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    Information for Applicants

     Closing date for completed applications



    The Shareholder Executive was formed in 2003 to improve the Government’s performance as a shareholder in businesses. It has a portfolio of businesses in which Government has a shareholding

    and works with government departments and management teams to help these businesses perform better.

The Shareholder Executive has also developed a wider role as a corporate finance resource within

    government which includes advising on launch aid and regional and industrial assistance.

    Building on these roles since late 2008, the Shareholder Executive also advises on various Government corporate assets from the perspective of efficiency, commercialisation and alternatives to public sector ownership. As a result Shareholder Executive currently has a portfolio of over 20 complex businesses where there is a clear shareholding mandate as well as a similar number of non-portfolio assets where there is no formal shareholding mandate but where it helps to drive value and efficiencies.

    The Shareholder Executive is part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and woks extensively with other central Government Departments, particularly HM Treasury and Cabinet Office.

Further information can be found on the Shareholder Executive’s website:



    The role of the analyst team is to provide evaluation support, research and business analysis on portfolio businesses, including work on valuation, monitoring and transaction issues, as well as leading on ShEx’s internal investment management processes. This is a crucial support function to

    the team of Executive and Assistant Directors who take the lead in managing the shareholder relationship with portfolio businesses. Depending on the size of business and nature of the Shareholder Executive’s role, the number of businesses within an individual Executive or Assistant Director’s remit can range from one to several.

    Currently, the ShEx team reporting to the Chief Executive consists of 3 Directors, 13 Executive Directors, supported by a team of Assistant Directors and a small pool of Analysts. The total workforce in the Shareholder Executive numbers around 60.

Financial Analysts in the Shareholder Executive work as a team across the full range of ShEx’s

    activities. The overall responsibility will be to monitor the performance of all the businesses and their relevant markets in which they operate and to provide financial analysis to assist decision-making on portfolio companies and government interventions.

Specific activities include:

    ; regular financial analysis and reporting to Assistant/Executive Directors;

    ; financial modelling including reviews of historic and projected performance; regular

    portfolio monitoring and to support quarterly and annual shareholder reviews;

    ; valuation of the Government’s holdings;

    ; supporting Assistant/Executive Directors on specific portfolio companies, cross-portfolio

    discussions and external interactions (with portfolio companies and other Government


    ; providing analytical support the Shareholder Executive’s internal investment management


    Analysts may also get involved in various one-off corporate finance projects involving financial analysis of historic and projected performance, reviews of capital structure and strategic analysis (e.g. market sizing, competitor analysis, preparation of case studies etc) and in supporting specific transactions.


Experience and Key Competencies Required

Essential experience

    ; Proven background working as an analyst or an associate in either corporate finance,

    investment banking or private equity;

    ; 2-4 years corporate finance experience (e.g. investment banking, strategy consulting,

    accounting, leveraged finance, structured finance);

    ; Excellent financial modelling skills and understanding of financial analysis and accountancy;

    ; Excellent analytical skills to swiftly gain an understanding of a wide range of complex

    issues and organisations;

; Able to undertake analysis of M&A counterparties and listed comparables;

    ; Understands options for financing of transactions and able to analyse them;

    ; Strong written and oral communication skills to be able to convey complex financial issues

    to non-specialists;

    ; Ability to work effectively as part of a team and with colleagues at all levels;

; Calmness under pressure;

    ; Understands how to engage with and manage stakeholders to ensure HMG objectives are

    supported by stakeholders.

    Candidates will also be required to demonstrate the following Civil Service Core Competences.

1. Making Effective Decisions

    ; Identify the main issues in complex problems, clarify understanding or stakeholder

    expectations to seek best option

    ; Analyse and evaluate pros and cons and identify risks in order to make decisions that take

    account of the wider context

    ; Make difficult decisions by pragmatically weighing the complexities involved against the

    need to act

2. Changing & Improving

    ; Effectively capture, utilise and share customer insight and views from a diverse range of

    stakeholders to ensure better policy and delivery

    ; Provide constructive challenge to senior management on change proposals which will affect

    own business area

3. Achieving Commercial Outcomes

    ; Understanding the commercial drivers that will influence a private sector or third sector

    organisation and the levers that can be used in negotiation/influencing contractual



    ; Be able to recognise and understand the commercial tools such as pricing models, open

    book account that commercial experts deploy to extract value from contracts

4. Leading & Communicating

    ; Clarify strategies and plans, giving clear sense of direction and purpose for self and team ; Confidently engage with stakeholders and colleagues at all levels to generate commitment to


5. Delivering Value for Money

    ; Achieve the best return on investment and deliver more for less on specific budgets by

    managing resources and maximising use of assets

    ; Weigh up priority and benefits of different actions and activities to consider how to achieve

    cost effective outcomes



Contract Duration

The post is offered as a fixed term appointment for 3 years.


