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“My Culture” chart


    Examine the cultural universals below. Choose three topics to discuss with your partner. Take turns asking and answering the questions for each topic. For each cultural universal topic, be sure to choose a specific example and explain clearly how the example demonstrates your identity and culture.

    1. Art (music, dance, drama, literature, crafts)

    a. What types of art do you like?

    b. Why do you like it? What does that piece of art say about your

    culture or about who you are as a person?

    2. Language (Symbols, writing, number systems, words, dialect)

    a. What languages do you speak?

    b. What does it say about who you are? where you are from and

    which culture you identify with most?

    3. Belief systems/religion (religion, morals, ethics, values, creation stories)

    a. what is important to you? What do you believe in?

    b. how do you determine what’s right or wrong?

    4. Recreation (games, toys, sports, use of leisure time)

    a. How do you use your time “off”?

    b. What does it say about you?

    5. Material culture (favorite object, food, shelter, buildings, resources,

    clothing, etc.)

    a. What is the one thing (object) you cannot live without?

    b. What does it say about you and your culture?

    6. Kinship (family structure)

    a. Who is in your family and how is your family structured?

    b. What does it say about who you are and your culture?

II. “My culture” chart

    A. Planning my “culture” chart:

    If you had to choose images that would demonstrate your cultural universals, which images would you choose and Why?

    Cultural Universal Examples (images) Why did I choose this image?

    B. Create a visual illustration (poster, collage, etc) of these images that demonstrate your culture. Print it. We’ll be posting them in our classroom. Be

    sure to have your name and a picture of you in the front.

C. Reflect:

    1. What do my examples of cultural universals show about what I…

    a. value?

    b. need?

    c. desire?

    2. How do my values, needs and desires affect my relationship with (think about both positive and negative effects)

    a. my family, friends?

    b. people who have different cultures, backgrounds?

    c. my environment?

    3. How do these “cultural universals” lead to cooperation or conflict among people?

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