Uniti3 why do you like koalas

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do you know koalas how do you like what do you like do you like comics do you like spring do you like do you like it do you like meat do you like mickey how do you like it

UNIT3 Why do you like koalas?

    一、 Teaching Aims

    1knowledge and skills

    learn to talk about animals ,express preference; some

    adjectives about character to describe animals such as cute .shy

    ugly clover beautiful……;learn some new words about animals ,such

    as tiger elephant koaladolphin panda

    ?、processes and methods

    strategies of using what you know and inferring With the studying

    content; get the students to do pairwork to talk about animals;learn how to describe animals with some adjectives of quality ;Get the students to practice listening ,discussing.

    二、 Teaching difficulties and focus

    1aThe structures and the basic sentence patterns like why. Why do you kike koalas? Why does she \he like koalas ?Bcause……

    Quality and get the students to describe . animals and express preference 3\Learn to talk about their favorite animals in conversations,Discuss the reason why they like the most .train students ,listening,reading ,writing abilities.


    T: Do you like animals?


S: yes I do.

    T: what animals do you like?(you can answer in Chinese if you can not

    say in English .

    S: dogcat

    T: Most students like the animals. Today we will learn sth about aninals.

     .Teaching progress

    Unit3 why do you like koalas?

    T: Boys and girls :did you go to the zoo. They `re many animals in the zoo. Lets go to the zoo and have a look . What animals are there in the zoo? look at the blackboard.

    T: The first animal .whats this in English ?

    S: koala.

    T: Yes. Its koala .spell it please.

    S: k-o-a-l-a.

    T: next tiger. Spell it please.


    T:Do you like tigers?

    S: yes, I do / No, I dont.

    T: why?/ why not?

    S: Because theyre scary.

    T: next elephant . spell it please.

    S: do---l---p---h---i---n.


    T: Do you like elephants? S: yes, I do.

    T: why?

    S: Because theyre

    T: Next dolphin , spell it please. S: d---o---l---p---h---i---n. dolphin.

    T: Do you like dolphins? S: Yes, I do.

    T: Why?

    S: Because theyre beautiful.

    T: next animal .panda.

    S: panda.

    T: Spell it please.

    S: P---a---n---d---a.

    T: Lion . spell it please. S: L---i---o---n.

    T: penguin(企鹅)

    S: Penguin.

    T: Spell it please.

    S: P---e---n---g---u---i---n. T: giraffe spell it please!

    S: giraffe g---i---r---a---f---f---e.


T: Do you like giraffes?

    S: Yes, I do.

    T: why?

    S: Because.Theyre very smart.

    T: OK. Now lets practice for two minutes. Then play games


    Game is over.

    (,;hos winner shes winner and the girl is very clever.

     Please go back to your seat. T: OK.Please turn to page 13. Unit3 Why do you like koalas?

     Look at the picture. T: WELCOME .TO THE ZOO.

     Lets see the pandas first.


    Because theyre very cute.

    Pracetice and make a dialogue

    T: 1a

     Match the words with the animals in the picture.

    1 tiger ________

    2 elephant___

    3 koala_______


    4 dolphin_____

    5 panda________

    6 lion________

    7 penguin________

    8 giraffe_______

    1b listen and check the animals in 1a you hear.

     1c Pairwork

     Practice the conversation below.Then make conversations about the other animals in the picture .Use the worlds in the box. A: lets see the lions.

    B: Why do you want to see the lions?

    A: Because theyre cute.



    (, ,! hat animal do you like best ?

    S: Panda

    T: Most students like

    Panda But pandas are endangered animals.we should care about the pandas .Do you agree?

    S: Yes, I do.

    T: We should care about the pandas.

    T: Class is over .you are free now.Good-bye boys and girls!



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