Module 1 Hobbies

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Module 1 HobbiesModu

    Module 1 Hobbies

    ; 学习目标

    词汇 名词,n.) Collection,doll,fan,stamp,volleyball,sailing,skill,activity,


    动词,v. Collect,develop,imagine

    形容词,adj. Least,lazy,useful

    介词,prep. as

    多种词性 n.v. interview adj.v. tidy aux.v. should


     Tidy up,take up,all the time,(be)interested in,as well as,

    such as,come out,as a result

    理解单词 wow; workshop,enjoyment;untidy,creative,professional;

    Teenage;mountain biking,senior high school

    语法 能够了解六种句子结构

    重点句型 My father is a musician.

    It came out in 2003.

    I play the violin.

    He gave me my first violin.

    She asked us to imagine that...

    There's a concert at Radio Beijing.

    模块任务 Making a hobby questionnaire.

; 学习诊断


    1.My sister loves collecting things and she has a c____________of dolls. 2.Sally will give an i____________about music on TV next Friday. 3.Hobbies can d____________your interests and help you learn new skills. 4.It's good for your health to do more outside a____________. 5.T____________love this story,because it's about teenage life. 6.We don't know well about the strange man,and we can't i____________what he will do next.

    7.David is famous for his novels,and his hobby has brought him enjoyment and s____________.

    He is a famous writer now.

    8.Tom told us his great experiences at the summer c____________. 9.I think s____________in the ocean is dangerous but exciting. 10..Some u____________hobbies can make you grow as a person quickly. 二、请用括号中所给词的适当形式填空

    1.My hobby is____________stamps.Look!Here's a special one I got from an Italian pen friend.


    2.We all looked forward to____________with dad but he's always busy.(camp) 3.There____________a volleyball match between a Japanese team and a Chinese team this

afternoon.Would you watch it?(be)

    4.The baby is cleverer than I have ever____________.(imagine) 5.Bill is one of the____________boys that I have seen.(lazy) 6.Sandy has a little pocket money,Tom has less,and Bill has the____________of all.(little)



    ________________________________________________________________________ 2.idea,creative,sounds,your

    ________________________________________________________________________ 3.piano,the,much.too,room,takes up

    ________________________________________________________________________ 4.the,children,his,excited,coming,made


    ________________________________________________________________________ 6.Earth,there,years,life,on,has been,millions of,for

    ________________________________________________________________________ 7.It took me 3 days to make the coat.

    ________________________________________________________________________ 四、根据所给中英文提示,完成句子


    I________________________________________________for my school team. 2.这个伟大的音乐家使我对音乐非常该兴趣。

    This great musician________________________________________________. 3.雪下得很大,结果,他来晚了。

    It snowed heavily,and_________________,he came late.


    We all want________________________________________________a concert. 5.专业的作家让我们想象我们就在故事当中。

    The professional writer________________________________________in the story. 6.Jane能歌善舞。

    Jane is_______________________________________________________________. 7.我们不应该在电子游戏上花太多时间。

    We_________________________________________________________computer games. 五、单项填空

    1.---What present did John give his father?

    ---He gave______a warm scarf.

    A.he B.his C.he's D.him

    2.---When did you start______stamps?

    ---At the age of ten.

    A.collect B.collection C.collected D.collecting

    3.Tom's father is a musician.I often heard him______the violin. B.plays C.played play

4.---What do you like to do in your free time?

    ---I'm interested in______model planes.

    A.make make C.making D.made

    5.Many students have hobbies.Some are relaxing,and______are creative. A.the other B.another C.others D.other

    6.David Smith spent four weeks______a summer camp last holiday. A,in B.of C.on

    7.Anne asks us______what might happen in the future.Just work hard now. imagine B.not to imagine C.don't imagine D.imagine

    8.The singer's first record______in 2004,and then he became popular at once. A.came up B.came out C.came over D.came on

    9.Please be quiet.I have______to tell you.

    A.important something B.something important

    C.important anything D.anything important

    10.I'd like to learn another language,______I want to travel around the world one day. B.because C.or D.but

    11.It's a bit untidy.You need to______the table and chairs.

