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By Leslie Marshall,2014-10-11 02:31
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open question


    Give me an example of an important and challenging goal or objective you have set yourself in your study / research or the project you have involved. Why did you set this goal? What planning did you do beforehand? What challenges did you face? How did you overcome these challenges?


    Give me a specific example of when you had to deal with a sudden change in circumstances at your study / research or the project you have involved. How did you react to the change? What impact did it have on you? What did you do to cope in the most effective way?


    1. Please give an example of a time when you developed a new or different solution to a problem. Why did you think the problem needed a new solution? How did you develop the new solution? What feedback did you receive on how it is working? Please give your answer in English.

    2. Please give an example of a career goal that you set yourself. How did you choose the goal that you were aiming towards? What did you do to help you achieve the goal? Please give your answer in English.

    3. Sometimes it is difficult to keep the commitments we make to others. Tell me about a situation where this happened to you. Why was it difficult? How did you decide what to do? What was the impact of this decision? Please give your answer in English.


    1. Please state why you are applying for this job?

    2. Give an example of a project you have undertaken or an event you have organised. What goals did you set and how did you ensure you achieved them? Describe how your planning and organisation contributed to the success. What would you have done different?

    3. Describe a time where you had to make an unpopular decision and get others to commit to it? What was the decision and what steps did you take to ??sell?? your decision? What was the outcome?

    4. Please describe your most recent experience of working with and/or leading a team. What was the project and your role? What objectives did you set and how did you ensure all the team members worked to achieve them?

    5. Describe a time when you saw a problem differently than others. What was you solution and how did you arrive at it? What did this experience tell you about your ability to be innovative? ?ýÅÆ

    1. Describe the most difficult situation (both physical or psychological) that you have experienced, and what you have done to overcome the difficulties?

    2. Describe a typical experience when you need to work closely with a group of people to achieve a goal. What's the goal, your role and the outcome? Or describe a time you need to resolve conflicts with others. What's the conflict and how the conflict was resolved?

    3. Describe a time that you had successfully finished a work/plan ahead of schedule.

    4. Describe a situation where you have adopted/initiated new approaches?

    5. Describe the most complex plan you have developed involving many resources, and what you have done to achieve your goal.

    6. Tell me about a time when you had to make a tough or critical or difficult decision. What was the situation? How the decision was made?

    7. Tell me about a time when your input motivated others to reach a team goal?

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