military training

By Debra Jones,2014-11-09 09:26
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    Military training has long been considered a must for junior and senior high school students to start a new journey, but faintness during training raises peoples concern. They hold different views on this issue.

     Those who favour

    military training think it teaches students

    discipline and the spirit of teamwork. By going through this tough

    training, students learn to get along well with others and can adapt themselves to the new environment quickly.

     However, others

    argue that training under direct sunshine is

    harmful for those who are weak, which may damage their health. Besides, military

    training in such a short time wont have a desire effect on students.

     As for me, military training is physically

    challenging, but I enjoy experiencing it with my classmates. Its also

    good preparation to start a new life. It teaches me how to deal with

    difficulty and how to cooperate with others.

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