    A.tidy away B.tidy after C.tidy up D.tidy out

    12.Good hobbies can help you enjoy yourself in life,and also help you______. A.succeed B.success C.successful D.successfully

    13.Tony is good at skating______skiing. good as well as C.such as usual

    14.I'm sorry I can't come to your party.I must______my sick grandmother. A.look at B.look over C.look after D.look up

    15.There are lots of interesting things in the world.We should try______something everyday. do C.not to do D.don't do

    16.My real hobby is______.I think more exercise is good for our health. B.singing C.hiking D.writing

    17.My father's bobbies made me______about looking after my old picture books. A.thought B.thinking think D.think

    18.Daming______playing basketball______his favorite interest.

    A.looks;to B.sees;as;as D.sees;to

    19.---What's your hobby?

    ---I like playing______table tennis,______badminton.

    A.not only;but also B.neither;nor C.either;or D.both;and 20.---Sally,do you collect anything?

    ---______I've got hundreds of stamps.

    A.No.I don't. B.Yes,I do. C.Sorry,I don't know D.I collect things. 六、完形填空

    When Alice was a little girl,she liked keeping pets.She had many books about__1__.She often said that she would work in a__2__when she grew up.Most of Alice's pets were quite small,such as parrots,cats,fish and so on.But one day she met something quite big.

    That afternoon,Alice's mother was__3__to see a big animal with long hair in the kitchen,and

    it was making faces at her.Then suddenly she remembered that a few days before a young gorilla

,大猩猩!called Gor had run__4__from the zoo.

    "I found him in the city square,"said Alice,"He seemed so__5__.I talked to him.We became__6__at once and he followed me home."

    "Well,you know you__7__keep him,"said her mother,"You must send him back to the zoo. We'd better phone the police."

    Soon a__8__came and also a truck from the zoo came.Alice hugged Gor and said that she would go and see him on weekends.These day,Alice has stopped__9__animal,but you can still__10__her with her friend Gor in the zoo on Saturdays and Sundays. 1.A.animals B.fruits C.clothes D.plants C.zoo D.factory

    3.A.surprising B.surprised C.worried D.worrying

    4.A.away B.down C.around

    5.A.alone B.lonely C.excited D.happy

    6.A.students B.friends C.strangers D.teaches

    7.A.should B.won't C.can't D.can

    8.A.worker C.policeman D.mother collect B.collecting find D.finding B.hear C.find D.tell



    Edison had a quick mind about inventions,but not always about other things.One day he received a notice.It said that he must pay some money to the government by the next day.If he was late,he would have to pay still more money.Edison went to the city office,many people were waiting there in line to pay.While he was waiting,his mind was busy with ideas about a new invention.when he arrived at the window,the man in it said to Edison,"Young man,what's your name?"

    Edison looked at the man,surprised.

    "I...I...don't know,"he said.

    "Then I can't help you,"the man said,and told him to leave.

    Other people paid the man.Edison stood there and tried to remember his name.The day ended,and he knew he would have to pay more money.

    In the street,he met a friend.He had to ask the friend what his name was. 1.Edison was always________.

    A.quick to to things.

    B.worried about his money.

    C.clear in mind in doing everything.

    D.thinking about his inventions,seldom others things.

    2.When his was waiting in front of the city office,________.

    A.he met his friend

    B.he asked the man for help

    C.he tried to remember his name

    D.he still thought hard about a new invention

    3.As Edison couldn't tell his name,the man behind the window________. A.gave him his help

B.told him to leave here

    C.let his friend pay for him

    D.asked him to come again the next day


    What do you like to draw?People?Animals?Landscapes?For a long time I liked drawing cheetahs,猎豹!,and I collected pictures of them.I started drawing people and dogs shortly after that.Now,I'm onto clothes.

    My best friend Brittany and I love drawing clothes.Occasionally we think of specific people to draw clothes for,and we just let our imagination go wild!We've drawn long-sleeved swimsuits

    (they seem a little uncomfortable),dresses with flames on them(you're so hot,you're on fire!),and even tuxedos,无尾礼服!with flowers!It's a lot of fun because,as everyone knows,your clothes represent your personal styles,and everybody's style is different,so our clothes are always different.Most times we don't colour them in,but if Brittany brings her gel markers,水彩笔!to

    school,during lunch,we draw our hearts out!We draw a lot,at least 3 pages each,front and back!

