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学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    Unit 1 Festival around the world

    Part 1 Teaching Design

    第一部分 教学设计

    Period 3 A sample lesson plan for Using Language



    Language is learned to be used in and for communication. So in this period we shall have the students read, listen, write and speak in English, making use of the focused words, expressions, structures and topic ideas covered in this unit. Warming up by

    talking about carnival is to be followed by listening and speaking. Reading is done by having students reading and underlining. Then speaking and acting are carried out based on the reading.

    Finding informationWriting lettersis A guided writing is then offered. Further applying(

    presented here for the teachers choice. To end the period students may be asked to read the poem on page 8.


    To help students read the passage A SAD LOVE STORY

    To help students to use the language by reading, listening, speaking and writing Procedures

    1. Warming up by talking about carnival.”

    What is a carnival?

    1. The period of merrymaking and feasting celebrated just before Lent.

    2. A traveling amusement show usually including rides, games, and sideshows.

    3. A festival or revel: winter carnival. carnival, communal celebration, especially the religious

    celebration in Catholic countries that takes place just before Lent. Since early times carnivals have

    been accompanied by parades, masquerades, pageants, and other forms of revelry that had their origins in pre-Christian pagan rites, particularly fertility rites that were connected with the coming of spring and the rebirth of vegetation.

    In recent times, the term carnival has also been loosely applied to include local festivals, 优课轩资源网http://www.enteach.net未经授权,本站资源禁止用于任何商业目的 1 6

学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    traveling circuses, bazaars, and other celebrations of a joyous nature, regardless of their purpose or

    their season.

    2. Listening

    There is a big and famous carnival in Trinidad every February. Li Mei and Wu Ping are there.

    Listen to the tape and answer the questions on page 6.

    3. Speaking

    You have visited America and you have returned home to China. You are phoning your friend in

    America to thank him for the visit. These expressions might help you. Could/ Would you please…? I’d love to…

    It’s very kind of you… I look forward to…

    Thank you very much/ Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure…

    You’re most welcome. Don’t mention it.

    4. Reading and underlining

    Next you are to read and underline all the useful expressions or collocations in the passage A SAD

    LOVE STORY. Copy them to your notebook after class as homework.

    Collocations from A SAD LOVE STORY

    meet sb. at the coffee shop在咖啡店遇到某人, after work下班后, turn up突然出现:到场:调

    低(收音机等;, right now, laugh at 嘲笑, keep one’s word守信用:履行诺言, look forward to

    ~ing期待做某事, all day整天, be alone with sb.与某人在一起, be like a fool像个傻瓜, hold

    one’s breath屏息:屏气, drown one’s sadness in coffee, it is obvious that…显然, wait

    for…to leave等待……离开, wipe the table擦桌子, sit down坐下, turn on the TV打开电视, a

    weaving girl织女, a herd boy牛郎, fall in love with……相爱, get married secretly秘密结婚,

    be married to sb.嫁给/娶了某人, become angry变得生气, return to Heaven, cross the river过河,

    once a year一年一, make… of…, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month每年七月初

    , hear about听说, set off for home动身回家, throw… away, remind sb. of…提醒某人想

    ……, pass… on the corner on one’s way home在回家路上, hear…~do/ ~ing, wave at sb. 向某

    人挥手, have a gift for sb.给某人一个礼物 a happy Valentine’s Day一个快乐情人节

    5. Speaking

    Turn to page 8 and with a partner, find the answers to the questions: 优课轩资源网http://www.enteach.net未经授权,本站资源禁止用于任何商业目的 2 6

学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    ? Why did Li Fang feel like a fool? ?Because he was alone and heart-broken.

    ? What was Li Fang afraid that Hu Jin was doing? ?She could be with her friends laughing at


    ? How did Li Fang know the manager wanted to shut the coffee shop? ?He saw the manager

    wipe the tables, sit down and turn on the TV.

    ? Why do people want the weather to be fine on Qiqiaojie? ?Because if it rains Zhinu would

    weep and the couple wouldn’t be able to meet.

    ? What is the reason why Li Fang and Hu Jin did not meet on time? ?For Li Fang had gone to

    the wrong place to meet Hu Jin. They should meet at the tea shop.

    ? Why was Li Fang so worried at the end of the story? ?Because he had no gifts for Hu Jin.

    6. Acting a text play

    Next we are going to put the text A Sad Love Story on stage, that is, to play the story. (用原版;

    A text play of A SAD LOVE STORY

    (Time: Valentine’s Day; Place: the coffee shop and the tea shop; People: Li Fang, the coffee shop

    manager and Hu Jin )

    Li: (heart-broken) (to the manager) What time is it now, Sir?

    Manager: It is ten to ten. Are you waiting for someone here?

    Li Fang: Yes, I am meeting my girl friend here. She said she would be here by seven o’clock. It is almost ten now. We agreed to meet here, at this coffee shop after work. But she has not turned up yet.

