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    牛津英语六年级(6B)练习 ?二? 2012.2.16



     ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 二、根据所听问句,选择正确答句。;5分?

    ( )1.A.I am. B.I can. C.Me too. ( )2.A.He was at home. B.I am at home. C.I was at home. ( )3.A.It's liu Tao. B.Liu Tao's. C.Liu Tao is. ( )4.A.No,I don't. B.No,I'm not. C.No,I didn't. ( )5.A.I am going to school. B.I went to school. C.I go to school. 三、听录音,填入所缺单词。;每空一词?;10分?

    1.Are you as as your ?

    2. is . Su Hai or Su Yang?

    3.My cousin has an .

    4.Tom to the yesterday.

    5.They're twins. They the .


    ( )1.A.The boy is. B.The girl is. C.I don't know. ( )2.A.No,he isn't. B.Yes, he is. C.Mike is. ( )3.A.8 B.20 C.13

    ( )4.A.In the park. B.At home. C.In a shop. ( )5.A.74 B.72 C.76



    1.在星期天早上 2.have a chat

    3.……一样高 day

    5.看上去很像 6.go for a walk


    7.比我大十岁 8.a twin sister

    9.我的同学 10.a little cat


    1.young 2.thin 3.short 4.fat

    5.heavy 6.light 7.big 8.tall

    9.strong 10.small


    ( )1.Do you like swimming and skating? I like skating.

     A B C D

    ( )2.He isn't as taller as his brother.

    A B C D

    ( )3.My sister is thiner than me.

     A B C D

    ( )4.Nancy's five year older than her cousin.

     A B C D

    ( )5.My bag is lighter than him.

     A B C D


     I II ( )1.Lily has a twin sister. A.No, a little shorter. ( )2.Which one is heavier? B.Five years old. ( )3.Do they look the same? C.The red one. ( )4.How old is she? D.It's on the first of June. ( )5.Is he as tall as his father? E.No,they don't. ( )6.When is Children's Day? F.Yang Ling is. ( )7.Here's a book for you. G.Really? That's interesting. ( )8.Is this your ruler? H.He's in the classroom. ( )9.Who's shorter than Helen? I.Thank you. ( )10.Where's Mike? J.No, it's hers. I think. 五!请根据上下文,用所给词组的正确形式填空。;5分?

     look for, look the same, look after, look beautiful, look like

    1.Su Hai and Su Yang .

    2.My aunt her flowers carefully every day.


    3.I my watch just now, but I didn't find it.

    4.The flowers in the garden .

    5.He his father.


    1.David: Let's go and


     Mike: Great! I'm and

     than you. I'll

     the goalkeeper.

    2.The elephant's nose is than the pig's.

     The pig's ears are than the elephant's.

     The pig is 120 kilos. It's than the elephant.

     Tom Helen Jill 3.Tom is than Jill.

     Tom is than Helen. Age 14 13 15

     Jill is as as Tom. 148cm 136cm 148cm Height


    ( )1. fatter, this woman or that woman?

     A.Who B.Who's C.Whose D.What's ( )2.My parent and I often go shopping Saturday evening. C.on D./ ( )3.Tom's hair is longer than .

     A.Me B.Her C.My D.yours ( )4.Do you have brothers sister? No, I don't.

     A.any…and B.any…or C.some…and D.some…or

    ( )5.Shall we go to the music room? I want the piano. B.see buy play ( )6. Mr Wang have lunch at school yesterday?

    Yes. He often lunch at school.

    A.Does…have B.Do…had C.Does…has D.Did…has

    ( )7.The had English party last week. It was interesting party.…a…an…the D.the…an


( )8.The twin brothers look , but they are in different .

     A.the same…class B.same…classes

    C.different…school D.the same…classes

    ( )9.Look, the girls under the big tree.

     A.sit B.sitting C.are sitting D.sat ( )10.I'm 13 years old and Liu Tao is 14. So .

     A.he's younger than me B.I'm older than him

     C.he's one year older D.I'm as old as him 八!用所给词的适当形式填空。5分?

    1He usually _____ (do) his homework in the evening.

    But yesterday he ____ (do) it in the afternoon

    2Who’s _____ shortthan David ? Li Tian _____ (be).

    3I’m as ____ (tall) as you. But I’m ____ (strong).

    4Yang Ling and Nancy (sit) on the sofa and havea chat yesterday


    6She’s twenty minutes _______ (young) than me !


    One day, a panda, a giraffe, an elephant and a rabbit went for a walk in the park.

    The panda said to the rabbit.“I'm bigger than you.”The rabbit said.“Yes, but I'm

    quicker(迅速) than you.”A tiger came and said.“I'm stronger than you.”“Yes, but you are not stronger than the elephant.”The elephant said.“I'm stronger, but I'm

    shorter than the giraffe.”Everybody smiled and said,“Yes, the giraffe is taller than all

    of us.”

    1.Who is bigger, the panda or the rabbit?

    2.Who is quicker, the panda or the rabbit?

    3.Are the elephants stronger than the tigers?

    4.Who is taller than all of the other(其他的) animals?

    5.Where were they?


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