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    1. NAME (Last, First, And Middle Initial) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 2. TITLE Forest Service INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 3. Grade (Include Pay Plan and Series) 4. Unit 5. Fiscal Year (Instructions on reverse and reference FSM 6140)


    (Mo/Yr) (d) Dates (a) Performance Skills Needed (b) Development Planned (c) Costs Planned Accomp.


    1. Describe next logical position (lateral or promotion)

2. Describe long range direction employee would like to pursue (specific function or identify a target position)

    (d) Dates (Mo/Yr) (a) Performance Skills Needed (b) Development Planned (c) Costs Planned Accomp.

The above plan meets mandatory requirements and will enable the employee to The above plan will enable me to meet my performance responsibilities during this

    meet current performance requirements. fiscal year.


    Previous editions of this form are obsolete (over) FS-6100-2 (4/79)

    INSTRUCTIONS (Reference FSM 6140 for detailed instructions)

    Purpose of this form: To document a planned program which will enable employees to perform their duties to established standards, improve their performance, and to develop for future positions.

    Supervisor's Responsibility: Supervisors are responsible for determining performance standards for positions under their control, and communicating these to employees. They are responsible for the development of their subordinates to achieve the skills to perform to these standards. Supervisors will insure that employees do not fail major assignments because of a knowledge and/or skill deficiency that the employee could have gained through training.

    Employee's Responsibility: After the plan is prepared the employee is responsible for completing the plan. This may include scheduling work to accomplish the development or negotiating time priorities with their supervisor.

    Uses: Individual Development Plan must be completed annually for all employees. Complete original and three copies. The original is for the Employee Development Folder. Copies are for employee, supervisor, and Training Officer.

Development Planned: Refer to Section 1(b) and Section II (b). Include mandatory training needed by the employee e.g., 40/80 supervisory training, Civil Rights, Ethics and


    Describe how the development will be accomplished (on-the-job training, detail, special assignment, formal classroom, self-development, etc.) When on-the-job training,

    details, or special assignments are used, enter an explanation of what will be included.

    If training is to be accomplished through formal instruction identify the institution where it will occur e.g., Office of Personnel Management, contract instruction, Community

    College, externally advertised, Regional Office, Supervisor's Office, etc.

Costs: Estimate tuition, per diem, and travel costs. Supervisors are responsible for budgeting for these costs.

    Dates: Show estimated month and year planned. This form should be revised to reflect significant changes in development needs. Accomplishments should be recorded on a periodic basis and reviewed at least annually.

NOTE: If additional space is needed use an additional form and number the pages accordingly in the right-hand corner of the form.

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