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    25 Annual Symposium on African American

    Culture and Philosophy

Thursday November 5, 7:00 9:00

    Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn Stewart Center Room 322

    Continental Breakfast 8:00

Friday November 6, 9:00 10:30

Mining the Under-Minded

    Chair: Mr. Jamal Ratchford

Ms. Greer Ifatoki-Sillah

    Mining the Under-Mined

    Georgia State University


    Ms. Kenja McCray

    More Than Men with Guns: Women's Gender Roles in the Black Power Movement

    Georgia State University


    Ms. Antionette Brown

    “Media Myth and the Creation of the Image of a Black Female Revolutionary”

    No School

Representations of Black Women

    Chair: Dr. Mia Smith-Bynum

Dr. Romi Crawford

    Ill Will: Redressing the Stress in Black Women‟s Literature and Art

    School of the Arts Institute of Chicago ?

    In Defense of Ourselves: On being Black Feminist Philosophers Chair: Dr. Leonard Harris

Dr. Kristie Dotson

    “The Value of Conceptual Transparency”

    Michigan State University


    Dr. Donna-Dale Marcano

    In Defense of Ourselves: On Being Black Feminist Philosophers Trinity College


    Dr. Anika Mann

    In Defense of Ourselves: On Being Black Feminist Philosophers Morgan State University

Friday November 6, 10:45 12:15

    New Perspectives on Interrogating Womanist Theories Chair: Dr. Niambi Carter

Ms. Shaconna Haley

    Black Feminism & Womanism: A Continuum or Dichotomy?" American University


    Dr. Nicole Rousseau

    "Historical Womanist Theory: Re-Visioning Black Feminist Thought"

    Kent State University


    Dr. Ronda C. Henry

    “„New Black man‟: Womanist Interventions and Progressive Black Masculinity”

    Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis

Literary Representations

    Chair: Dr. Marlo David

Dr. Michele Reutter

    The African Diaspora and Spirituality in Alice Walker's Color Purple University of Cincinnati


    Dr. Sika Dogbovie

    The Perfect House Wigger: The Reconstruction of Black Womanhood in Bernadine

    Evaristo's Blonde Roots

    Tulane University


    Dr. Nghana Lewis

    "The Slave Trade-The Business: Activist Narrative and Contemporary Human Trafficking in Bernardino Evaristo's Blonde Roots" Tulane University

The Power of Song

    Chair: Mr. Arthur Banton

Dr. Helen Brown

    Margaret Allison Bonds and Langston Hughes: Musical-Textual Relationships in "Three

    Dream Portraits"

    Purdue University


    Dr. Betty Sibongile Dlamini

    "Subversions and Identity Reclamation: Swazi Women in Song" Indiana University


    Ms. Gillian Richards-Greaves

    On Becoming Woman, Un-Becoming Woman: The Role of the Kweh-Kweh Ritual in Afro-Guyanese's Constructions and Contestations of Womanhood. Indiana University


    12:30 2:30

Friday November 6, 2:45-4:15

New Literary, Historical & Diasporic Perspectives on Womanism & Sexuality

    Chair: Dr. Joseph Dorsey

Ms. Richara Heyward

    Womanism, Religion and Sexuality in the African Diaspora University of Pennsylvania


    Ms. Nicole Myers Turner

    Re-reading the History of Black Women's Gender and Sexuality Through Womanism: A

    Review of the Literature

    University of Pennsylvania


    Ms. Kim Gallon

    Zane Black Erotica and Womanism: Charting New Avenues for Black Women's


    University of Pennsylvania

Womanism & Mothering in the African Diaspora

    Chair: Dr. Venetria Patton

Dr. Lena Ampadu

    "Toni Morrison and black Motherhood in Bluest Eye, Love, and A Mercy"

    Towson University


    Dr. Jacqueline Brice-Finch

    "'Possessing the Secret of Joy': Womanism and Mothering in Caribbean Literature"

    Coppin State University


    Dr. Akua Duku Anokye

    "Telling My Other Mother's Stories: Nana Esi and Mama Day" Arizona State University

Women’s Empowerment

    Chair: Dr. Ellen Gruenbaum

Ms. Camee Maddox

    Welcoming Womanism in Martinique

    University of Florida


Dr. Alicia Decker

    An Accidental Liberation? Idi Amin, the Asian Expulsion, and the "Empowerment" of

