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    Nice article and picture about the Culture to Culture Awards in this morning’s Pleasant Hill section of the CC Times on November 23, 2010.

    Good Neighbor: Culture to Culture Foundation honors county's senior volunteers

    By Jacquie Oliverius

    Contra Costa Times

    Posted: 10:43:59 AM PST

    Updated: 11/23/2010 10:44:00 AM PST

    During this Thanksgiving week, we can all give thanks for someone who has made our lives better or something that has contributed to the community, or both.

    Recently, a large group of seniors from all over Contra Costa County were honored for all that they do for others during the third annual Senior Volunteer Awards presented Oct. 17 by Culture to Culture Foundation at The Kensington in Walnut Creek.

    Chia-Chia Chien, who founded the Alamo-based foundation, created the award to honor the members of our older age group who volunteer to help others. This year, there were 27 seniors, ages 65-96, nominated by their peers or those in charge of particular organizations. "The event went very well," said Chien. "We had a full house and almost 300 people at the event. There were more than 100 fans of our nominees who were there to support and cheer our nominees."

    In addition, as the program did last year, Super Senior Awards were presented to senior volunteers who are 95 or older. Three nominees were honored as Super Seniors -- Elroy Condeff, nominated by Noelle Pruett of The Kensington; Elizabeth Green, nominated by Holly Dannen of Pleasant Hill Senior Center; and Mary Ostrander, nominated by Sharon Fitzgerald of Meals on Wheels.

    Five award winners, each receiving a $250 cash prize, were to be selected by the panel of judges, but this year, there were six winners, due to an unbreakable tie, said Chien. The six Senior Volunteer Award winners were:

    ; Garry Allison -- nominated by Teri Mountford, San Ramon Senior Center.

    ; Tom Berry -- nominated by Brenda Perry, Antioch Senior Center.

    ; Ann Dzuna -- nominated by Nancy Walker, Friends of the Moraga Library.

    ; Ann Hirsch -- nominated by Ray Zenoni, Friends of Meals on Wheels. ; Mary Lou Laubscher -- nominated by Marge Perez, Catholic Charities of the East Bay. ; Carolyn Schick -- nominated by Linda Groobin, the Caring Hands Caregivers Program of John Muir Health.

    The remaining seniors nominated for 2010 awards were Ed Bader, Jody Bunting, Marcia Carlberg, Mike Connell, Darlene Davis, George Fisher, Laura Gee, Reigh Granlund, Doug Kaya, Jerry Meyer, Richard Moriguchi, Glenn Muckey, Mary Ostrander, Peggy Perata, Jean Romer, Howard Rudiger, Julie Taylor, Philip Wesler, Shoshana Eliahu and Harriett Zych. Hats off to all of the senior volunteers for their invaluable efforts, and to the Culture to Culture Foundation for its annual program.

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    Culture to Culture Foundation rings in the new year

    by Jessica Lipsky

    In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Culture to Culture Foundation performed a Video series of dances and demonstrations for the Prime Time Club on Tuesday afternoon.

    The hour-long performance included tai chi demonstrations, a traditional Chinese scarf

    dance and a Korean dance with fans.

    "We feel proud that we're showing all ethnicity, which reflects the town of Danville," said Chia Chia Chien, Culture to Culture's founder and CEO.

    Each performance included performers from multitude of ethnicities, many of whom had Photos been practicing for weeks.

    The Culture to Culture Foundation meets every Wednesday at the Veterans Memorial

    Hall (400 Hartz Ave., Danville) and is free to all.

     Video of the Korean dance is available on the Danville Express facebook page.

    The Chinese New Year begins on Wednesday, Feb. 3 and consists of a 15-day

    celebration. 2011 is the year of the rabbit, which is one of the luckiest of the 12 animal


    "The rabbit is the emblem of longevity, generosity, kindness and sensitivity to beauty," a

    volunteer said.

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    Posted by Jo-Ann, a resident of the Alamo neighborhood, on Feb 15, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Our Community has a wonderful and caring foundation in Culture to Culture. The founder Chia-Chia Chien has

    boundless caring energy.

    She single handed has gathered many from our community into a positive, caring, giving group of citizens.

    We are from many cultures and various ages. We meet weekly for fun and excercise. This is at no cost to any that

    wants to be part of this wonderful and active group.

    Chia-Chia is a jewel in the community and her vision and care helps make our community part of this delighful place

    to live.

    Big thanks to Culture to Culture Foundation and Chia-Chia Chien.

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