Changes in my hometown.Cao Ruidoc

By Wendy Reyes,2014-09-03 14:42
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Changes in my hometown.Cao Ruidoc

    Changes in my hometown

    Im a student.I like my hometown . My hometown has taken place greatly.

    In the past, people lived in a low house. And a big family were crowded in a small house .They couldnt get enough food to

    eat .Children had no good education .They studied in an old school.

     At present,with the development of China, people have lived in a tall building .The farmers have planted crops with the help of the farm machines.There are more kinds of food to choose from .Lots of children can study in a modern school .

    In the future,I think my hometown will becomemore and more beautiful.Peoples

    life can become more and more

    wonderful.People will be very happy .

    From Caorui

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