Housing discrimination is illegal throughout the state of Connecticut

By Ralph Phillips,2014-04-16 21:36
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Housing discrimination is illegal throughout the state of Connecticut

The Connecticut Fair Housing Center has been WHAT DOES DISCRIMINATION Housing discrimination is illegal throughout

    working with the people of Connecticut since LOOK LIKE? the state of Connecticut. It is against the law 1994 to end both subtle and blatant forms of to deny anyone housing based on: discrimination. Housing discrimination can take many forms. Some common forms include: ; Race Call The Connecticut ; Color Misrepresenting the availability of housing:

    A landlord, owner, or real estate agent tells Fair Housing Center ; National Origin you that the apartment, house, or toll-free: condominium is not available, when in fact it ; Sex has not been rented or sold. ; Ancestry 1-888-247-4401 Refusals to rent or sell: A landlord or real ; Religion

    estate professional refuses to rent or sell to

    ; Children or Family Status you because you are a member of one of the ARE ALL HOUSING PROVIDERS

    protected groups listed on page one of this COVERED BY THE DISCRIMINATION ; Mental or physical disability brochure. LAWS?

    ; Marital Status

    No. There are some exemptions to the law. In Discrimination in terms and conditions: You ; Age (except minors) Connecticut, these types of housing are are given different terms or rules than others

    exempt from the law: because you are a member of one of the ; Sexual Orientation

     protected groups listed on page one of this ; Legal Source of Income brochure. ; owner-occupied two family houses, if the

     owner is trying to rent one unit;

    Discriminatory Advertising: Any written Where you live affects every part of your life. ; owner-occupied rooming houses if the

    statement in a newspaper or oral statement It will determine where you shop, where you owner is trying to rent a room;

    that indicates preferences or limitations for work, and where your children go to school. ; owner-occupied four family houses, if the

    certain people. This includes any ad or If you are prevented from living in the owner does not want to rent to families

    brochure that is created by the owner of the neighborhood you choose because of with children or to people who are gay;

    property. discrimination, report it!!!! Illegal practices ; single-family homes if owner owns fewer

     hurt everyone. than three such homes.

    Use of threats, intimidation or coercion:

    Someone attempts to prevent you from renting The Connecticut Fair Housing Center is a However, there may be other laws which

    or buying a house in a neighborhood by private, non-profit fair housing organization apply to a particular landlord or owner, so

    suggesting that you will not be safe or that providing education, counseling and free legal always call the Connecticut Fair Housing

    neighbors may not want you to move in. services for anyone who has been illegally Center if you have a question about

     denied housing. exemptions.

     The work of the Connecticut Fair Housing Center If you or someone you know has experienced ALL does not stop with people who experience

    discrimination. We work to educate everyone about housing discrimination call the Connecticut

    their rights and responsibilities under the fair housing Fair Housing Center now. laws and to bring communities together to strengthen the fight against housing discrimination. We will: NEIGHBORHOODS The Center serves the community in many ways by: ; take down information about what

    happened; ; conducting education workshops on fair housing

     issues; WELCOMING

    ; investigating claims of housing discrimination; ; investigate any complaint we receive;

    ; providing free legal assistance to the victims of housing discrimination; ; offer advice and counseling about the ; working closely with city governments and fair housing laws; ALL PEOPLE housing providers on fair housing issues; ; educating all members of the housing provider ; provide free legal representation to the community on their rights and responsibilities victims of housing discrimination. under the fair housing laws.

    If there is evidence of discrimination, the If you are a member of a protected group listed on

    page one or you have questions about how the fair Connecticut Fair Housing Center will help you

    housing laws apply to you, contact the Connecticut file a complaint with the proper agency or 1Fair Housing Center: refer you to another attorney to file a lawsuit. Our services are absolutely free and The Connecticut Fair Housing Center available to anyone who has experienced

    housing discrimination. 221 Main Street

     Hartford, CT 06106

    (860)247-4400 If a complaint is resolved in your favor, you

     (860)247-4236(fax) may be awarded money for any damages you suffered. It may also be possible for you to or move into the housing you were denied. 171 Orange Street The Connecticut Fair Housing Most importantly, the Connecticut Fair New Haven, CT 06510

    Housing Center will try to make sure that what (203)772-3247 Center

     (203)562-7107 (fax) happened to you will not happen to anyone else!! e-mail: 1-888-247-4401

     1 This brochure was printed by CT Light and Power

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