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    Soc 10-2 Final Exam


    Accommodation Hybridization

    Affirm Individual identity

    Cultural Revitalization Interdependent

    Discriminate Language

    Diversify Marginalize

    Globalization Unity

    Homogenize Universal

    1. ________________________ people around the world become more connected and


    2. ________________________ rely on the help of others. 3. ________________________ becoming more similar

    4. ________________________ becoming more different; branching out 5. ________________________ impacted by friends, interests, religion, language…

    6. ________________________ show something is true

    7. ________________________ linguistic

    8. ________________________ treat poorly/unfairly because of age, race, gender, religion, or

    other distinguishing factor

    9. ________________________ not allow a group to participate 10. ________________________ force a group to take on the culture of a more dominant group

    11. ________________________ bring back a culture that was disappearing 12. ________________________ mixture

    13. ________________________ allow people to maintain their culture 14. ________________________ to join together; to get along 15. ________________________ applies to everyone


    Soc 10-2 Final Exam


    Americanization Eurocentric

    Bilingual Foreign

    Bill 101 Imperialism

    Canadian content Leadership motive

    Colonizing motive Legislation

    Domestic Metis

    Economic motive White Man’s Burden


16. ____________________ any government law

    17. ____________________ within Canada

    18. ____________________ in another country

    19. ____________________ French language charter; makes the use of French mandatory in


    20. ____________________ having 2 official languages

    21. ____________________ thinking that your culture is better than any other culture 22. ____________________ media is required to broadcast Canadian shows and music 23. ____________________ the culture of the Unites States spreading, largely due to economic


    24. ____________________ a hybrid of European and First Nation culture

    25. ____________________ one country controlling another

    26. ____________________ an imperial power wanted colonies to gain access to resources and


    27. ____________________ an imperial power wanted colonies to provide land and jobs for its


    28. ____________________ an imperial power wanted colonies to improve the lives of people in

    the colony and spread the ‘proper’ way of life

    29. ____________________ belief that the European culture is superior to all others 30. ____________________ Europeans are obligated to help others by spreading European culture


Soc 10-2 Final Exam


    Bretton Woods Mercantilism

    Capitalism Monopoly

    Compensation Residential School

    Genocide Royal Commission

    Indian Act Rwanda

    Land Claim Statement of Reconciliation

    Legacy Urbanization

    31. ___________________ government apology to Aboriginal people for mistreatment

    32. ___________________ purpose was to assimilate children into the European culture

    33. ___________________ Official government investigation

    34. ___________________ Targeted killing of a group of people

    35. ___________________ Country that experience a genocide as a result of imperialism

    36. ___________________ Gives federal government control of First Nations

    37. ___________________ result

    38. ___________________ having the power to make decisions for yourself/your group

    39. ___________________ payment for mistreatment; has been given to people who went to

    residential schools

    40. ___________________ First Nations should control areas they traditionally lived on

    41. ___________________ economic system controlled by a monarch who grants monopolies

    42. ___________________ being the only business; not having competition

    43. ___________________ economic system based on freedom, competition, and a belief that

    businesses and consumers will influence each other positively

    44. ___________________ moving to cities

    45. ___________________ conference after WWII to determine how the world economy would



    Soc 10-2 Final Exam


    Boycott Outsource

    Consumer activism Pluralism

    Corporate Responsibility Quality of Life

    Export Standard of living

    Fair trade Tariff

    Free trade Trade liberalization

    Human rights Transnational


46. __________________ remove trade barriers

    47. __________________ tax on imports

    48. __________________ product you bring in to a country

    49. __________________ product that is sold to another country

    50. __________________ To move a factory from a developed country to a developing country 51. __________________ A company that operates in many different countries 52. __________________ having many different cultures

    53. __________________ making sure farmers are paid a fair price for what they produce 54. __________________ promoted by NAFTA

    55. __________________ a company using morals and ethics to guide its actions 56. __________________ being educated about products and only buying products that are

    produced in a way that promotes human rights

    57. __________________ refusing to by a product

    58. __________________ all humans automatically should have or be able to do these things 59. __________________ access to health care, food, water, education, and other goods and


    60. __________________ how satisfied a person is with their life


    Soc 10-2 Final Exam


    Birth rate Literacy rate

    Death rate Prosperity

    Disparity Sanction

    Diversity Sustainable

    GDP Sustainable prosperity

    Infant mortality rate Sweat shop

    Life Expectancy

61. ____________________ 98% of Canadians can read

    62. ____________________ 23 babies/1000 people were born last year 63. ____________________ 12 deaths/1000 people last year

    64. ____________________ 19 deaths/1000 babies born last year 65. ____________________ a baby born today should live to be 84 years old 66. ____________________ $42 500 in trade/person

    67. ____________________ Factory with very poor conditions and low pay 68. ____________________ Will last for a long time

    69. ____________________ Financially well-off

    70. ____________________ Ability to maintain your way of living for a long time 71. ____________________ Stopping trade with a country as a punishment for their actions

    72. ____________________ differences; being unique

    73. ____________________ unequal; unfair

    74. ____________________ government providing farmers with money to ensure they are



Soc 10-2 Final Exam


    Anti-globalizaiton NAFTA

    Crown Corporation NORAD

    Ecological Footprint Privatization

    Fossil fuel Pro-globalization

    G8 Protectionism


    Greenhouse gas World Bank

    International Monetary Fund World Trade Organization

    75. ___________________ When the government transfers ownership of a business to individuals

    76. ___________________ Business owned by the government

    77. ___________________ Encouraging growth of domestic industries by placing a tariff on imports

    78. ___________________ Monitors exchange rates and gives short term loans

    79. ___________________ Original name of the WTO

    80. ___________________ Encourages and monitors trade liberalization; often rules in favor of

    developed nations

    81. ___________________ Gives loans for development projects, such as building infrastructure

    82. ___________________ Informal association of the very richest countries in the world

    83. ___________________ Makes free trade the law in North America

    84. ___________________ Promotes peace and development around the world

    85. ___________________ Monitors the airspace over North America to ensure we are not being


    86. ___________________ Cause of climate change

    87. ___________________ the amount of impact your lifestyle has on the environment

    88. ___________________ non-renewable resource used for energy; oil, gas, etc.

    89. ___________________ against globalization

    90. ___________________ in favor of globalization


    Soc 10-2 Final Exam


    Identify the best dimension of globalization for each description below.

    Social Political Environmental

    Economic Technological

91. _____ You go to a sushi restaurant in Calgary.

    92. _____ You take German language lessons.

    93. _____ Many countries sign an agreement to stop building nuclear weapons. 94. _____ Removing tariffs on imports

    95. _____ The United Nations votes in favor of sending peacekeepers to Bosnia 96. _____ Beef produced at a feedlot by Strathmore is sold to a restaurant in Thailand. 97. _____ Using Facebook to connect with people around the world.

    98. _____ Outsourcing.

    99. _____ You watch an Irish dancing performance

    100. _____ Spreading a way of doing things around the world.

    101. _____ and _____ Canada refused to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases it releases,

    even though we know greenhouse gases cause climate change.

    102. _____ and _____ Countries in Europe refuse to buy seal fur that has been hunted in

    Canada’s arctic.

    103. _____ All countries that are part of the European Union have agreed to implement the

    same rules about crossing borders.

    104. _____ The WTO monitors NAFTA

    105. _____ and _____ Transporting goods in shipping containers


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