    The things I would like to be able to draw would have to be caricatures,漫画,讽刺画!.It

    takes a really good artist to draw them,and I hope one day I can be that good.Often I try to copy the caricatures off book covers,but they never turn out that well.Can you draw caricatures?If you can,please teach me!

    I was never very good at drawing quickly.I always needed time to sit and think about what I should draw.I also used eraser a lot.Almost as much as I used my pencil!That's why I don't do my first draft with pen;I usually do it in pencil.

    When I saw something I liked,I kept that image in my head and went home to try to draw something exactly like it.If you copy somebody else,the drawing isn't really yours.It doesn't reflect your individual,独特的,个性的!style,which is what makes you unique.If you really want to be noticed.I think the best thing to do is to draw your way.It doesn't matter if you can't tell what it is.Picasso was pretty abstract!Just go with what you feel.Who knows?You could start a whole new style of art.Email me your drawing ideas at! I'd love to hear from you.

    1.How did the writher try to draw cheetahs well?

    A.By imagination.

    B.By asking an artist for help.

    C.By collecting pictures of cheetahs.

    D.By drawing together with her friend.

    2.What does the underline sentence mean?





    3.Why does the writer usually do her first draft in pencil?

    A.Because she thinks as she draws.

    B.Because she doesn't draw quickly.

    C.Because it shows her individual style.

    D.Because Brittany doesn't often bring her gel markers.

    4.Which of the following is not the writer's ideas about drawing?

    A.Drawing needs imagination and thinking.

B.To draw your way,you needn't learn from others.

    C.Only copying isn't good for developing your own style.

    D.Draw your feeling and you might start a new style of art.


    One of American's favorite interests is listening to music.For many,riding in a car,means listening to the radio.People want to listen to music everywhere,so why should their free time at school be different?Sometimes,it helps people concentrate when they're working.However,this is not an opinion held by schools.

    Many schools would not allow this activity.If one uses the music player to just play music during free time,there should be no problem.Also,when one uses earphones,no sound will come out,and it would disturb,打扰!no one.Listening to music this way provides enjoyment,and will give nobody any trouble.

    Another reason is because the school would be blamed if a student lost his or her music device.However,this problem could easily be avoided.The student could keep this CD player or MP3 player well,and then take it home at the end of the day,and even if it were lost,surely no parents would complain to the school because it is the child's responsibility to take care of it.

    Listening to music at school has positive elements,因素!as well.For example,when doing

    math homework,writing papers,or doing anything that does not bother others,listening to music will shut out all the distractions,分心!of the other students.

    Imagine a classroom where every child is quiet.The teacher sits at desk,grading papers and smiling.The children are working diligently and being quiet!Every child is wearing earphones and listening to their favorite music.This could happen if school headmasters realized that listening to music is not disruptive,制造混乱的!,but helps students concentrate.

    1.What should be the best title of this reading?

    A.We Should Be Allowed to Listen to CD Player at School

    B.Listening to CD Players Can Always Make Students Progress Faster

    C.We Should Listen to CD Players in Class so as to Improve Our Studies

    D.Listening to CD Players in School Really Troubles Schools

    2.Which statements is TRUE according to the reading?

    A.Many schools would allow students to listen to music in their school time. B.Listening to music should be allowed if earphones are used while listening. C.Many schools believe listening to music is good for students' studying.

    D.Listening to music can help students study better and behave themselves better. 3.What idea can you get after you read the first paragraph?

    A.Students enjoy listening to music in class.

    B.Listening to music is welcomed at school.

    C.Listening to music is very popular in America.

    D.Music helps people in different ways.

    4.How could it be if students were allowed to listen to music by using earphones? A.It could be disruptive and helpless.

    B.It could cause distractions of the other students.

    C.It could bring both quietness and excitement to the students in class.

    D.It could help students work diligently and quietly.

    5.What will happen in the writer's eyes if a student loses his MP3 in the school?

A.The parents will take the responsibility.

    B.The school will be blamed.

    C.The school will have to buy a new one for him or her.

