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Bruce S. Hudson List of Publications

    , 180. Hudson, B. S., Braden, D. A., Allis, D. G., Jenkins, T., BaronovS., Middleton, C. T., Withnall, R.and Brown, C. M., “The crystalline enol of 1,3-

    cyclohexanedione and its complex with benzene: vibrational spectra,

    simulation of structure and dynamics and evidence for cooperative hydrogen

    bonding”, submitted, April 2004.

    179. Damian G. Allis, Mark Kosmowski, and Bruce S. Hudson, “The Inelastic

    Neutron Scattering Spectrum of HB:NH and the Reproduction of Its Solid-33

    State Features by Periodic DFT”, submitted, April 2004.

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    KBH: reproduction of anion mode shifts via periodic DFT”, Chem. Phys. Lett. 4

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    176. Alexander, J. S.; Allis, D. G.; Hudson, Bruce S.; Ruhlandt-Senge, K., “An

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    174. Andrew C. Paoletti, Michael F. Shubsda, Bruce S. Hudson and Philip N.

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    170. Deepak Singh, Bruce S. Hudson, Chris Middleton and Robert R. Birge,

    "Conformation and Orientation of the Retinyl Chromophore in Rhodopsin: A

    Critical Evaluation of Recent NMR Data on the Basis of the Theoretical

    Calculations Results in a Refined Picture Consistent with all Experimental

    Data", Biochemistry, 40(14), 4201-4204 (2001).

169. Bruce S. Hudson, "Oriented n-alkanes in urea-d4 inclusion complexes for

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    [Angew. Chemie. 112, 524-526 (2000)].

    163. Stewart F. Parker, John Tomkinson, Dale A. Braden and Bruce S. Hudson,,

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