A Word that changes the World

By Cindy Young,2014-03-27 19:06
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A Word that changes the World

    A Word that changes the World

     The first time I knew the theme of todays competition, I am in a dilemma to

    use a single word to describe all changes around us. Since the open-up policy, we Chinese have witnessed so many changes in both social lives and economic environment. Indeed, we benefit a lot from the technology, the medicine, the education system and so on. Today, I want to use the word information to

    draw the world, both for yours and mine.

     I still remember the day when I stepped into our university for the first time. I sent the last short message to all the fellows I love and then powered off my mobile phone. The next two months, I got so embarrassed because the military training made me disappear on the earth. I almost received no information while in the Information Engineering University, just like a man from Mars. Of course this is a joke. Say, it is very important to get the news and information, especially for our revolutionary soldiers.

     We are living in a world where information is becoming much more important. It has already become one of the very few things that cant be

    measured in terms of money. The information promotes social progress and creates huge social wealth. First, it changes our way of life. Thus, we have more choices when facing consumption, transportation, and entertainment. Additionally, it changes our learning method. We start looking for messages by surfing the internet instead of the old methods in the past. Spontaneously, our country is in the shifting from industrial society to information society, as long as we seize every opportunity to make full use of military information and foster qualified all-round talents who are to master the high-tech weapons and equipments , we can fully utilize the network to get an upper hand in the information wars.

     Now , I have studied here for a full two years. I indeed feel all the changes that the information brings us. The information has indeed changed the world, and changed China. If we all try our best to every single detail, ladies and gentlemen, informationization is not a dream.

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