    D.Listening to music will be stopped.



    In the world,soccer or football is the most popular sport.This is because many countries have wonderful teams for the World Cup.__1__

    To remember 2002 FIFA World Cup,children from different countries and more than 60 children from Japanese schools came together and spent three weekends drawing a big picture called"Dream World Cups" in Japan.__2__They wished each football team good luck by drawing the flags of all the countries that will take part in the World Cup in Japan and South Korea.The picture was put up in a park near a playground in Yokohama.__3__

    Are you a football fan?The Would Cup makes more and more people interested in football.Teenagers like playing and watching football.Many of them love some football stars so much that they get the pictures of their favorite players on the walls of their rooms.__4__

    A.Some football teams will have games there.

    B.People like to watch the World Cup.

    C.The Would Cup is held every four years.

    D.The children drew animals,flowers and people playing soccer under a blue bright sky.

    E.That is the way to show their love for the World Cup as children in Japan. 1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________


    Sam's hobby was collecting stamps.He collected stamps from many countries.Sam's favorite stamps came from France.And every year there was only one edition,版本!in France.He had all

    the French editions from 1960 to 2006 except that of 1974.It was hard to find it.He looked for it everywherein stores,street markets and on the Internet.But the result made him very sad.

    "Don't worry. Be patient.You'll find it one day,"his father said to him.

    "I hope so,"Sam said.

    Sam also liked making friends.He had a pen friend named Vem in France.Vem knew Sam liked collecting stamps.One day Vem's mother,Laura gave him an old French stamp.It was a big,green one.He used it to post a letter to Sam.

    As soon as Sam received the letter,he looked carefully at the stamp.He was amazed,惊讶的!

    to see that it was the stamp he wanted.

    Sam was so excited!He told the good news to his father.

    "You see,"said his father."You did find your stamp in the end.So you know,it's good to have two things in life."

    "What are they?"Sam asked.

    "Friends and patience,耐心!?"his father answered.

    1.What's Sam's hobby?

    _______________________________________________________________________________ 2.Did Sam have the French edition stamp of 1974 at first?

    _______________________________________________________________________________ 3.Why did the result make Sam very sad?

    _______________________________________________________________________________ 4.Why was Sam amazed as soon as he received the letter?

    _______________________________________________________________________________ 5.According to the passage,which two things are important in life? _______________________________________________________________________________ 十、书面表达



    _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


    一、1.collection 2.interview 3.develop 4.activities 5.Teenagers

    6.imagine 7.success 9.sailing 10.useful 二、1.collecting 2.camping 3.will be 4.imagined 5.laziest 6.least 三、1.Her mother is cooking.

    2.Your idea sounds creative.

    3.The piano takes up too much room.

    4.His coming made the children excited.

    5.My father bought me an English novel yesterday.

    6.There has been life on Earth for millions of years.

    7.How long did it take you to make to coat?

    四、1.I spend most of my free time playing volleyball for my school team.

    2.This great musician made me interested in music.

    3.It snowed heavily,and as a result,he came late.

    4.We all want to climb the mountain as well as listen to a concert.

    5.The professional writer asked us to imagine that we were in the story.

    6.Jane is good at singing as well as dancing.

    或(Jane is not only good at singing,but also good at dancing.

    7.We shouldn't spend too much time on/in playing computer games.

    五、15 DDACC 610 CBBBB 1115 CABCA 1620 CDBAB

    六、15 ACBAB 610 BCCBC

    七、A(13 DDB B(14 CDAB C(15 ABCDA

八、14 CDAE

    九、1.His hobby is collecting stamps.

    2.No,he didn't.

    3.Because he didn't find the stamp that he wanted.

    4.Because it was the stamp that he wanted.

    5.Friends and patience.

    十、Dear Sally,

    Thank for telling me about what you really like doing in daily life.You sound just like me! And I'll tell you my hobbies.I enjoy sports,especially tennis.I often play tennis with my friends and I spend lots of time on the school team.I like surfing the Internet,too.I started it two years ago because I think it's funny and I can send e-mails to my friends or chat with them on the Internet.I can also learn something from it.What do you think of it?

    Please write to me soon.



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