In times of sickness, weakness, affliction, trouble, distress

By Kathleen Ray,2014-04-29 19:40
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In times of sickness, weakness, affliction, trouble, distress

    MEDICINE for the SOUL the practice of Biblical Meditation by Simon Holloway

    In times of sickness, weakness, affliction, trouble, distress, anxiety or worry for ourselves or others, we can often take our eyes off our true focus on our Lord. However, one way in which we can see to focus on him and look to him regularly is through the practice of Biblical meditation.

    The Advent 2 Collect (Bible Sunday) refers to „read, mark, learn and inwardly digest‟ God‟s holy word. During this dark season of the year, when nights are even longer and the daylight hours are shorter, it is good to keep our eyes fixed on the Light of the World. How better than through reflection and meditation on God‟s word. Many blessings are promised to those who do (See Josh 1:7-9; Ps 1:2-3; 119:9, 11). But

    in order to best MEDIATATE it is also useful to MEMORIZE portions of God‟s word.

    You can LEARN verses of Scripture by heart. It is not so hard if you persevere. Start with a short verse. Learn the first few words, repeat them often, emphasize different words, try the opposite, and then add a few more words … continue until

    you have learnt it all. ADD the references front and back. Review DAILY for three weeks and it will be in your memory forever.

    But then also MEDITATE on the verse learnt, in its context. Ask yourself questions of the verse: -

; What does it SAY?

    ; What does it MEAN?

    ; How does it APPLY?

    ; What is the CONTEXT?

    ; Who is speaking to whom?

    ; What does it tell us about GOD, about US, about our response to God? ; Is there: -

    ; A promise?

    ; A command?

    ; A warning?

    ; An example to follow?

    ; How can I pray this in?

    ; What do other Bible verses say on the same subject?

    ; What would be the OPPOSITE?

    These are all ways in which we can CHEW on God‟s word. Another way is to follow the following exercise, for which also is given a worked example.

    Why not try with a blank sheet of paper or better still in a notebook? Write down one or two words on each line with a space in between and then ask God to open it up to you as you reflect or chew on it little by little. This can take sometime and it is good to PRAY IT IN while you are reflecting. This will become FOOD for your soul.

    For example, I was doing this one Sunday recently, while I was sick and off church myself, on Psalm 34:8.

    MEDICINE for the SOUL the practice of Biblical Meditation by Simon Holloway

    “Taste savour, linger, discern the wonderful food from God, like a newborn

    baby‟s love of spiritual milk and the mature believer discerning and

    tasting the things of the age to come (1 Pe 2:2; 1 Co 4:5).

    And See perceive, gaze, notice, look, behold the face of God in intimate, loving

    desire and approach him with a view to being changed from glory to

    glory (2 Co 3:17). Look to him and be RADIANT … there is no

    SHAME in God‟s presence, when we are free from sin and

    compromise (Ps 34:5).

    That the LORD is a big word, like El Shaddai = Almighty. God is big, great,

    awesome, mighty and powerful and majestic. He can do more than we

    ask of think.

    LORD but this same Lord is also good, gracious, merciful, kind, gentle,


    Is good He is also Emmanuel = God with us. He is intimate and wants us to be


Blessed what a big word too? „Baruch‟! – more than happy, it also means

    contented, peaceful, well-being, fruitful, sound. God wants all of this

    for his people, even if not completely on earth.

    Is the man every human being is special to God, as we are all made in his image

    with infinite potential for receiving and being a blessing on his earth.

    But this promise is conditional.

    Who takes this is active and personal faith taking hold of God. We have to work

    OUT what God works IN our lives. We cannot remain totally passive.

    We have to take refuge, find the shelter.

    Refuge shelter, hiding place, security, salvation, rescue, defence, protection

    and much more are found complete in him alone. He is the only true


In him” there is no one and nothing else that will do.

    I hope that this gives you an idea of what and how you can do something similar. Try it out. You may even find that you can write some poems, compose some songs from such mediation on Scripture. Remember that God‟s word itself can be MEDICINE for your soul and bring renewed LIFE to your whole being. Read the whole of Psalm 119 it is all about the great value of God‟s law and how meditating on it, obeying it, loving it, studying it, will bring us LIFE. Jesus based his own life on God‟s word and so we can do the same and find God‟s real help in times of trouble and disaster.

What about trying such meditation on: -

    Eph 1:4-5; 3:20; Ph 4:8; Heb 4:14-16; Jas 3:17; 1 Pe 1:17-18; Jude 24 ?

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