Unit1 How do you study for a test

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Unit1 How do you study for a test

    Unit1 How do you study for a test? 一,单项选择

    1. He often studies_____ a test_____ speaking with foreigners.

     A. for; by B. to; buy C. by; for D. by; through 2. My mother often gets up at six oclock ,but_____ she gets up at five.

    A. sometime B. some time C. some times D. sometimes 3. Im having a lot of trouble_____ complete conversations. A. to make up B. make up C. making up D. to making up 4._____ careful you are, _____mistakes you will make.

     A. Much; less B. More; less

    C. The more ; the fewer D. The more; fewer

    5. (宁夏)A person with good manners never laughs _____people when they are____ trouble.

     A. on; in B. in; at C. on; at D. at; in 6. Its very important_____ us students to have good study habits.

     A. of B. for C. with D. about

    7. Would you please______ us in playing football this afternoon?

     A. to join B. to join in C. join in D. join 8. Would you please tell me_____ this word?

     A. how to read B. how reading C. how read D. what to read 9. My friends was angry _____ me _____ what I said.

    A. with; with B. at; at C. with; at D. at; with 10. We cant believe what you said_____ we see what you do.

    A. for B. unless C. if not D. without


     Two brothers worked together on a farm. One was married and had a large __11__. The other had no wife yet.

    Although they lived in different houses, they shared everything they got from their farm.

     One day, the single brother said to himself,Its not__12__ that we share all the rice. Im__13___ and I need less than my brother.So, every night he took a bag of rice from his store-room and __14___ across the

    field__15___ their houses, putting it into his brothers store-room.

    At the same time, the married brother thought,Its not fair to share all the rice. Im married and I have my wife and children to__16___ me when I am__17___. However, my brother has no one to take care of his__18__.

    So, each night he also took a bag of rice and put it into his brothers store-room.

    Several months passed by. They found__19__ strange that their rice never became less. Then, one dark night

    the two brothers ran into each other. Slowly they began to understand what was happening. Their bags fell onto

    the ground and tears__20__ their eyes at once.

    11. A. group B. family C. class D. team 12. A. right B. popular C. interesting D. wrong 13. A. poor B. happy C. alone D. rich 14. A. jumped B. played C. went D. rode 15. A. from B. through C. off D. between 16. A. look after B. look for C. look out D. look at 17. A. worried B. old C. healthy D. dead 18. A. hope B. children C. farm D. future 19. A. them B. this C. it D. that 20. A. appeared B. filled C. dropped D. rose




    Jeff has an illness. He is recording (录音,his words so that his little son will be able to hear his voice in the future.

    Jeff caught the illness in 2011. The doctor told him that he might have only two to five years to live and the illness would make him lose his voice, so he decided to record his voice for his 13-month-otd son, Bill.

    His wife Gina said, “Jeff used to play and sing in a band, so his voice is important to him. I can't imagine not having his voice around. I would certainly like Bill to know his father's voice in this way.”

    Jeff and his wife hope that they can save his real voice for their little son. He now spends his weekends and evenings recording his voice. Their little son, Bill, will feel his parents‟ love when he grows up.


    21. Jeff caught the illness in 2011.

    22. Jeff‟s illness would make him become blind.

    23. Jeff still plays and sings in a band now.

    24. Jeff now spends his weekends and evenings recording his voice.

    25. The parents hope that Bill will feel their love by hearing his father‟s voice.


    What might the future be like? Here are some predictions: things to come, things to go.

    The Spring Festival, the most important Chinese holiday when everyone returns home, has caused headaches for millions of Chinese. More than 2 billion people travel at the same time, making getting travel tickets and the journey difficult. But in 28 years, Spring Festival travel may not be a problem at all. China plans to build more than 120,000 kilometers of railway and a fast transportation network that will serve 90% of the population by 2020. And because most of China will be cities, people will not have to go to other places to find a job, so it will no longer be a problem.

    Newspaper will come to an end in 2043. In the future, digital(数字的) newspapers will be sent to personal

    web tools through Internet. Readers can discuss topics with journalists and editors. Information will move faster. Oil is running out faster than expected. But scientists have found something else for oil as fuel(燃料). Coal,

    natural gas, solar power, nuclear power and even water can take the place of oil as sources of energy(能源).

    Schools will go electronic(电子化). Computers will be important and popular among the students.

    Everything will be in the computer and students will not need to bring books to school. They will find information on the Internet. A computer will be the students library, schoolbag and connection to the outside world. There will

    be robot teachers, they will check homework on computers and communicate with the students parents through

    e-mail. And school buses will be like spaceships, comfortable and safe.

    26. More than 2 billion people have a hard time returning home during .

     A. Christmas Day B. National Day

     C. the Spring Festival D. the Mid-autumn Festival

    27. The newspapers will disappear .

     A. in 28 years B. by 2020 C. by 2053 D. in 31 years

    28. is not mentioned in the passage as sources of energy.

