience for my process of growth. But things changed from then, I came to middle school when I was 13 years old.

    It was 2006, I was in the first semester of Grade two, our school set up a course named Oral English for us in order to improve our English speaking skills, a young lady who from Philippines was invited. The very first time I met her was on the first Oral English course of my class, and maybe that was the first time for me to see

    a foreigner face to face. My hands were shaking because of nervous; I was worried about how to communicate to her and what if she couldnt understand what I said. The young lady came at the appointed time. Her appearance is very much like us but has deeper color skin. She was about 1.6 meters high with big brown eyes and thick pink lips. She introduced that she was 28 years old and was a mother of a 3 years old boy. After that, she invited each student of our class to introduce us in the way we like. My classmates introduced themselves one by one frequently, and I became nervous and nervous. Its my turn to stand on the stage; I came to

    the stage but couldnt speak even one word. However, she didnt

    feel that strange and impatiently as I imagine, she just came close to me and touch my head, then let me go back to my seat. All her action was naturally, nobody laughed at me, and I was appreciating for her to not making me embarrassed.

    After the class, she stopped me at the front of door, and talked to me with smile, the words she told me made me thought a lot and even remembered today, Hi boy, English is not just what you write

    and read, speaking is also a very important part, if you meet American, your oral English is present to him at first, so follow me in every class, you can make a lot progress, I believe you.

    She smiled, stared at me, and the words that she told me were full of warmness. I nodded my head and told her that I would like to try. It was her sweet smile give so much power and made me absorb in English. I followed her every class and make an absolutely attempt to open my mouth to speak English. Little by little, I became confident, and I enjoy communicate with her very much. She witnessed my progress. I loved her class very much.

    A year later, she said bye to my city and got back to Philippines, at the same time, I said bye to my middle school. I know it was a point that we met and back to our own life. However, she taught me how to open my mouth to speak English with confidence, she

    encouraged me to face the challenge, and she also didnt make me

    lose face in front of my classmates. I appreciate her a lot.

When I speak English now, I always think of her. Its the young lady

    gave me so many courage, and led me in the heaven of English.

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