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    Rutgers University Programming Association

    Co-Sponsorship Application

RUPA’s Mission

    The Rutgers University Programming Association ( RUPA) is the university-wide student programming council that serves the Rutgers community by providing a variety of cultural, educational, recreational, and social programs that appeal to the diverse student body. RUPA enriches every student’s experience by offering leadership opportunities, building community and creating a dynamic environment that incorporates student input, cultivates creativity and facilitates personal growth.

Process for Requesting Co-sponsorship

    Along with putting on our own events, RUPA also co-sponsors many events with other student organizations throughout academic year. If your student organization is interested in requesting a co-sponsorship please submit an application and adhere to these guidelines.

    ; Because RUPA believes in programming that supports the mission of the organization, every program has

    to respect all vantage points in order for us to consider the proposal and be of interest to the majority of

    the student body.

    ; RUPA is not a funding/allocating organization. RUPA should be actively involved in the planning and/or

    staffing of any event it co-sponsors. We would always like to have members of RUPA helping staff the


    ; The proposal must be emailed to the RUPA President 6 weeks in advance for the executive committee to

    review it.

    ; RUPA’s logo should be on all of the marketing supplies; flyers, poster, etc.

Submission Process

Please email a completed application to a minimum of 6 weeks prior to

    event date or earlier. Applicants will be notified within 7 days after RUPA’s review of the request. After

    completing the form, please save as ORGNAME_CS_REQUEST (example:

    CHESSCLUB_CS_REQUEST). Title your email as ORGNAME Co-sponsorship Request. All

    applications will be reviewed by the RUPA executive board and their full support is necessary for the co-sponsorship to be approved. If possible, please attach an event timeline.

Requesting Organization/Department

    Contact Person

    Contact Information (Email & Phone)