     A. Coal B. Wind C. Nuclear power D. Water

    29. From the passage we can know in the future.

     A. the Spring Festival travel may still be a problem

     B. 90% of the population will live in the city

     C. robot teachers will check homework

     D. readers can discuss topics with each other through Internet

    30. What‟s the main idea of the last paragraph? .


     A. Schools will go electronic B. Computers will be important

     C. There will be robot teachers D. School buses will be like spaceships


    Secretary needed

    Shenzhen Computer Sales Company is looking for a full-time secretary(a lady aged 22-30).

    Must have excellent typing, telephone, and computer skills.

    60,000yuan a year.

    Send your resume(简历) to:

    Shenzhen Computer Corner, 518000

    Or email us:

    Delivery Person Wanted (A man aged 18 to 40)


    Driver‟s license required.

    Must be able to work in evenings and on weekends.

    10.00yuan per hour.

    Call 5780505 to tell your information to Miss Zhang , or come to visit us(No.2906, LP Road, KFC, Shenzhen) at business hour(518112).

    Looking for a Japanese Teacher

    Shenzhen Foreign language School is looking for a full-time female Japanese teacher. Must have at least two years‟ experience (under 35 years old).

    Call Mr. Smith for an appointment.




    31.How much can a secretary make one month?

    A.60,000yuan. B. 6,000yuan C. 50,000yuan D. 5,000yuan 32. Who can apply(申请) for the job as a secretary?

    A. Miss Li, 25 years old, having a driver‟s license

    B. Mr. Wang, 24 years old, having typing, telephone and computer skills C. Miss Zhang, 20 years old, having typing, telephone, and computer skills D. Mrs. Lin, 29 years old, having typing, telephone, and computer skills. 33. What number should you call to be a delivery person for KFC? A. 5780505 B. 518000 C. 6790393 D. 518112 34. Which of the following is NOT true?

    A. As a delivery man in KFC, you can get 10.00yuan per hour. B. Mrs Zhao can work in evenings and on weekends, so she can work as a delivery person.

    C. Shenzhen Foreign Language School is looking for a Japanese teacher. D. You can‟t apply for the teaching job if you have just graduated this year.

    35. Where can we find these advertisements?

    A. In a book on traveling.

    B. In a newspaper in Shenzhen.

    C. In Mrs Smith‟s QQ zone(空间)

    D. On Shenzhen Computer Sales Company‟s website.


    Annie lived alone in Chicago. One day, she fell down in her bedroom and broke her leg. So she tried to call


her friend Lisa. But she dialed(拨打) a wrong number. The call reached Taylor, an 18-year-old girl. She was a

    college student and she lived hundreds of miles away from Chicago.

    At that time Taylor was reading in bed. She thought it was somebody playing a joke. When she was going to

    hang up the phone, she heard a woman saying Help! Help! From it Taylor thought something bad must have happened to the woman. After she got the womans name and address, Taylor called 911 at once. Then she tried to

    make Annie feel comfortable. She spoke to Annie on the phone till the doctors arrived at Annies house. At last Annie was taken to hospital in time.

    As soon as Annie felt better, she wrote a letter to Taylor to thank her. 36. Who answered the telephone?

    37. How did Taylor help Annie?

    38. Why did Annie write the letter to Taylor?


    Last Sunday the Browns went to the park. They got home very late. Father opened the front door and they both went into the house. It was very d 39 so Mother turned on the light. On the way to their bedroom, Mother said, “John, l 40 ! I can hear someone in the bedroom.

    They stood quietly outside the bedroom door. They could hear some v 41 in the room.

    “You‟re right,” Father said. “There are two men in it. They are talking.” Then he shouted, “Who is there?”

    But n 42 answered. Father opened the door quickly and turned on the light. The room was e 43 . Then

    Father found something and laughed. The radio was still on! “I f 44 to turn it off this morning,” Father said.

    Then he turned it off.

    答案(39. d________ 40.1________ 41. v________

    42. n________ 43. e ________ 44. f________

    六,完成句子( 根据中文意思完成英语句子!每空所填写的词数不限。)


    Thank you for______________________________.


    ______________________________ go out for a walk after supper? 47,在北京每天有数以千计的游客。

    There are ______________________________in Beijing every day


    ______________________________his mother's phone call changed his life


    ______________________________to learn English is to use English



    A(HelloMike! What's the time?

    B((50) ______________________________

    A(Where‟s Bob? I can't find him.

    B(I don't think he can come.

    A((51) ______________________________

    B(He has to look after his sister.

    A((52) ______________________________

    B(She doesn't feel well.

    A((53) ______________________________Did she go to see the doctor? B(Yes


    A((54) ______________________________ B(The doctor said nothing seriousbut she has to rest. A. Why can't he come?

    B. I'm sorry to hear that.

    C. Where did the doctor go?

    D. It's half past eight.

    E. What did the doctor say?

    F. I'm glad to hear that.

    G. What s wrong with his sister?


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