    Manager: You look heart-broken. Don’t worry. I am sure she will be here very soon. Maybe she is with someone right now, doing something. But she will keep her word.

    Li Fang: I don’t think she will come to meet me. I look forward to being alone all my life. She is laughing at me. Oh, my God. I look like a fool, being alone on this Valentine’s Day, with nobody loving me in this world.

    Manager: So hold your breath for me to calm you down. Don’t drown your sadness in coffee.

    Li Fang: It is obvious that you want me to leave, don’t you? What are you doing? Are you wiping the table? Why did you sit down and turn on the TV?

    优课轩资源网http://www.enteach.net未经授权,本站资源禁止用于任何商业目的 3 6

学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    Manager: No, I won’t ask you to go. Look! It’s a sad Chinese story about love, on TV.

    Li Fang: I do not watch TV plays very much.

    Manager: But this one you must watch! It tells about a weaving girl and a herd boy. They have fallen in love with each other.

    Li Fang: Are they married?

    Manager: Yes, they got married secretly. But the mother of the girl, the Goddess, doesn’t like her daughter to be married to a human. See she becomes angry and orders her to return to the Heaven.

    Li Fang: How about Niulang? Will he follow the girl back to the Heaven?

    Manager: Yes, he tries to follow her. But…

    Li Fang: But what?

    Manager: See the river? The Milky Way? It is impossible for this boy to cross the river.

    Li Fang: I see. The mother has decided to let the couple meet once a year. But how do they cross the river, the Milky Way?

    Manager: The heavenly magpies make a bridge of their wings so the couple can cross the river to meet.

    Li Fang: When do they meet?

    Manager: They meet once every year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

    Li Fang: The TV play is over and I have to be off now, to meet my girl. But where is my girl?

    Hu Jin: Why? It’s you, Li Fang? Why didn’t you come to meet me? I have been waiting for you ever since 7 this evening.

    Li Fang: I am heart-broken. You leave me alone in the coffee shop, waiting for you the whole

    evening. Are you in love with someone else?

    Hu Jin: I was waiting for you at the tea shop. Did you forget that we agreed to meet there?

    Li Fang: Is it the tea shop, not the coffee shop?

    Hu Jin: Absolutely!

    Li Fang: Sorry! I apologise to you. My memory failed me.

    Hu Jin: So you set off for home? Anyway you are here. Now here you are, the gift from me. You know it’s the Valentine’s Day?

    Li Fang: But, but I have thrown mine away?

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学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    Hu Jin: Why?

    Li Fang: Because I don’t want them to remind me of you. I thought you would never turn up in

    front of me, to see me, to love me.

    Hu Jin: I passed a man on the corner on my way here looking for you. I heard him singing the song of Qiqiaojie. I thought it was you. So I waved at him. But it turned out to be a stranger.

    Li Fang: Could you forgive me? I have no gifts for you on this happy and sad Valentine’s Day.

    7. Writing an imagined and different ending to the story of Li Fang, beginning with: As he sadly passed the tea shop on the corner on his way…

    8. Writing a description

    To inform the foreigners of the Chinese culture, you are to write a description of Qiqiaojie in English. You may begin like this:

    Love story for this day is about the 7th daughter of Emperor of Heaven and an orphaned cowherd. They were separated by the Emperor. The 7th daughter was forced to move to the star Vega and the cowherd moved to the star Altair. They were allowed to meet only once a year on the day of 7th day of 7th lunar month.

    9. Finding information

    Go to the library to read or get online to search in order to find more information on festivals and celebrations. Take notes of your finding and report to your group mates next period. 10. Writing letters

    Write a letter either to Zhinu or Niulang, telling about the modern life and the modern love. 11. Closing down

    Closing down by filling a form

    Make use of the text and others to fill in the form.


    OF Li Fang and Hu Jin Of Niulang and Zhinu

Closing down by describing the stars of Vega and Altair

    To end this period, I am going to ask you to write a short passage to describe to the class the two 优课轩资源网http://www.enteach.net未经授权,本站资源禁止用于任何商业目的 5 6

学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    stars of Vega and Altair which are related to Qiqiaojie, the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

    For reference:

    The Stars

    The star Vega (Weaving Maid) is the 5th brightest star in the sky. Therefore, it's very easy to find

    in the summer night. The size of Vega is 16 times bigger than the Sun. The temperature on its surface is more than 10,000 degrees. The brightness of Vega is 25 times brighter than the Sun. It's 25 light years away from the Earth.

    The star Altair (Cowherd) is the 11th brightest star in the sky. Therefore, it's not difficult to find in the summer night. The size of Altair is 4 times bigger than the Sun. The temperature on its surface is about 8,000 degrees. The brightness of Altair is 11 times brighter than the Sun. It's 17 light years away from the Earth.

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