    Ugandan Women in the 1970s

    Purdue University

    Break 4:00 4:30

Friday November 6, 4:30 6:00

Black Women’s Bodies, Health & Wholeness

    Chair: Dr. Valentine Moghadam

Ms. Sasha Turner

    "Through an African Feminist Theoretical Lens': The Limits of Gynaecological

    Resistance in the Caribbean's Slavery Experience'. Rutgers University


    Dr. Carolette Norwood

    The Feminization of HIV and AIDS in Africa: How the Politics of Population Control

    Neglects Women‟s Reproductive Health

    University of Cincinnati


    Ms. Meta Commerse

    Journey to the Self: Toward a Priority of Wholeness and Wellness Independent Scholar

    Re-Writing History: Walker and Morrison Against the Grain Chair: Dr. Nancy Peterson

Ms. Corby Jaye Roberson

    Getting into Shug's Pants: Redemption Through Abjection Ball State University


    Mr. Jim Chambers

    The Correct Abject: Male Homosexuality in the Novels of Toni Morrison

    Ball State University


    Ms. Kathy Luke

    Wandering Pregnancies: “Rootedness” in Morrison and Faulkner

    Ball State University

    The Critical Lens of Audre Lorde: Feminism & the Erotic Chair: Dr. Jennifer Freeman Marshall

Dr. Angelique Nixon

    "Queer Postcolonial Resistance: Feminism, Black Female Subjectivity and the Erotic"

    New York University


    Dr. LaMonda Horton Stallings

    “The Work of the Erotic: Sexual Literacy, Sex Work and Black Sexual Cultures”

    Indiana University-Bloomington


    Dr. Marlo David

    “Black Feminist Ecologies and the Erotic Poetics in Olympia Vernon‟s Eden”

    Purdue University


    6:15 7:15

     Continental Breakfast 8:00 8:30

Saturday November 7, 8:30 10:00

Re-Thinking Feminism

    Chair: Dr. Aparajita Sagar

Dr. Millicent Davis

    Locating an Africana Feminist Performance Pedagogy in the Public Sphere of


    University of Illinois-Urbana


    Dr. April Bernard

    Free Spaces and Inner Space: A Place for Reconstructing Self & Other

    University of the West Indies-Cave Hill ?

    Dr. Jennifer Freeman Marshall

    Early Black Feminism, Zora Neale Hurston and "The Walker Effect"

    Emory University

    Diasporic Literary Representations Chair: Dr. Shaun Hughes

Mr. Chad Montuori

    Gendered Migration from Africa to Spain Maplewood Community College


    Dr. Dawn Stinchcomb

    Defining Hispano-African Womanism: Maria Nsue Angue's Ekomo

    Purdue University


    Mr. Gilmer Cook

    Mule Women and the Practice of African Diasporic Fiction

    Purdue University

    Representations of Black Women II Chair: Dr. David Rollock

Ms. Allison Hamilton

    The Black Female Body as Expression of Third-Wave Feminist Politic

    Columbia University


    Dr. Amanda Putnam

    Miranda Bailey: The Nazi or Yet Another Mammy?

    Roosevelt University


    Ms. Heidi Lewis Freeman

    Bridging, Hoping, Healing: Black Daughter Critique Black Fathers

    Purdue University

Saturday November 7, 10:15 12:15 or 10:15 12:45

Spirituality and Women

    Chair: Dr. Carolyn Johnson


    Dr. LaMonda Horton-Stallings

    “Guerilla Warfare and Faith”

    Indiana University-Bloomington ?

    Dr. Phyllis Burns

    "I've always asked God to use me:" Essence Magazine Takes back hip-hop

    Otterbein College

Revolutionary Women

    Chair: Dr. Corneilus Bynum

Dr. Joseph Dorsey

    "Race, gender, and the catholic politics of transnational identity in the Haitian Diaspora:

    episodes in the life of an African American nun, Marie-Therese Duchemin, 1810-1892

    Purdue University


    Ms. Treva Lindsey

    "Climbing the Hilltop: New Negro Womanhood at Howard University 1900-1935"

    Duke University


    Ms. Janet Gornall

    Gornallitics of Black Revolutionary Motherhood Independent Scholar

Black Women Fighting Back

    Chair: Mr. Kevin Brooks

Dr. Jaiyeola Oyewole

    Black Women and Secual Exploitation in the 21st Century: An Overview Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria


    Ms.Patricia Jordan




    Ms. Courtney Thompson Enaye

    Democratic Pursuits: Black Women Activist and the Struggle for Equal Rights 1920-


    Purdue University

Film Session

Zora Neale Hurston

    Jump at the Sun

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