Requests export formats in Telehansa 6

By Danielle Knight,2014-04-14 16:20
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Requests export formats in Telehansa 6

1 (3)



    Import and export file consists of rows, sorted in columnns. Every row contain separate field of data.

    Row is written as follows:


    No field number

    Description fields description. If left empty must contain at least one space

    Data field value

For example:


     :2: :USD

Several payments can be included in one import file, however in one file can be included only payments

    of domestic and foreign types. Mass payment beneficiary list must be prepared in separate file.


    2.1. Statement export file (**RS) No. Description Max length Comments 0 Document type 4 Always ‘**RS’ 1 Operation type 3

    Possible operation type values

    Value Description Credit/Debit

    transaction (C/D)

    OB Opening balance C/D

    CB Closing balance C/D

    K2 Turnover C/D

    T2 Fees amount D

    PRV Internal transfer C/D

    MK Domestic currency payment C/D

    IEM Cash lodgement C

    IZM Cash withdrawal D

    INB Incoming transfer C

    IZP Outgoing transfer D

    CTX Payment card transactions C/D

    SOD Standing order D

    EXC Currency exchange C/D

    CQA Cashing of a cheque C

    KOM Comission for cash withdrawal/ Comission for a D

    transfer/ Cheques commission

    DKA Deposit or escrow account opening C/D

    DPL Deposit breach or deal settlement C/D

    AUT End of deposit C

    AIA Accrued interest payment into account C

    AZA Loan repayment D

    SEC Securities operations C/D

    TBP T-bill purchase D

    TBC T-bill comission D

    7DN Amount booking C/D

    IKS Cash delivery C/D 2 Bank reference 16 If operation type is OB/CB/K2/T2 the

    date format is YYMMDD 3 Bank code/Account 47

    4 Correspondent name 70

    5 Document number 10

    6 Payment details 140

    7 Credit/Debit operation type 1 C or D

2 (3)

    8 Amount 15

    9 Currency 3

    10 Account No. 21

    11 Beneficiary’s / Payer’s register No. 13

2.2. Currency rates

    No. Description Max length Comments 0 Document type 4 Always ‘**RR’ 1 Date 11 Date formatdepends on system


    2 Currency 3

    3 Bank buys Cash 9 Decimals separated with ’.’ (dot) 4 Bank sells Cash 9 Decimals separated with ’.’ (dot) 5 Bank buys Not-Cash 9 Decimals separated with ’.’ (dot) 6 Bank sells Not-Cash 9 Decimals separated with ’.’ (dot)



    used only in domestic payments (**M3) DP

    FP used only in international payments (**M4)

    M - mandatory; this is a required field;

    O - optional; the field is not required, if the field value is empty the field is not inserted in a


    Definition of import format types: Type Comments

    A ASCII field, national symbols are encoded with Windows 1257; N Numeric field ASCII encoded decimal number. Field must be left-aligned.

    Decimals must be separated with ’.’ (dot). Decimal symbols after dot must be 2

    (also in case of round numbers).

Payment file format:

    No Description M/O Type Max Comments


    0 Payment type M A 4 **M3 domestic payment,

    **M4 foreign payment, 1 Document number O A 10/


    2 Amount M N 15 Decimals must be separated with ’.’


    3 Currency M A 3

    4 Details M A 140

    5 Not used

    6 Originator account number M