Estate of Unrest

By Jamie Harrison,2014-02-08 11:16
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Estate of Unrest

Written by Mystiq of Black Raven - Runnyeye server Monday, 19 March 2007

Estate of Unrest

    Step by Step walkthrough (for blondes ;p)

Have one person collect all items needed

     1. Zone into Unrest Estate (doh as if that isn’t obvious ;p)

     2. Retrieve Chess piece from fountain

     3. Retrieve both halves of Front Door Key from East and West Maze

     4. Head to the Gazebo and speak with Jessa’s Ghost

     5. Retrieve Chess piece from the moat 99.03, -10.44, 137.50

     6. Head South and kill a Hungering Hellhog until you find Cursed Swine Meat

     7. Head east from here to the Cemetery and kill Irritated Chef Demme for the recipe Chef Demme’s Soothing Supper

     8. Head North and clear mobs around Kyll Rucksif. Speak to him to receive A Ghostly Hammer

     9. Now enter the Manor House via the Front Door

    10. Clear the East and West Towers (mind your step at the top of the stairs as there is an arrow trap) 11. Head to Bar and clear all mobs. A Sadistic Bartender will spawn. Kill him to retrieve Very Watered Down Cocktail

    You now have Lockout of 18 hrs and the Bugaboo has also spawned in the Courtyard

12. Use the Cocktail to snuff out the fire in the Fireplace

    13. Retrieve the Unrest Back Door Key and unlock the door to the East Courtyard by the Bar 14. Retrieve Halasian Whiskey from the corner of the bar

    15. Retrieve the Chess piece from the Red Goblet at the north end of the bar 16. Head to the Kitchen and Pantry and clear all mobs

    17. Retrieve Rotted Vegetables from the Pantry Cupboards

    18. Collector stand at the stove and create recipe while rest of group clears spawned mobs 19. Retrieve Chess piece from counter by the Stove

    20. Collector go back into pantry and use the Dumb Waiter to send the food upstairs 21. Leave via the back door and head round to the north side. Unlock door and clear mobs from Games Room 22. Make sure everyone has first bag open and slots empty so that Bombs are easy to see 23. Collector click on Chess Board and place the Chess pieces.

    24. Kill Screwloose and retrieve the Lever Screws SCREWS ARE NOW NO TRADE decide who has before looting

    25. Split group and head for East and West Towers

    26. Place Screwloose’s Lever Screws

    27. At the same time, both groups pull levers. Kill mobs that spawn

    28. Go back through to the Bar and head up the stairs to the Conservatory 29. Collector take note from the Piano

    30. Head to Jessa’s Bedroom and use the Ghostly Hammer to open the door

    31. Clear the mobs then talk to Jessa

    32. Collector head back to the Gazebo and speak to Jessa’s Mother to retrieve the Locket

    33. Go to servants Quarters and retrieve the Oil Can

    34. Clear mobs in Dining Room for AA ding

    35. Go up the stairs to the Study

    36. Clear all mobs to unlock Nicadius Master Bedroom

    37. Enter Nicadius’ Bedroom and clear all mobs to speak to Nicadius on his bed.

    38. Open door to Balcony. Clear mobs and make your way round to the Mechanism 39. Oil the Mechanism and then use it to unlock the doors to the Defiled Chapel 40. Go back to Jessa’s Bedroom and speak to Jessa again to retrieve the Nursery Key

    41. Go to Fallow Nursery and clear mobs

    42. Click bookcase to retrieve Incomplete Hymn of Tranquillity

    43. Head back to the Piano room. Collector play piano whilst rest of group clear spawned mobs 44. Head up the newly opened stairs in this room to the Defiled Chapel

    45. Kill Priest of Fear and retrieve Polished Symbol of the Faceless

    46. Go back to the Library and use the Symbol on the Bookcase doors

    47. Go down the stairs to the Dungeon and clear the mobs.

    48. Beware of so called friends that will spawn at this point.

    49. Make your way to the Torture Chamber of the Damned clearing mobs en route 50. Kill upper level mobs first then go to lower level and kill those mobs 51. Some of your group may get transported to the upper cells

    52. Once Hag has become aggro-able kill her to open up the passageway to the Pool of Blood 53. Clear the mobs then cross through the pool. Going round drops you into pits and falling damage 54. Continue through the passageway to the Heart of Unrest

    55. The Shard of Garanel are 60-65k undead mobs who house one of the 7 pieces needed to spawn the final named.

    These mobs are in 7 different locations and respawn. They drop the same piece each time so you need to kill all 7

    different mobs to collect all the parts required.

    Written by Mystiq of Black Raven - Runnyeye server Monday, 19 March 2007

    These are left and right foot, left and right hands, legs, chest, head (arms I thought also?)

    Go to the suit of armor laying in the ground and place the pieces to pop the mob.

    (Granel Rucksif 74, ^^^)

    He has kick back so be aware. The mobs in this room DO repop so try and tank him on one of the landings with

    your back to the wall.

    He rewards you with 9000 status, two pieces of loot and a piece of mail.

Written by Mystiq of Black Raven - Runnyeye server Monday, 19 March 2007

Written by Mystiq of Black Raven - Runnyeye server Monday, 19 March 2007

Written by Mystiq of Black Raven - Runnyeye server Monday, 19 March 2007

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