UWIC External Examiner - Useful Information

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UWIC External Examiner - Useful Information

    UWIC External Examiner

Guidance Notes for External Examining at UWIC

Appointment / New Academic Year

    Upon commencement of your Tenure as External Examiner on one of UWIC’s programmes you will be supplied with the following documentation that will enable you to carry out the role: -

Appointment Letter

    Academic Handbook extracts

    External Examiner’s Report Form

    Expenses Claim Form

    Salary Payment Form

    Change of Details Form

    Link to Exam Board Timetable

    Previous External Examiners Report

    In addition to these documents you should also receive a number of documents from the programme team. If you do not receive programme documentation shortly after your appointment letter please inform either Ryan Fahey or the School directly so that the issue can be resolved.

    For all existing External Examiner’s you will also receive an information pack containing all of the relevant administrative documentation that you will need throughout the Academic Year.

    Please find below a link to UWIC’s Academic Handbook which will be very useful to you throughout your tenure.

    Section Four and Section 6 contain important aspects to you and your role as external examiner but there are relevant extracts throughout the entire handbook that will hopefully provide you with all of the information that you require.

    In the formal Appointment letter you will be notified of your fee for acting as External Examiner at UWIC and also details of the exact documents you are entitled to from the School.

Induction Day

    When you receive your appointment pack you will also receive an invitation to one of our Induction Days for External Examiners. Attendance at one of the two Induction Days we hold each Academic Year is very much recommended as it gives a vital opportunity for you to ask questions and receive very useful information about UWIC and its Processes.

    The Induction Day consists of a Formal Induction session in the morning followed by a meeting with the respective Programme Director in the Afternoon. The afternoon session then consists of meeting the programme team and a tour conducted by the Programme Director of the respective Facilities.

Exam Board / Visit

    Please find below a link that will take you to the Registry Exams page on the UWIC website where you will be able to gain access to the relevant dates of your respective exam boards

    If you have any queries regarding Examining Boards or require any further information please contact in Assessment & Awards for Home programmes, for franchise Gareth Evans

    programmes please contact Louise Hughes in the Collaborative Provision Office.

    If when making a visit or attending an Exam Board at UWIC if you could inform either the programme team or Ryan Fahey directly about your visit then the relevant Hotel Booking can be made for you. As hotels in Cardiff can get very busy it is advisable for you to provide as much notice as possible if accommodation is required.

    If UWIC is not informed of your stay and you book a hotel of your own accord please note below the respective allowances that you will be able to claim.

Actual expenses incurred will be reimbursed up to the maximum shown below:

    Maximum Room Tariff for Bed and Breakfast - ?75 per night

    Maximum Evening Meal and Subsistence Allowance - ?20 per day

Visiting UWIC

    UWIC is currently based at four Campuses within Cardiff. Below you will find a link that will take you to a page on our website where a map and directions to each campus is available to you

    If travelling to Cardiff via train then the stop that you require is Cardiff Central station. Taxis are readily available from outside the station and all of UWIC’s Campuses are relatively close to the City Centre.

Annual Report

    One of the key responsibilities of External Examiners at UWIC is the completion of the External Examiner’s Report Form. Please find below a link to the report form. There are both English and Welsh versions of the form available.

    For External Examiners on UWIC home programmes one report each academic year is required after the exam board. For those external examiners on Collaborative programmes we require one report per examining board. Many of our franchise external examiners are also examiners for the home programme, so please ensure you note the place of delivery on the front of the form, if it is not UWIC.

    When filling in the Report for the Question Programme/Disciplines examined please state the full title of the programme which you are external examiner on.

The report form should be completed within SIX WEEKS of the exam board. Once the report has been

    completed please submit (ideally via e-mail) to Ryan Fahey so that it can be circulated to all concerned.

    At the back of the Report form (Section C) you will find a UWIC’s response document. This is to be completed by the respective UWIC programme director and sent back to you within one month of the programme director receiving your report.

External Examiner Summary Report

    At the end of each academic year after all external examiner reports are submitted, the Dean of Quality & Standards writes an overview on the outcomes and issues raised. This report is then made available via the link below for your reference

Expenses / Fee

    When claiming expenses or your external examining fee your need to complete and sign the expenses claim form. This form can be found by following the link below. Please return receipts with the form so that expenses can be justified.

    External examiners are entitled to claim for all reasonable Travel and Subsistence expenses. There are certain guidelines with regards to transport that are listed below.

Public Transport

    Standard Class travel only

    Special reduced and cheap day rates should be used where available

Car Allowance

    27 pence per mile

    Examiners should ensure that their insurance covers the use of their car on UWIC business and should only carry passengers if the policy permits.

Car Hire

    The use of car hire is recommended in all cases where costs can be reduced.

    Typically this will occur on round trips of over 120 miles.

In order to be able to fully reimburse you for your expenses please can you make sure that you submit

    receipts with your claim form.

    You are entitled to claim your fee upon submission of your External Examiner’s Report Form. Until this report form is received you will not be able to claim your fee, although the expenses portion of the claim would naturally be honoured. After submitting your report if you do not intend to claim any expenses and so are only claiming your fee then please inform Ryan Fahey so that your fee can be actioned.

    Payments are made by BACS in most circumstances. When submitting your expenses claim form, please can you also submit a Salary Payment form so that we can maintain the most up to date bank records for you. If you would rather be paid via cheque then you need to inform Ryan Fahey upon submission of your claim form. The same dates of payments exist for both BAC’s and Cheque payments.

Finance Deadlines

     thUWIC’s external examiners have a special payment date of 20 of each Month. If your claim form is ththreceived by the 10 of the respective Month then you will receive payment on the 20 of the same ththmonth. If your claim form is received after the 10 then your payment will go through on the 20 of the

    following month.

Changing Bank Details

    Throughout your tenure of UWIC it is imperative that if any details relating to your address or bank account changes that you inform Ryan Fahey so that the relevant changes can be made.


    Each external examiner at UWIC is appointed to a THREE year contract. This covers three academic years and you will be informed of your start and end dates in your appointment letter.

    In exceptional circumstances there may be a possibility for an extension of one year in addition to the three basic years. If it is decided that the programme team wish to apply for an extension they will contact you to discuss this with you prior to submitting the application.

When your period of tenure is coming towards an end you will receive a letter from UWIC thanking you

    for your services and valuable input. This is just so that all parties are clear as to when an examiner is

    approaching the end of their tenure.

     For any queries on fees, payment, accommodation, travel and the Report form

    please contact:

    Ryan Fahey

    Quality & Standards Unit



    Western Avenue


    CF5 2YB

    Direct line: 029 20 41 6926


    For any other queries, please contact the School directly

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