    The confirmation of an appointment is always subject to the successful completion of the set probationary period. The probation period for these posts is nine months.


    The post is at Civil Service Grade 7 level. The remuneration package for this appointment will be around ?50,000 per annum. The actual salary awarded will be negotiable and dependent on the preferred candidate’s relative experience. Current salary is not a factor.

    Salary will be reviewed on an annual basis. Serving Civil Servants will be treated in accordance with the normal civil service arrangements for pay on level transfer or promotion.

Retirement Age

There is no mandatory retirement age for Civil Servants.


    The appointment will be pensionable from the outset. The Civil Service offers excellent pension arrangements and pensions are an important part of the reward package. For detailed information on the Civil Service pension please go to:


    Full-time staff work a 36-hour week in London and a 37-hour week elsewhere, excluding lunch hours.

Annual Leave

    Annual leave allowance will be 30 days, plus 10.5 public and privilege holidays to be taken at set times of the year.

Season Ticket purchase

    After 3 months service you may apply for an advance of salary to purchase a season ticket.

Conflicts of Interest

    If you or your partner has any actual or potential conflict of interest with the activities of ShEx or BIS, this should be declared clearly in the application. Any indirect association of this kind through any other family member or partnership should also be disclosed.



    All civil servants owe a duty of confidentiality and loyal service to the Crown. This obliges civil servants to exercise care in the use of information which they acquire in the course of their official duties and to protect and maintain the confidentiality of all information which is held in confidence. In particular, civil servants must not seek to frustrate the policies or decisions of Ministers by the use or disclosure outside the Government of any information to which they have had access as civil servants. Any breach of these provisions may result in disciplinary action and in certain circumstances criminal or civil proceedings.

All civil servants are subject to the Official Secrets Act 1989.


    Successful candidates may be required to transfer to any post in the Civil Service in the UK during the course of their employment. Unless wholly exceptional emergency circumstances exist which make it impossible, they will be given reasonable notice of any such change. Reasonable expenses will be paid for any relocation or travel costs incurred as a result of the transfer.


    This post is open to UK Nationals, Commonwealth Citizens, EEA Nationals and other member states and certain non-EEA family members.

    The position is not open to MPs or anyone active in or perceived to be strongly aligned with a political party at national or local levels.

Equal Opportunities

    ShEx and BIS are committed to fair and open competition. It is an equal opportunities employer and aims to reflect the diversity of British Society. Applications are welcome irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, age, race, ethnic origin, religious belief, disability or marital status. BIS is committed to supporting a variety of flexible working patterns in line with the BIS Flexible working Policy.


    The Civil Service Commission regulates recruitment to the Civil Service, providing assurance that appointments are on merit after fair and open competition. It also helps promote the Civil Service values of Honesty, Integrity, Objectivity and Impartiality, and hears complaints under the Civil Service Code. The Commission is independent of Government and the Civil Service.

To apply for this position, please send:

    ; a full CV with your date of birth, education and professional qualifications and full

    employment history;

    ; a short covering letter summarising your suitability for the role;

    ; details of two referees (referees will only be contacted with your knowledge and after the

    shortlist stage of the recruitment process is completed); and

    ; a completed equal opportunities monitoring form.


Please send completed applications to:


Or by email to: ?

    All applications will be acknowledged on receipt. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by letter.

The closing date for applications is tba.

Interviews will take place in London.

Travel Costs

    All candidates should be prepared to pay the cost of travel to interviews. This includes the cost of those travelling from overseas.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

    A guaranteed interview scheme will operate for disabled people as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, who meet the essential criteria for the appointment as outlined in the section on “Experience and Key Competencies Required”. Applicants who wish to apply for consideration under this scheme are asked to state as such. The selection panel will assess applications on merit and will employ open and transparent processes in determining candidates most suitable for this appointment.

Pre-appointment Enquiries

    This post will involve access to sensitive Government information or assets, and the successful candidate will be asked to undergo an appropriate level of security vetting. If you are successful, BIS will also carry out enquiries into your nationality, conflicts of interest and other matters before a formal offer of appointment is made. Subject to satisfactory completion of the pre-appointment enquiries, you would be invited to take up the post as soon as possible.


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