Teaching International Relations Program

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Teaching International Relations Program

    Teaching International Relations Program


    High School Leadership Conference 2011


    The TIRP High School Leadership Conference is a service learning experience supported by the School of International Relations. Under the coordination of CALIS, USC undergraduates mentor teams of high school students throughout a day-long negotiation simulation.

    In the tradition of USC’s commitment to engagement and service in our community, HSLC mentors are valued representatives of the University and important role models to local high school students. All procedures must be followed and all requirements must be met whether or not a volunteer is seeking a credit option for an IR course. As a representative of the School of International Relations, CALIS, and USC, a report is required for feedback and monitoring of the program day and simulation materials.

Every volunteer must prepare roles and negotiation strategies in advance and be fully prepared to

    respond to student questions and to facilitate group discussion by asking questions to engage students to think as deeply as possible about the challenge at hand. Ideally, HSLC mentor volunteers work in pairs but may be asked to work alone in following a team through the day and facilitating their participation.

     TIRP was founded in 1993 by Professor Steven Lamy who still serves as its Director. Any HSLC mentor issue that cannot be resolved by CALIS staff is reported to Dr. Lamy for his determination of

     how the program will ultimately respond to a conflict, complaint, or concern.


    1. Attendance

    Your attendance commitment is for 1) a training session on March 3, 6:007:30 pm

     2) an advisement meeting with staff the week of March 21, and

     3) the Saturday conference, 7:45 am 3:15 pm, April 2, 2011

    2. Assignments

    The three required assignments are:

    1) an analysis worksheet (3 pages) to be completed in advance of your advisement meeting with

    CALIS staff to be held the week of March 21: (worksheets are part of the HSLC overview file)

    a) Four Worlds of the State: DEPPP Analysis & Action Plan

    2) an evaluation form of your team’s preparedness and participation to hand in at the close of the

    conference, and

    3) a substantive, specific 500 word report due by 9:00 am on April 11 on conference discussions:

    describe specific student ideas and actual comments; their strategies, apparent level of

    preparation, level of involvement or growth through the day; and your efforts at facilitation

    your questions or analogies, the background students asked about that you then provided, etc.

     Credit options are given at the discretion of the professor. Check with your professor for eligibility.

     You must turn in your application form at the end of the training session to be credited for completing the required training.



Steps in the Process Deadlines

    by Feb 28 a) Sign-up for training and email list for materials to be read in advance of training

    March 3 b) Attend training > receive further materials, turn in application,

     sign-up for role, sign-up for advisement meeting

    by March 10 c) Register to webboard

    before advisement d) Visit the TIRP Activities Database and search “hslc 2011” to pull up remaining

     conference materials for review

    before advisement e) Complete required analysis worksheets (before your advisement meeting)

    week of March 21 f) Meet to present your mentor plan (analysis worksheets) to CALIS staff

    April 2 g) Mentor at the conference and turn in your team evaluation at the end of the day

    by 9 am, April 11 h) Report your experience to the webboard

    April 25 i) Last chance to notify CALIS if changing the IR course for which you want credit

Lines of Communication

At all times, be responsive to CALIS staff emails via or phone calls at 213-740-7794.

Webboard Registration & Posting

    You must register in advance to post your report to the HSLC webboard (live direct link), or found at using the left menu: TIRP then HSLC ; HSLC Topic History

    Prior to registering, you must read the directions to the webboard! You need to register to the webboard by Thursday, March 10 at 5pm. The board will notify CALIS of your registration and staff

    will review if you did so correctly. If yes, you will be activitated so that you can login any time after the

    conference to post your report. You will NOT receive an email if you registered correctly. If you did not

    register correctly, staff will delete your registration and send you a notice to re-register correctly!

    Type your report in Word before copying and pasting it to the webboard and save your file. The entry needs to be at least 500 words (not including a heading, name, etc.).

Performance Evaluation Form and Scoring

    You will receive a volunteer score based on meeting requirements and on criteria listed on the performance evaluation form (attached).

    TIRP is sponsored by the School of International Relations

    and the Center for Active Learning in International Studies CALIS

    CALIS ; Taper Hall 252

    tel 213-740-7794 ; fax 213-740-5108


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