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Sri Lanka

    implement Government policy on improving Information for awards commencing in 2013

    primary and secondary education. ; Health; food security, policy for reducing Development Awards in Sri Lanka malnutrition, public health management, water Scholarships are a key component of the Australian & sanitation. Government’s investment in Sri Lanka and are designed to develop capacity and leadership skills so that Type and Level of Awards individuals can contribute to development in their country or region and to build people-to-people links Australian Development Scholarships at the individual, institutional and country levels. Australian Development Scholarships are long term development scholarships providing Sri Lankans with Development Awards are administered by the Australian the opportunity to obtain postgraduate qualifications Agency for International Development (AusAID) and align at Australian Universities. The scholarships provide with Australia’s development assistance in Sri Lanka, opportunities for awardees to develop higher targeting human resource gaps in priority sectors. The professional and technical knowledge and to build Awards aim to provide successful applicants with the skills professional linkages with individuals and institutions and knowledge to drive change and influence economic within the region and Australia: studies are offered at and social development. Masters level only. AusAID offers Development Awards on the basis of merit, Australian Leadership Awards transparency and equal access. Applications are strongly Up to 200 of outstanding applicants for Australian encouraged from women, people with disability, ethnic Development Scholarships across the globe who can minorities, people living in rural areas and members of demonstrate the most potential to impact socio-economically disadvantaged groups. development in their respective countries will be awarded an additional prestigious Australian Priority Sectors Leadership Award Scholarship. These awards are The priority areas of study and priority themes for Australian aimed at enhancing leadership and building Development Awards commencing in 2013 are: partnerships and links and to address priority areas ; Governance; public financial management, public sector for development in their respective countries. management, disability, economic growth, gender studies, human rights, infrastructure, regional stability, rural Recipients of Australian Leadership Award development, infrastructure development. Scholarships from Sri Lanka will be brought together ; Environment; Natural resource management, climate with other Awardees for leadership training and change. development discussions as well as the chance to ; Education; education policy and management. build valuable networks. Candidates who can demonstrate capacity to

    January 2012

    Sri Lanka

Selections will be based on the applicant’s professional

    and personal qualities, academic competence, and Opening date: 1 February 2012 most importantly, their potential to have an impact on Closing date: 30 April 2012 development challenges in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

    Scholarships are offered at Masters level only. Applications or supporting documents received after

     this date will not be considered.

     Eligibility Criteria

     The Application Process

    Applicants must meet all of the eligibility requirements

    detailed in the Scholarships Handbook, available at: Online applications Applicants from Sri Lanka are strongly encouraged to

     submit applications online at: Applicants must also meet the following specific

    requirements for Sri Lanka:

    ; English language proficiency - an IELTS overall score of 6.5 Hardcopy applications

    (Academic module) with no band less than 6.0 or TOEFL If it is not possible to lodge an application online,

    paper based test score of at least 580, or a TOEFL contact the Sri Lankan SASP office for assistance well

    computer based test score of at least 237 or a TOEFL in advance of the application deadline. internet based score of at least 92. Scores must be valid

    until 1 January 2013 and must be submitted with a Supporting Documents scholarship application. ; be employed in the public or private sector. Applicants must provide the following documents to ; have a tertiary level qualification at least equivalent to an meet eligibility requirements for Sri Lanka. Australian Bachelor degree. ; have at least 3 years’ experience in the public or private sector and be confirmed in their position. ; have at least 2 years’ experience in the public or private

    sector in a field relevant to the proposed course of study. Birth certificate/ Proof of citizenshipYes ; not have previously received any Sri Lankan or overseas Passport /National ID/ government funded scholarship for long term academic Driving license studies in a foreign country.

    ; not already be following a course of study at a university Tertiary degree Degree CertificateYes abroad. certificates

     Academic grades ( if Academic Transcript Original Application dates for study commencing in not available at time

    Australia in 2013

    January 2012

    Sri Lanka

    ; Short-listed applicants will go through an interview of application can be

    process which includes a writing component, a short submitted by 15 May

    presentation and a panel interview. The interview 2012)

    panel comprises representatives from AusAID and the IELTS or TOEFL Proof of English Original Government of Sri Lanka. (Academic)certificateslanguage proficiency

    Applicants who are awarded scholarships at the end Certificate of special Other DocumentYes of the selection process will be required to submit a achievements or merit Police Certificate when they lodge their applications

    Must be from two Referee ReportsOriginalfor a student visa.

    academic referees.

    Referee’s seal must be Further Information placed. (Templates for referee reports are AusAID scholarships: available). PhD students must provide at least one Australia Awards: referee report from

    an academic AusAID:

     supervisor in the

    Studying in Australia: proposed University Employment Letter (if Other DocumentNo

    employed)Visa requirements to study in Australia:

    The Selection Process Study programs and universities offering courses available

    to international students:

     The selection process has several stages: IELTS examinations: ; Applications are checked for eligibility against the advertised criteria.

    ; Applications are assessed on the academic qualifications, TOEFL test options:

     supporting statements, potential to contribute to the

    Application requirements: development of Sri Lanka, English language requirements and work experience in order to be short-

     listed for an interview.

    January 2012

    Sri Lanka

Contact Details

    Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact SASP Sri Lanka Office to register for an information session and for any clarification on the application process.

South Asia Scholarships Program (SASP)

    43/28 Nugagaha Place, Piliyandala Road, Maharagama Sri Lanka

    Telephone: (+94) 11 501 8938, Tele/Fax: 11 284 2639 Mobile: (+94) 77 363 8958, (+94) 77 393 9038, (+94) 77 885 0186



    January 2012

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