why is America on e of the most desired countries to visit,study and live

By Jose Weaver,2014-09-21 23:56
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    To Visit

    Many people are desired to visit America and I conclude three of the most attractive factors.

    Firstly, America is abundant in tourism resourceswhich

    combines fantastic natural sceneries with unique cultural landscapes, such as The Grand Canyon, The Pfeiffer Beach, the Empire State Building and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. However, the price of entrance tickets is quite low and reasonable, which is favored by most tourists from home and abroad. Besides, convenient transportation for travelling is quite available. Secondly, America is a multi-ethnic and

    multi-religious country, where tourists are able to have a touch of various peculiar and mysterious folk-customs and colorful cultures. Its humans instinct to long for things they dont

    have or things different from their owns. As an epitome of the world, America, a nation of immigrants, has been called a melting pot. You come to visit one country, America, and then you are shown of the countries all around the world. Thirdly, America has gained world renown in many fields, which enables it to easily draw attention of people all over the world. It is well acknowledged that the United States is one of the most developed countries in the world, which is

    preeminent in the fields of politics, economy, and culture. People are easily to get curious about America and longing to visit it if there are any opportunities.

    To Study

    As to Chinese students, they are dying for receiving education in America rather than in China. There are reasons for that.

    Basically, education in America is far more open and free than that of China. Chinas education system is

    knowledge-oriented, which focuses on the basic theory

    and basic skills as well as emphasizes on a mastery of fine

    and deep knowledge. While America’s education system

    is ability-oriented, which focuses on a flexible application of knowledge as well as emphasizes on a mastery of “extensive” and “broad” knowledge. Take the mathematics

    for example, most Chinese teachers adopt exercises-stuffed teaching method to enable students to reach their consummate point, whereas the American teachers only require students to understand the matter. Whether students want to master it or not depends on students themselves. Anyway, not everybody wants to be a mathematician or an engineer in the future. America has promoted personal

    interests, potential and creativity in its teaching and research practice, as well as formed an open and democratic education environment. Those are exactly what attract Chinese students most.

    In addition, increasingly high scholarship offer and convenient application of student visa have also encouraged foreign students to study in America.

    To Live

    America is deserved to be one of the most desired country to live.

    Firstly, a US passport makes you capable of enjoying the courtesy of free-visa in 150 countries in the world, which means you can save a lot of time, money and energy. Secondly, America has well-developed social welfare. Though the welfare system in America is not as extensive as that of European countries, it has been very thorough in all aspects of care for native people and immigrants. Those who are poor, unemployed or lose their ability to work in any case can get government relief to guarantee their livelihood, so that everybody can have a sense of stability. Thirdly, America has

    highly qualified and diverse education system. In America, each child can receive education as long as he wants to.

Especially, Mediocre colleges are of low threshold that its

    impossible to shut out anyone. Whats more, there are a

    variety of programs, like student loan and scholarship, to aid students. In the US, there are only people who dont want to

    go to college, no people who cant afford to. Fourth, America

    has very favorable business environment for entrepreneurship

    full range of facilities for business activities, great location of global business center, long-term low-interest or interest-free loans and free investment and training. Those advantages make it possible for immigrants to achieve their America Dream through entrepreneurship.

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