Why Love is a Fallacy

By Dana Johnson,2014-06-24 06:34
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Why Love is a Fallacy

     Why Love is a Fallacy

    The text tells us a pretty wonderful and ridiculous story. At the beginning, the relationship among the three persons: the narrator, Petey and Polly in the text has changed for a raccoon coat. Petey is the roommate of the narrator, and Polly is the girlfriend of Petey. The narrator wants to exchange his fathers raccoon coat for Polly

    with Petey. Unfortunately, he failed. The following is the analysis of the reason why the narrator cant be together with Polly.

    Firstly, that the narrators love to Polly is a fallacy. He is a freshman in the law school, so there is high chance that he will become a successful lawyer when he is out in practice. According to the careful observation of him, most of such lawyers marry to beautiful gracious and intelligent women. Accidentally, he knows Polly from Petey, and she is beautiful. What moves the narrator most, she is full of graces. Her erectness of carriage, ease of bearing and exquisite manners leave him an unforgettable impression. Therefore, Polly is certainly a suitable wife for the narrator except for her lack of intelligence. However, he doesnt ask Polly if she likes the kind of people like

    the narrator. Anyway, she isnt similar to the wives of those lawyers. Maybe the

    narrators analogy doesnt work in the Polly. But it doesnt matter, he believes he can

    change Polly into a smart woman, and then they two become a pair of enviable perfect couple. This is truly a false- analogy fallacy.

    Secondly, that Polly proves the narrator’s love to her a fallacy. In order to

    improve Polly’s intelligence level, he decided to teach Polly logic in which he is proficient. So he makes great efforts teach Polly eight fallacies. He almost gives up his plan in the process of teaching this dumb simple-minded Polly. Gladly, he chuckled with amusement when Polly makes sense of all the fallacies until he teaches her the last one. Perhaps he thinks that his dream has come true at the moment. However, when he shows his love to Polly after that, Polly refutes all his arguments as illogical based on exactly the same fallacies he teaches her. For example, He says he loves her; she is the world, moon and the stars to him, she says its “Ad

    -Misercordian” fallacy. That means his love to Polly is just a fallacy. The narrator loves Polly, but it has nothing to do with Polly. Does she need to love the narrator?

    Thirdly, that Polly loves Petey is a fallacy. Polly chooses Petey as her lover for his raccoon coat eventually. Thats ironical. The narrator considers its worthwhile to

    get a good wife in the future by exchanging his father’s useless raccoon coat with

    Petey. In addition, compared to Petey, he is a intelligent student with a promising future, but Petey is the other way around. How can Polly loves Petey but not him. If I were Polly, I would choose to go steady with the narrator, because I could live a happy life without worrying about economical problems, and thats a primary basis of

    a steady marriage. Also, he could handle all the difficulties when we were in trouble, so I could be a relaxed and carefree housewife. While unexpectedly, Polly chooses Petey, because Petey is able to wander around the campus like those big men in his new fashionable raccoon coat. It can imagined that lots of passersby might gaze at Petey with full of jealousy and admiration. That seems to be flamboyant which satisfy the vanity of Petey and Polly. But the situation where raccoon coat in fashion wont

    last too long. A period of time later, it will be definitely out of fashion. In my opinion, Polly only loves this illusory, temporary vanity. She is still a superficial girl. She can be a logician, but she cant be intelligent enough to understand what is temporary and what is enduring, what is illusory and what is practical. The narrators purpose of

    turning Polly into intelligent women is an absolute failure and tragedy.

     Let me draw a conclusion, neither the narrator nor Polly loves each other, and they dont know what is love at all. The narrator gets on Polly to make her his wife, and Polly gets on Petey for raccoon. Both are not for love, but for other purposes. Thats why we find that love is a fallacy in the text.


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