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    Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Culture &

    Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry

    Division of Social & Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University

    Rethinking Cultural Competence from International Perspectives

    Holiday Inn Midtown, Montreal, April 29-May 1, 2010

    The Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture (SSPC) and the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry of McGill University welcome you to a joint meeting.

The theme of the conference is “Rethinking Cultural Competence from International

    Perspectives.” Scientific and clinical papers on the following topics will be presented:

     Approaches to Cultural Competence in Psychiatry ;

    ; Responding to Cultural Diversity in Health Care

    ; Cultural Adaptation of Clinical Methods and Programs

    ; Innovations in Education and Training

    ; International Perspectives on Cultural Consultation

    ; Innovative Approaches to Cultural Competence, Safety and Responsiveness

    ; Trauma and Global Health

    ; New Developments/Research in Cultural Psychiatry

Goals and Objectives

    1. To review and discuss the relevance of culture in global mental health.

    2. To examine strategies for addressing cultural diversity in mental health care.

    3. To analyze and critique cultural competence in individual countries and from a global


    4. To critically assess notions of culture and cultural adaptation in education and clinical


Participants will gain knowledge of:

    1. Meanings and interpretations of cultural competence;

    2. How cultural competence is incorporated into clinical care in various countries;

    3. How to identify the differences among various countries and the factors that influence


    4. To know how to assess what works best and what doesn‟t work at all in different settings,

    and to be able to develop and implement plans that have potential for success.

     2 Program

April 29, Thursday

    7:15-8:30 am Program Committee Meeting

    8:30 9:00

    Welcome remarks: Jim Boehnlein and Laurence Kirmayer

Session 1. 9:00 12:30

    Critiquing the Concepts of Cultural Competence

9:00 9:30

    Introduction: Rethinking cultural competence Laurence Kirmayer

9:30 10:00

    Revisioning the concept of culture in psychiatry: A critique

    Joan Koss-Chioino

10:00-10:30 Break


    Rethinking cultural competence in indigenous community treatment settings: Inflections of tradition,

    reclamation, and post-coloniality

    Joseph P. Gone

11:00 11:30

    Reframing cultural competence as a multi-level health equity intervention

    Kwame McKenzie


    Discussants: Sushrut Jadhav, Cécile Rousseau

    Panel Discussion: (Kirmayer, Chair)

12:30 2:00 Lunch

    Charles Hughes Award Presentation

    Unpacking Cultural Differences in Alexithymia: The Role of Cultural Values Among Euro-Canadian and

    Chinese-Canadian Students

    Jessica Dere


    April 29, Thursday PM

Session 2. 2 :00 5:30 PM

    International Perspectives on Cultural Competence Chair: Mitchell Weiss

2:00 2:20

    Psychotherapy and migration: Cultural competence as the new paradigm in mental health care in France

    Rachid Bennegadi

2:20 2:40

    Operationalization of cultural competence in Geneva, Switzerland: Research, training, intervention

    Patricia Hudelson

2:40 3:00

    Clinical application of cultural formulation in Stockholm Marco Scarpinatti Rosso & Sofie Baarnhielm

3:00 3:30 Break

3:30 3:50

    Why is „cultural competency‟ not a popular term in psychiatry in India?

    Sumeet Jain & Sushrut Jadhav

3:50 4:10

    Clinical subcultures and competent treatment of neurasthenia spectrum disorders in four clinics of Pune,


    Mitchell Weiss, Vasudeo Paralikar & Mohan Agashe

4:10 4:30

    Cultural competence in the context of evidence-based medicine Rob Whitley

4:30 5:30

    Discussants: Edvard Hauff, Frederick Hickling

    Panel Discussion (Chair: Mitchell Weiss)


    April 29, Thursday Evening

5:30- 7:30 Reception for SSPC/ASI

Poster Session

The multicultural mental health resource centre

    Abdelhamid Afana, Aidan Jeffery, Eugene Raikhel & Laurence J. Kirmayer

Integrative health in psychiatry

    Lorin Boynton

Roots of resilience

    Stéphane Dandeneau, Elizabeth Marshall, Morgan Phillips, Karla Jessen Williamson, & Laurence Kirmayer

The National Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research

    Colette Isaac & Laurence J. Kirmayer

Psychiatric subjectivity and cultural resistance: Experience and explanations of schizophrenia in China

    Zhiying Ma

The treatment of first episode psychosis in Chennai and Montreal

    Alesandra Miklavcic, Srividya Iyer, Elsje van der Ven, Ramamurti Mangala & Ashik Mala

    Assessing emotional and behavioral symptoms in relation to school absenteeism in refugee and immigrant youth

    Tonje Persson, Marie-Pier Dumas & Naomi Grenier

    Needs assessment and development of cultural competency resources in an academic medical center department of psychiatry

    Felicia Wong

7:30 9:00 Film

Shadows and Illuminations

    Robert Lemelson

    Chair: Doug Hollan

    Discussant: Janis Jenkins

     5 April 30, Friday AM

    7:15-8:30 Education/Training Committee

Session 3. 8:30 - 10:30 / Concurrent Sessions

    3A. Cultural Competence in Global Health 3B. Culturally Competent Interventions Chair: Duncan Pedersen Chair: Jaswant Guzder

8:30 8:50 8:30 8:50

    Proposed ethical guidelines for research during Mutual Creative Space: A translation of cultural

    complex humanitarian emergencies competence into an action-model in mental health Kathleen Allden Gadi BenEzer

8:50 9:10 8:50 9:10

    Searching for the evidence: Emerging dilemmas of Adapting and transforming services and interventions

    humanitarian interventions in complex emergencies across cultures: Identifying cultural services

    preferences Hanna Kienzler &