who make decision for you

By Heather Elliott,2014-10-11 02:41
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who make decision for you

Do you agree or disagree?

    Most people prefer to let others make decisions for them rather than to make decisions by themselves. What is your opinion?

    As is known to all, when making decision, it is vital to include team members or employees in the decision-making process. However, it is also significant for the individual to make the final decision all by himself. I believe that the leaders ability of

    making decision is one of the basic factors in effectively managing a team or a business. I will highlight two reasons to support my case.

    Firstly, I believe that a leader should engage with his team, asking team members for opinion and feedback, however, after the discussion, the work of making the final decision for what is the teams strategy and the final goal should be done all by himself. With the clear and definite decision, the inordinate or the employees can better understand the ultimate goal of the team project. With this goal in sight, individual employees can innovate and develop new methods to complete tasks, and it will be helpful for the leader to improve the teams efficiency,

    while simultaneously let the members of the team feel as though they are being treated with respect and courtesy, which can also boost morale.

    Secondly, if I was a leader of a company, making decisions all by myself is a requisite ability for me. As far as I concerned, making decisions alone is the standard of measuring ones

    leadership. Imagining a team in which the leader always makes decisions with the help of others, that might lead to confusion against the team members for a number of reasons. For example, some team members may not understand why a particular task is important and ask the superior for help, however, it is also difficult for the leader to explain, because the decision is made by others, therefore, this important task might be neglected.

    In conclusion, it is necessary for the leader to make decisions by themselves, which can improve the efficiency of the teams

    work and improve the leadership at the same time. Therefore, I strongly believe that people should make decisions all by themselves.

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