is a market to operate the main part of activity

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is a market to operate the main part of activity

    The contemporary fondles marketing in the market to want this point in outstanding customer market, constitute observing and learning of"save body western for day, strong HongKong-Macau set, expand Southeast Asia and inspire field in Hsinshih" to promote sales title.At the same time, the our country fondles marketing in the market to still keep having many headline problems and advise appreciate a manufacturing industry development, it is thus clear that, appreciate marketing in the market to observe and learn a house to be of carry on the price meaning with direct.Marketing 365 think, want to make sure an index sign market first and leave initial district, carry on the research that aims at sex according to the crowd in consistent ages, rift, adopt the marketing means of difference to carry on marketing in the market thus.

    Along with marketing concept in the market is in the our country market not the Jie is thorough, the modern fondles to play a marketing principle and can keep on to carry on a carefully airtight demand principle of marketing for contact, and once commencing to start to become present life to fondle to play a market of strategy.

    the present life is satisfied to look at a market of the natural temperament of marketing

    BE more opposite than to pay the providing for of tradition sightseeing marketing source, funds and equipment is lord, with economic root the marketing form that arrive to choose that the bottom layer constructs, the modern fondles to play marketing in the market then with whole cure, knowledge, intelligence is lord, the present life is satisfied to look at marketing in the market to follow condition in the market and fondle a consumption need to carry on a series of incite, organization, finally provide for the customer efficiently of creation article and effect.The modern appreciates that marketing in the market needs a business enterprise the interest don't expand business space and business scale, with efficiently of the marketing get a time the interest don't satisfy a market the demand for carrying on, ultimate end arrive economic efficiency and social efficiency of same.It is on the marketing mode also more in order to pay attention to planning and temper, very in the aspects of traveking civilization, traveling resources, passenger with appreciating from industry employee's plan and harmonious.

    The contemporary fondles marketing in the market to subdivide a market and follows characteristics and rift of each market to wait a characteristics for quarter, the Jian knows marketing, publicity to be subjected to many consistent needs and adopts a differential method and respond to of outside Yang strategy, carry on publicity and marketing.

    Two wars after completing, the world travels the properties be all tended to fast fierce carry on of power head, the 60's in 20th century more gets into all new high speed development period, and at this time, appreciating marketing in the market this is tidy to read also be formally put forward for the first time and get industry the dear private's universal approbation.Along with the Yun Xu in time, observe and learn a marketing this all reads also at gradually the occurrence change often the conformance substitutes of the society carry on.The ancient times traveks marketing mainly mean, business enterprise at experiment a social premise of mission under, with customer namely fondle the root need of for medium the cordiality think, at this Di on comprehensive delve into a circumstance and purchase a talent, market to investigate etc. item, in order to find out this business enterprise appropriately and appreciate the fixed position of creating the article.Is ultimate end through how of marketing strategy completion science marketing, complete business enterprise, consumer and society three parties to kill.

    Is a market to operate the main part of activity, appreciate marketing in the market with need to purchase tour to create an article, tour to take care of process to carry out price, such as allow of then the marketing principle can facilitate visiting ministrant of into the progress of class and social economy level.The core of strategy that is satisfied to look at a marketing is with exchange respectively a need and promote social economy development is initial index sign of, at satisfy appreciate fondle need of at the same time, what effect square provides fondles to have fun to make an article and fondles to handle affairs with price satisfy visitor need level and make exchange to take carrying out of process level is also have to a little bit greatly send righteousness.Along with nearer year of sight-see property amazingly fast development, the our country government also gives the sightseeing wealth the manufacturing on the policy with not definitely

    support of degree, objectively pushed our country appreciate a house be of carry on.At abnormality violent competition in, trip the business enterprise want to think that the market that acquire a place and then must expect before working well investigates to try to find solution Yu with strategy have, in this process, the business enterprise wants to think greatly of to study and discuss the need of traveling, talk about is fondle interest or at appreciate process in create to rarely and certainly see, all can sight-see marketing in the market to provide a need vigilance for ancient times.

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